Why Bitcoin rises (Feat: China Hengda)

Why Bitcoin rises (Feat: China Hengda)

Concerns over the surge in oil prices and inflation… Stock price ↓ · Dollar ↑

https://news.einfomax.co.kr/news/articleView.html?idxno=4170977 Oil price soaring and inflation Stock Price ↓ · Dollar ↑ -In Infomax (New York = Yonhap Infomax) International Economic Affairs = 11th (US time) New York stock market has fallen due to a significant increase in inflation as oil prices have risen significantly. It fell 0.72%, and Standard & News.einfomax.co.kr

At the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), the Dow Jones 30 Industrial Average closed at 34,496.06, down 250.19 points (0.72%) from the battlefield.

The Standard & Poor’s (S & P) 500 index closed 4,361.19, 30.15 points (0.69%) from the battlefield, and the NASDAQ index, which was focused on technology stocks, fell 93.34 points (0.64%) from 14,486.20.

Yesterday, Nasdaq fell 0.64%, the S & P 500 index 0.69%, and the Dow Jones Index fell 0.72%.

All three major indexes fell.

Main Issue: Why Bitcoin is rising (Feat: China Hungda)

Nowadays, cryptocurrencies are scary and rising.

The reason for this is, of course, let’s match the puzzles of what’s going on.

Cryptocurrency ‘脫 China’ rush… Withdrawal 21 in 2 weeks

https://www.hankyung.com/economy/article/2021101194211 Cryptocurrency ‘脫 China’ rush… 21 withdrawal cryptocurrencies in two weeks Withdrawal of 21 in 2 weeks, cryptocurrency a to z www.hankyung.com

Hong Kong South China Morning Post (SCMP) reported on September 9 that at least 21 related companies left the Chinese market after the Chinese authorities announced a full crackdown on cryptocurrency at the end of last month.

China’s cryptocurrency company is leaving China.

In a notice released on the 24th of last month, the People’s Bank of China stipulated that “cryptocurrency -related work activities belong to illegal financial activities.” He said that he would prohibit Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Tether, and strictly prohibit the exchange of legal currency and cryptocurrency, and exchange business between cryptocurrencies according to the law and pursue criminal liability.

Bitcoin began to fall when China said it would crack down on cryptocurrency on September 24.

However, on September 28, he started to rebound on $ 42,000, nearly $ 58,000.

The important content of this article comes next.

The People’s Bank also illegally nailed the act of overseas cryptocurrency exchanges providing services to Chinese residents.

Why did you talk about overseas cryptocurrency exchanges that provide services to Chinese residents?

After Hengda, these companies are these companies? Concerns about the “bankruptcy domino” in the Chinese real estate industry

https://www.chosun.com/INTERNATIONL/INTERNATIONAL/2021/10/11/ls653xhm6ngsxg3u3r2dngrua Concerns about the “bankruptcy domino” of the real estate industry in the Chinese real estate industry, then the companies in the real estate industry’s bankruptcy dominoes www.chosun.com

The three criteria proposed by the Chinese authorities in August last year are that the debt ratio of the assets should not exceed 70%, the debt ratio 바카라 to the market capitalization should be less than 100%, and the cash holding of the short -term borrowings should be more than 1 times.

Hengda is in crisis because he did not meet the above three criteria.

Thus, Chinese authorities are making Hengda as a demonstration case.

However, in addition to Hengda, it is exploding as a domino.

According to the credit rating agency Peach, the debt that Guangzhoupuri should repay within one year is 52 billion yuan (about 9.9 trillion won), but only 29 billion yuan (about 5.35 trillion won) is only 29 billion yuan.

Chinese real estate company ‘Modern Land’ also requested a postponement of 297 billion won in debt repayment.

https://newsis.com/view/?id=nisx20211012_0001610192&cid=10101001001&pid=10100 Chinese real estate company ‘Modern Land’ also requested 297 billion won [Seoul = News] Investors are asking investors to postpone debt repayment of $ 250 million (about 297 billion won) on the 25th.

In addition to the Hengda Group, a Chinese real estate company called ‘Modern Land’ is asking investors to postpone debt repayment of $ 250 million (about 29.7 billion won) on the 25th. Time) It was reported as Hong Kong.

In addition to Guangzhou Puri, Modern Land also asked for a debt repayment postponement.

In other words, the Chinese government began to restructure the real estate in August 2020, which led to the recent situation.

However, when Hengda’s restructuring begins, other real estate companies are likely to burst as a domino, so they blocked the retreat of cryptocurrency.

Because real estate restructuring is the future.

However, if you restructure the real estate, the real estate price will fall in the future, and the bonds will be a piece of trash.

However, there is no company to invest in China.

This is because Chinese orders, Alibaba and Tencent, are also under the name of common floating.

So the rich people of China do not know when their assets will fly.

But you can’t change to dollars and go abroad.

Therefore, the yuan would be changed to Bitcoin, remitted overseas, and found abroad.

However, this attempt has been blocked by illegalizing Bitcoin in the Chinese government.

Macau landing in China Casino maker 22 trillion flew

https://www.joongang.co.kr/article/25007850#home The Bloomberg Intelligence Macau Gambling Index, which flew 22 trillion in casino makers and followed the stock price of six Macau casino companies, plunged 23% on the 15th. Foreign Exchange Broker, O’Anda’s Edward Moya Market Analyst, said, “China’s supervision of Macau www.joongang.co.kr

According to Bloomberg News, the Macau Special Zone government announced on the 14th that it would unveil the revision of the Casino Industry Act and gather opinions for 45 days.

It also includes expanding its stake in stock owners of locals in China. The Macau government said it will look at the conditions for issuing a casino business license. The license of six casino companies operating in Macau will end in June next year.

The US Sands Group, which is investing in Macau, plunged 33 percent a day alone.

The high -ranking high -ranking Chinese laundered money at a gambling field in Macau.

When Chinese companies bribe high -level Chinese, they went to Macau to make a VIP table separately and lose money here.

If you just give a bribe, this will later become a bite of ejaculation, so it’s like gambling.

Of course, it is the key to regulations from September 16 for overseas remittances through Macau.

US SEC Chairman, re -mention of the possibility of approval of BTC ETF, etc.

https://www.mk.co.kr/news/economy/view/2021/09/928882/ US SEC Chairman, BTC ETF Chairman, etc. Gensler reiterated the possibility of approval of Bitcoin ETF on Monday (29). He CME Gift Agreement www.mk.co.kr

According to KODESK, Gary Gensler, chairman of the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) reiterated the possibility of approval of Bitcoin ETF on Monday.

Let’s find out by time zone.

Gary Gensler SEC chairman mentioned the possibility of approval of Bitcoin ETF on the 29th and set fire to Bitcoin’s rice cake.

Powell “I don’t want to prohibit cryptocurrency” Bitcoin soaring 10%

https://www.donga.com/news/inter/Article/all/20211002/109521098/1 Powell “I don’t want to prohibit cryptocurrency” Bitcoin 10% booming bitcoin soaring more than 10% in October Cryptocurrencies (virtual currency) are soaring. This means that the Fed Chairman of Jerome Powell said, “I have no intention of banning cryptocurrencies.” www.donga.com

This means that the Fed Chairman of Jerome Powell said, “I have no intention of banning cryptocurrencies.”

However, on October 2, the Fed Chairman Powell is flying to the sky when the Fed Chairman Powell has no intention of banning cryptocurrency.

‘Wall Street Big Hand’ Soros Fund

https://www.coindeskkorea.com/news/articleView.html?idxno=75635 In addition to owning money (virtual assets), Bitcoin could function beyond inflation hedge (risk avoidance) means. 5th (www.coindeskkorea.com

Wall Street Investor George Soros said that with some cryptocurrency (virtual assets), Bitcoin could function as an inflation hedge (risk avoidance) means.

And George Soros said he is investing Bitcoin.

The Chinese version of the Reman crisis fear… World stock market shaking

https://www.mk.co.kr/news/stock/view/2021/09/905213 Hong Kong, Europe, US and Japan, and the US -European, US and Japan are also restricting the price of the world stock market, and the real estate shrinkage is shrinking.

George Soros, a US big investor, criticized the expansion of China’s investment in China’s investment in the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) on the 6th. “You must know a huge crisis.”

George Soros is an investor who recently revealed that Black Rock’s real estate investment in China was a tragic mistake.

From this point on, the United States is talking to the rich in China:

All assets, including real estate in China, are confiscated, bankruptcy or hair cut by the Chinese Communist Party.

So even if you have a poem quickly, turn your money into Bitcoin and escape to the dollar.

Whatever the reason or reason, it is.

The United States has opened the retreat of Chinese codes.

In addition, as oil prices soared, concerns over inflation increased, and the dollar buying, a safe asset, also emerged.

Oil prices continued to march at $ 80 due to concerns over global energy shortages.

Oil prices exceeded $ 80.

But the dollar value is high as the dollar index exceeds 94.

In other words, the dollar is high.

If the price of the original energy is high, the value of the dollar is lowered, the value of the dollar is also normal.

If oil prices jump, the shale gas in the United States will resume production again and the supply will be lowered again.

However, oil prices are rising even more news that the US government is not considering the release of strategic reserve oil.

No. 1 crude oil production, pure departure… Trump ‘Middle East Love’ has cooled down

https://www.joongang.co.kr/article/23646025#home Trump ‘Middle East Love’ has cooled down as a global variable as the US has more exports than oil imports. According to the US Energy Intelligence Agency (EIA) on the 29th of last month, the US monthly oil export in September was www.joongang.co.kr

The reason the United States does this is because the United States is a oil producer.

It is also the world’s largest oil export country as well as oil producers.

In other words, high oil prices are not necessarily bad for the United States.

And the deep meaning of the United States is further encouraging China’s energy difficulties.

Winter is coming now.

In the future, China needs to heat up, so more oil, coal and gas are needed.

So nowadays, China has also turned off traffic lights and suspension of operation of steel companies.

However, Xi Jinping should reduce coal power generation that causes fine dust due to the Beijing Olympics.

Xi Jinping has successfully completed the Beijing Olympics and is trying to pay for Xi Jinping’s permanent rights next year.

At that time, however, China’s real estate restructuring and energy crisis were interlocked.

Thus, China has not been able to lower the value of the yuan.

It is moving 6.4 yuan per dollar.

Lowering the yuan per dollar increases import prices for raw materials and oil.

Inflation occurs due to the rise in import prices.

So you can’t easily lower the value of the yuan.

The price of raw materials is rising, and a bad game is called stagflation.

Perhaps the United States is waiting for stagflation?

The solution to the stagflation is interest rate hike.

In other words, the United States is trying to destroy China by inflation, rising dollars, outbreaks of stagflation, and raising US interest rates?

“I don’t want to sell cheap homes.”

https://www.hankyung.com/realestate/article/2021101195991 “I don’t want to sell cheap homes.” ‘Out of stock’ Seoul apartment report march 84㎡ 4.5 billion… If it is sold on the trading wall, the report is up to the demand for ‘clever’ in all regions of Seoul www.hankyung.com

In the Acro River Park on the Han River in Banpo -dong, Seocho -gu, Seoul, the 84m2 dedicated area, called a national housing type, changed to 4.5 billion won. After a month of contracting to 4.2 billion won earlier last month, the report was renewed again.

It is not good for these news often.

As the government pours out various regulations such as loan restrictions and taxes, the price is intensified and the price increase is continuing.

Due to regulations, house prices go up, but even if they are sold, there are stimulating articles in the newspaper.

Then, even now, you have to buy a house and buy a house.

However, the debt system of capitalism is a problem with the ants brushed once.

Conclusion: It is related to the current real estate crisis and Bitcoin, and the United States is intended to tighten stagflation.

The US tightening is aimed at real estate in China, but it can also be shaken by real estate from the world, including Korea.

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“Good evening,

It’s a news time.

November 2020

Naka -ku, Gunyan

In the third area of ​​Tesa Cave

An arson incident occurred,

The 3rd area of ​​the merchant association

Park Jong Bomb

It is a follow -up report of the death case.

The police were investigating,

Today, April 2, 2021

Lee Minsuk (30s)

To the police for arson

It appeared.

to date,

The police are Lee Minsuk

Arson and

Park Jong Bom’s death

I have not disclosed the approval,

After Park Jong Bomb’s death

Mayor Kwon during his term

Because he declared the start of redevelopment in the third area,

To make redevelopment easier

The criminal

Planned Park Jong Bom

The suspicion of killing was emerging.

Tesa Cave is an area where redevelopment is progressing,

There are many residents in the third area,

Park Jong Bomb


I was competing with the city.

Lee Minsuk

Residents in the third area,

I feel guilty about such rumors

He is expected to appear. “

“Breaking news.

I just told you

The arson case in the third area of ​​Tesa Cave

Lee Minsuk

I had an accident during the transfer,

He 샌즈카지노 died. “

YO who has returned for the first time in two years!

Bad Clue YO! !

This time,

A person correlation chart

Easy -to -understand

There is nothing to worry about

(Probably because of my concern)

Mayor Gunyan Kwon Deho

Redevelopment of Tesa Cave

It is listed on the manifest

I can’t get an agreement from the residents

For the third area

He is showing a hard attitude

Mayor Choi Songchol (43 years old)

Gunyan City Mayor election against horses

Representative Johnhan

He is an enemy of his eyes

Uji, Vernon is a friend of old knowledge

The Up Construction President Seo Myung -ho (50 years old)

Desa Cave Redevelopment Construction staff

Born in China,

In China

He is conducting a wide range of businesses

The Up Construction employee Lee Chan (42 years old)

A younger brother who yearns Seo Myung -ho with his brother

“Now Nippo” editor -in -chief Mun Juni (64 years old)

Mayor Kwon,

What is the maggot?

A college classmate and a long friend

“All money is capital” President of the investment company Lee Ji Hoon (64 years old)

With Jun

My mayor has been a friend for 30 years,

Ignor the residents’ rebound

The mayor trying to promote redevelopment

I’ve tried to stop

(Mr. Jihun of Busan dialect Gorigori)

Deso National Police Agency A criminal Choi Hansol (37 years old)

Through an assistant officer

Being received individually


I was in charge of the transfer of Lee Minsok (?)

Prosecutor B Sungwan (39 years old) belonging to Seoul Central District Public Prosecutor

Unfair prosecutor in a adhesion with the mayor

Mayor’s secretary Chung Wonwoo (56 years old)

A secretary of the mayor of the mayor

He has been working for 30 years

In spite of the,

You can be asked for coffee

Only simple documents work (personal story)

Kwon Sny Young secretary Jung Joshua (28 years old)

Jung Wonwoo’s son

Panini doesn’t buy his father

Member of the 3rd Area Merchant Association Kim Mingyu (34 years old)

A friend with Lee Minsuk in the arson case

Lee Minsok wanted money

With Songchol Assistant

If you have helped the mayor’s job

He is speaking

(The content of the work is silent)

Kana Party member Yoon Jong Han (57 years old)


Riding 3 times in the mayoral election

He has lost three times to Mayor Kwon Daho

The mayor and the old knowledge

Uji and Jun

The fact that I played my hoax

If it was the cause of the loss


Detective Sherlock O (37 years old)

To search for the culprit in the mayor of the mayor of Kwon

Hired private detective

Originally led by Sontyol,

With the suspect of the intimidation of the mayor of Kwon

A suspected person


The mayor also appears

Focusing on Sherlock Detective

Searching for the criminal

I was about to start

At that time,

The mayor who disappeared,


Something that gets a clue

In search

Suspects who are scattered

What I understand there is …

① The arson criminal is Lee Chang

Find 2020 materials on your computer


Park Jong Bomb died

There is an article related to the arson case,

For it,

“Kim Mingyu’s friend

He was arrested instead of you. “

Said clearly

The arson instructions

Did you do it?

② Materials related to the case

Synchol Assistant

Give it to Wonwoo’s secretary

He orders to dispose

(The hint connected to ⑦)

③ Threatening the mayor of Kwon

The sender is

He is looking forward to redevelopment

From the residents


“What is the mayor doing behind the scenes?

He knows everything “

“If you want to force redevelopment

Don’t think it will be enough. “

“I’m watching anytime, anywhere.”


③ Bernon detective martyrdom

④ Adviction of Director Jun

Despite being nervous

In May 2022

Kwon Sny Young Powerhara suspicion

Post the article

On the other hand, Jun Director

“I am a friend with Kwon Deho

My son doesn’t matter

Evil things should be firmly used. “


⑤ Fake News

According to an article posted on the Internet in 2015

From the candidate for the party of the mayoral election

Deleted Representative John Han

In the article,

The killing of Mayor Kwon Daho

It was stated that he had requested it,

As a result, the Kana Party

Representative Yoon Jong -Han

I decided to remove it from his recommendation candidate

at that time,

I posted an article and spread it

With Uji and Jun

Both themselves

“To win many years of friends

I went there. “

Representative John Han

If the redevelopment of the third area starts to formally start

You can win the mayor

I think there will be no chance,

He partnered with the merchant association (Park Jong Bomb)

Confess that he was in the way

⑥ Letter from Jun Director to the mayor

In the redevelopment plan listed by the mayor, initially

Focusing on the housing complex

The surrounding maintenance of schools was included


When you open the lid,

Airports, casinos, etc.

In the facility that smells gold

Construction plan is discovered one after another

On the contrary,

Jun who supported the mayor

I was sending a complaint letter

Reply to Jun from the mayor

⑦ Second intimidation letter

“The wrongdoing that the mayor is doing behind


To the assistant officer and a secretary

What you leave

I know “

Wonwoo’s secretary

He doesn’t do dirt work

I thought he couldn’t help,

To his son Joshua

The mayor who makes dirt work

Did you resent?

I found a contract between the suspect of the arson and the secretary of Wonwoo

Before Joshua is ordered to dispose

I try to dispose of it

Hidden in another place (?)

⑧ The person who agreed with redevelopment in the third area

Kim Mingyu is through the assistant officer

Connect with the mayor,

He supported redevelopment

Residents in the third area


The assistant is a detective

“I think I sent a threatening sentence to the mayor.”

I was saying


I tried to put it together,

“I am worried about the reputation of the redevelopment recently. Let’s send a map of the housing complex that I plan.”

John Han and Jun

The connection

Next, the hint collection?

Who is the culprit?

I don’t know (probably)

I watched it three times to understand the contents (it is a report)

I’m just looking forward to next week (in many ways)

So far

I read it

for you

From the screenshol entertainer



Receive ~

Jung Wonnon, who fixes glasses, do you like all the women like this?

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“September 2022, 4th week of this week”

The Abe administration looked back on the scandals of seven and a half years.

Liberal Democratic Party = Unification Association KCIA = Katsu Union CIA = Sasakawa Foundation = Restoration Association (Tokyo Minister Fa)

Dictatorship, personalization, corruption, bad guidance of Abe ↓ ↓

Thank you for your hard work.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Area anti -nuclear Union: Statement [Report on suspension of activity]

“The Abe administration made by the CIA does not work for Japanese or benefit.”

> Bring bags in the counting site will be prohibited

Perhaps we have an illusion on the blockchain ↓

Amano Bridge

As an example, I want President Trump and President Distis from Vice President Distis. It seems to be exciting. Expectation.

Tan Tonton

As long as the human resources are abundant and enviable.

Daniel Takinosuke

I want many people to recognize that tariffs can be exported as well as imports.

In Japan, Japan also has a hostile attitude to export electronic parts manufacturing equipment and materials!


“Today, I’m thinking of actually calling Han -san.”

I really laughed too much here and I was about to suffocate


This channel will tell you the true joy of learning the history that is not a memorization.

● September 7, 2013 Bid to the Olympics “Under Control” Remarks of contaminated water ● December 6, 2013 forced vote of the Specified Secret Protection Law ● April 1, 2014 Raise the consumption tax to 8 % ● 2014 10 Monday, 20th, Yuko Obuchi resigned by the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Drylilled by illegal donation ● October 20, 2014 Midori Matsushima resigned on the “Uchiwa” issue ● July 15, 2015 Security -related bill enforcement vote “It’s unconstitutional” 60 % opposed to the constitutional scholar’s voice and public opinion polls ● January 1, 2016 My Number System started ● January 28, 2016 Minister of Economic Revitalization resigned on the allegations of “creeping” ● July 22, 2016 In the Shiori Ito, Takayuki Yamaguchi was not charged with Takayuki Yamaguchi. ● May 17, 2017 Kake Gakuen “Prime Minister’s intention” Document report ● July 28, 2017 South Sudan PKO Daily Hidden Constant Problem As the “Akasaka Jintei -tei” is given an evacuation order to 110,000 people due to the fire in western Japan. On October 1, 2019, the consumption tax is raised to 10 % ● November 18, 2019 “Society to see the cherry blossoms” problem also came to the anti -social forces ● April 7, 2020 Emergency declaration ○ Sending 2 masks that were taunted ● May 21, 2020 Hirokawa Kurokawa Hiroshi Tokyo High Prosecutor Resignation ● May 28, 2020 Survivable Dentsu Dentsu Suspicion ● June 18, 2020 Former Minister of Justice, Former Minister of Justice. Rie and his wife arrested ○ 2 copies of the masks that made a fool of the people. June 18, 2021 In prison in Kawai Motoni 3 years in prison 3 years in prison, a large -scale acquisition case of the House of Representatives in the House of Representatives in the Tokyo District Court ○ December 17, 2021 From April 2013 Until March 2021, the country’s core statistical survey data for eight years has been tampered with: ○ May 26 must not be considered the same as Trump and Abe. Those who can work and work around Trump and Trump. Abe and Abe are a fool with no bottom. The difference between the heavens and earth is that you can achieve the same thing. You know you too, right? According to the Kake Gakuen article in Bunshun, the gold flowing to Kake Gakuen is 44 billion yen. Kotaro Kake spent 100 million yen every year for meals and play with Abe, and in the Shincho article, there was a voice saying that he said, “How much do you think you are taking care of it a year?” When Akie built a school in Myanmar, he gave money and said, “I built a school with a considerable amount.” It is natural to think that it has been convenient as a 100 million yen entertainment per year and thanks to his wife’s school construction fund. This is a bribe. http://www.dotup.org/uploda/www.dotup.org1256335.jpghttp://www.dotup.org/uploda/www.dotup.org1256338.jpghttp://www.dotup.org/wpLoda/wpLoda/wproda dotup.org1256343.jpghttp: //www.dotup.org/uploda/www.dotup.org1256345.jpg 2nd allegations of Moritomo 37 billion yen “Abe Mrs. and Mrs. Abe Mrs. and Mrs. Abe” HTTPS: //www.dailyshincho.jp/article/2017/03170801/?all=111 November 11 What I want to say to a young person is “just a little, resist.” Now that you are still at your own risk, you are still at your own risk, but your own responsibility and starvation will be at your own risk. Go to vote and defeat the anti -Japanese political party of the self -government. There are only a few energy to vote. September 24 In order to restore democracy in Japan, (1) Moritomo Kake Sakura ② Falcage of official documents by official residence and bureaucrats, the government subsidy passed to Kawai and the acquisition of the election should be clarified. Abe is hiding, controlling the presidential election behind the scenes. To regain serious politics and Japanese social common sense and social norms, it is necessary to reveal and expel Abe’s crime http://www.itmedia.co.jp/smartjapan Has been active for nine years since the launch of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear accident in September 2011, but we will report that it will be suspended at the end of March 2021. However, it will not disband until the energy policy is changed to zero nuclear power, and will continue the official website, SNS accounts such as Twitter and Facebook, and the groupware used for operation. October 2, 2020 The Tokyo Metropolitan Area anti-nuclear Union-Metropolitan coalition against nukes –http: //ameblo.jp/ghostripon/entry-11803919100.html Inose 48%(H24) 2,12,689 In a dialogue with Mr. UJ Channel Hatoyama, “Masuzoe votes = Inose in all wards in Tokyo x 48 % (plus or minus 2 %). The LDP is solved by Tamogami and Masuzoe, and this is established as a science system. How do you see? ” Hatoyama Bashing is bad, so I don’t answer, but it’s not a statement that betrays expectations. Unauthorized elections] The total number of votes and the decrease in the turnover rate should have nothing to do, and Mr. Ishihara’s election results in 19 and 2013 show that, but in Inose in 24 years. In comparison of the election results between Mr. Suzuzoe for 26 years, a strange (active) reverse correlation appears. If Musashi is suspicious, the report that comes out even though the voting is not over is also strange. In the first place, the unusually low turnout is strange. ” @Finalcut0011: This cannot be passed. RT @Murakami1223TA: Sonzaki’s illegal elections in the present age. Intected information, the election of the Tokyo Governor. The U.S. Central Information Bureau (CIA) has been intervening in elections in other countries since its establishment on June 29 at a press conference. And as a story of a US expert. Levin defines the intervention as “a valuable act designed as a selection of two options, and one from two options.” These secret acts that spend two -thirds of time include funding to specific candidate election campaigns, spreading incorrect information and advertising, and advertising in various campaigns to specific candidates. Is to teach and train, help design a policy, advertise, advertise in favor of candidates, and provide or withdraw. You may not know, but for decades, information agencies around the world have penetrated the “target” country by giving agents and spies with journalists. (No, I’m not an intelligence agency.) It fulfilled two purposes: 1) provided a legal 바카라사이트 coverage to the spy. 2) Spy used the “media” position to form the public opinion of a target country. President Putin argues that the CIA is the government’s plot of the government’s government and has expressed the will of “World oligolopic and NWO New World Order.” The CIA exists as part of the United States today, but is certainly not an American. “CIA doesn’t work for Americans or make a profit.” Http://blogos.com/article/253331/ Let’s look at the identity of “Abenomics” in numbers. The common people had no benefit at all and only pain remained. http://www.rui.jp/ruinet.html?i=200k=400km=330564k=132108 Shinsuke Kishi and Shotaro Masagawa were used in the CIA, but this fact was released, but this fact is released. The US diplomatic materials proved. Nakasone and Takeshita performed a casino economy and yakuza politics, and the bubble burst, and Japan rattled. In addition, in the form of SI (structural barrier capture), the hijacking of companies using finance has progressed, and Koizumi and Abe, who followed the Neocon route, continued the zombie politics of the United States. September 17, a machine that skips the electromagnetic wave of the smart meter, will remove it when you call here. 0120-995-007https: //tepco.co.jp/pg/ It was easy to say that headaches occur due to electromagnetic waves. Everyone, let’s call for cancer. Lol September 3 Matsuken Samba was created with the feeling of wanting a customer to return with a smile after the stage of Matsuken, but was refused by the record company, so it was sold only at the stage venue, and as a result, red and white. I thought I was completely hip -hop September 17 During this time, I was told that if I shake the beer during this time, I was told that the foam would be fine and delicious, so if I had a beer, I was shaking it. I’m worried that my sister is not going to drink anymore. September 18, Sunday Morning on September 18, where the people are getting worse as the people are getting worse, and the people are suffering and losing their room because the people are getting worse. In the news of Governor Tamaki Denny’s re -election, Hiroshi Sekiguchi said, “I don’t think there is a progress (Henoko problem).” The ball is also indicated. The ball is on the mainland, not Okinawa. Our problem. “September 18 The European Central Bank planning to issue the Central Bank Digital Currency CBDC and Digital Euro. One of the five companies developing prototypes is Amazon. A society where the government & Big Tech monitors who buys and what is steady. https://www.theblock.co/post/170734/amazon-among-five-companies-to-Develop-Develop-Digital-Euro-PROTOTOTYPE-FOR-THE-ECB September 18! Obtained evidence of intense pressure to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government leaders over the “Redevelopment of Jingu Gaien” by the forest and Takeda’s “back money”. The sludge of corruption is not exhausted. https://facta.co.jp/article/202210039.html September 17 When interviewing an entrepreneur in a certain situation, a large -scale industry in which the “medium” is protected by the nation while talking about the indignation of the current situation in Japan I want to see it, and there’s no reason for the country to flourish! It was impressive to say. September 18, 37.17 %. Japan, which updated the minimum number in FY2020 since 1965, when statistics began, relies on imports of tofu raw materials and flour that are indispensable for bread, noodles and confectionery, and more than 90 % of domestic consumption. (2022/4) September 19 A reward was handed over to the influencer “PRESTON MOORE” of the platform “Tiktok” owned by the Chinese Communist Party, and President Trump and the Maga Republican Party on January 6th on January 6 Https://thenationalpulse.com/2022/09/18/leftwing-group-spreads-disinFormation-n-tiktok/ September 19, the advertising executive of Obama, Chugoku Country. The group behind the vicious activities in collaboration with the Communist China Communist Party is operated by the “GOOD INFORMATION FOUNDATION” former time magazine editor, President Obama’s White House staff, and now “RICK STENGEL”, a contributor of MSNBC. In Taiwan on September 17, cesium was detected from Konjac from Gunma Prefecture, and importers were encouraged to return. It is clear that radioactive materials still contain the soil and water in Gunma Prefecture. Although it promotes power shortage and has been inducing nuclear power plants and new construction, it seems that nothing has changed from the time of the nuclear accident. September 19th, the city hall window is almost dispatched, but when I asked a regular staff, “Did you have to make a reduction in cost?” Well, regular outsourcing outsourcing is not suitable, and it is natural that it will increase unnecessary costs. https://twitter.com/centos_ohashi/status/1571665240730664979 Surveyor’s chairman of Keidanren said that “Japan’s wage level is quite low in the Economic Cooperation Development Organization (OECD).” If you don’t know who the Japanese were in need, you would only be despair and anger. September 20 The median of all households in Japan seems to be $ 25.9k. The definition of poor households in the US HSS is around $ 26.5k for household income of four families. It trembles. September 20 If the wages of workers are lowered, domestic demand will decrease. If domestic demand goes down, the economy will be depressed. Naturally. The Japanese economy is on the verge of collapse due to the thoroughly lowering workers and the Liberal Democratic Party’s politicians in “My First”. September 20 Why does Japanese salaries increase? That’s not because the Japanese are lazy. On the contrary, I work hard every day. Nevertheless, the wage does not rise. I have to think that the cause is beyond personal efforts. #How about how the wages of the Japanese will rise on September 20, 50,000 yen benefits on September 20, the construction expenses of 51 billion yen will be done. The members of the Diet and their friends are moisturized. September 21 Primary Balance A word that sounds cool. The declaration of a strange system paid by the sovereign citizen of the government’s money used by the government. An occult that looks like a bankruptcy even though it is a monetary currency. The domestic territory is sold and the ethnic territory is purified … it disappears 😰 There is no apology to the ancestors. I feel like there is no … https: //twitter.com/asukairendenchan/status/1571679120408588290 Surely Chairman Volosine “If the people of Donbus show their intentions to become part of Russia, we will support them. Https://twitter.com/tamama0306/status/1572182566590356529 Lugansk People’s Republican Republic Russian Federation of Russia, such as Zaporyja and Helson Sign a law related to the law about https://twitter.com/tamama0306/status/157218440269271059 Council on the Council on the Russian Federal Residents Party on September 23 to 27, 2022, 2022, 2022 Submitted to the Lugansk People’s Republic of the People’s Republic of the Lugansk on the same time on September 22, the chief of Caddirov said, “The Western countries, especially the United States, will take responsibility for the occurrence of new Chernobyl” “Damage the cooling system of the Zaporyja nuclear power plant. The shell was found to have been shot from the launch device provided by the United States. “” The United States has a past that destroyed Japanese cities with the atomic bomb “https://twitter.com/tamama0306/status/15726388004218759 A special military operation in Ukraine has died in a special combat on February 24, Monday, and a total of 5,937 Russian soldiers have died. Meanwhile, Ukraine has announced 61,207 soldiers, and has been released by Minister of Defense Sergey Shisi Russia. The Ukrainian army has died about 10 times the soldiers of the Russian army. http://eritokyo.jp/independent/ukraine-war-situation-aow1495.htm September 23 I think it’s because of the media, but there are many people who misunderstand it. (Originally, it is not for the general public because it is a convened to a person who belongs to the army.) 🙅♀️ Struggling with Ukraine. The whole area has been released on September 22, September 22, and the Ukrainian army can be pushed back under the full backup of NATO, whose harassment from Ukraine has continued to be harassed by Ukraine against the nuclear power plant. On the other hand, Ukraine, which has not been made, will be banned from leaving the country from October in October, so the new law of the Kiev administration will be enforced on September 22, which is more close to the total mobilization, so Russia will be in the future. If you receive support or say parent -in -law, Donetsk is still in a tragic situation that is still bombardment from U as ever, and is not tweeting much now. However, I watch images from the site every day and are dying for civilians September 22 * Full speech Full sentence: The current status of Donbus Reason for mobilizing the current status of Donbus is the western country. Attached 9.20 History 09-22 The world’s largest rice export country is suddenly an impact on export tariffs and the largest rice import country, China? Anime where historical greats refuse modern people [41st]

Up to layered weapons

A few days!

At the moment, I’m using it

Light bow gun

twin sword

Heavy bowgun


All of them (^_^;)

Then I use it!

Ram -chan w

I’m thinking of laying up and charging with

(Can the color change? Here is important)

At first it was a through, but …

Areas of self -satisfaction ♪

So, if you buy that 4 points

250 × 4 = 1000 Zenny (yen)

The full set is certainly 1500 yen …

Bow and gun lance … Chauaku … Hammer

I want to use it someday …

It may not be used (e

Is this a great deal? Full set? !

In addition, the route cover is a gunner.

Where I want it w

Kyopaora! Compared to Lapache

What about? ?

Added voice so far



Dumpling girl

There are a total of four

I only use lapabs www

Additional BGM is the previous piano ver.

I want it ♪

It looks like something happened …

Ah gesture, pose or w

Think w

Charge … Zenny is flying … 😹


Puppet dress!


I have to be bald Zenny 💰✨

The one ♪

Hey! ()

Overcoming the puppet!

Skills and armor are composed as a countermeasure

The puppet style is not as desired as expected w

I want 온라인바카라 a slot …

I don’t know if the benefit is useful

Surely it will prevent poisoning, right?

With fire attribute light bow gun …

I think, but the strength is like despair

Is it …

Icebone Alba and Mirabo

That was so

I didn’t feel like hunt solo w

As a result, it was somehow solo, but

I fell asleep when I realized it …

I fell asleep when I thought about the skill composition with my head …

I’m tired of work

I don’t want to get older

I’m looking forward to it anyway ♪

By the way ~

It’s been a long time tonight!

Twin festival


Twin tail limited project ♪

It’s something for my desires, but …

Come on

you too

Let’s make a twin tail!

I’m sure it’s cute ♪

(It is a personal impression)

Free weapons

Favorite quest

Hunter who gathered


It ’s fun to do together

Let’s do it (*˘*). ♪:*°

Thank you!

“Iris Garden Tenkei Higashi –

This is a detailed page of a new detached house in Tenike Higashi -cho, Inazawa City.

The exterior construction was completed on September 11.

We will start accepting local tours on September 17.

Please make a reservation because it is not resident on the site.

↓ Click here for the guide video ↓

Iris Garden Amike Higashi -cho PV (3 minutes 45 seconds)

↓ Bonus

Iris Garden Tenike Higashimachi Long PV (before the outside)

* Please understand that it contains a little parody element.

* Sorry for 7 minutes 49 seconds longer.

Below, the details of the property will be provided.

I’m sorry for the long sentence because I want to guide you in various ways.

We will omit some honorifics with emphasis on readability.

(Still, it’s still long, sorry)

● Property sales price 35.9 million yen including tax (as of September 13, 2022)

★ Super important ★

No brokerage commission (3 % + 66,000 yen) is required for direct sales.

The place is 650m north of rice Ai.

Nitori, Muji, Daiso, Daiso, Starbucks, Moss, Saiz, Kura Sushi, Kocoichi, Cocoichi, Bowling, Bowling, Movies, Gym, Slot Specialty Stores, City Halls, Police Station, Fire Station, etc. We have everything from entertainment and public facilities It is a super convenient area.

Previously, pinpoints cannot be displayed in Google Navi in ​​vacant lots.

Please search for “191-7 Tenike Higashi -cho, Inazawa -shi” and “Tenike Higashi -cho.”

Turn left on the waterway next to Famima, turn left, pass in front of the torii, turn right (north) with a fire prevention aquarium on the left, and there is a real property on the right.

I think Google Street View is in the past.

It is a desperate landscape with a narrow road width member and a telephone pole on the corner, but the site has already been renovated and a minivan is OK.

↓ The past of the before

What is it!

The telephone pole was asked by Chubu Electric Power to sing Bashirura. I’m moving 2m.

The site has been renovated according to the height of the road.

↓ After -sales present

There is a width of about 6m in front of the fire tank.

From there, go on a 2.7m road without a crank.

In a familiar example, it feels like moving inside the parking lot of the store and entering the garage.

In the case of Alphard, the turning radius is required about 5.6m.

Depending on the combination of the vehicle, it may be necessary to turn back, but it is a parking lot with a frontage and depth where you can enter and leave two large cars.

[Plan and planned view]

The illustration of the car is the size of the minivan.

Depending on the model, if you pack the north in the east, you can park the third guest.

There is a smart delivery box in front of the entrance.

You can open and close and call video calls from the go on your smartphone.

It is a high -performance type that can handle the second receipt and pick -up request. (A separate peripheral device is required.)

There is an external faucet and an external waterproof outlet next to the entrance.

Convenient for hand washing, car wash, vacuum cleaner, and high -pressure cleaning.

There is an approach construction and a symbol tree instead of a crisp finish with a sale.

The porch and the lighting equipment at the entrance have a human sensor.

It lights up even if both hands are closed.

There is no worry about forgotten to erase it.

There is also a shoe cloakroom in addition to clog boxes at the entrance.

There is a large custom mirror with a height of 2.5m x 0.8m wide next to the clog box.

There is a dressing room in the entrance hall for Corona measures.

The vanity table is a touchless automatic faucet.

There is a closet in the washroom dressing room.

Not only the storage of clothing and detergent, but also the outlet is fully equipped, and it can be used for charging the dehumidifier, ironing, and vacuum cleaner.

The bathroom floor is soft and does not hurt even if your knees are painted.

It is a material that is kind to child care and nursing care.

LDK has many points.

It is not a traffic line of living room through the kitchen of a certain kitchen.

It is an open kitchen where you can travel.

The kitchen down and the ceiling and living room are increased by the slope ceiling.

The sweeping window of the living room and dining is an electric shutter.

There is an air conditioner. This is the X series of Fujitsu Nokuri.

In front of the living room is a 3.5 -tatami wooden deck.

Comfortable for washing, BBQ, sunbathing, etc.

Below the wooden deck is concrete pavement.

Unlike unpaved, it is easy to use as a storage space without weeding.

The kitchen has a 40cm big counter.

It is also possible to lay the dining table.

Reduces the burden of carrying food and the cooking space is wide and easy to use.

There is an outlet at the hand of the kitchen and the counter side.

It is convenient for using cooking appliances and charging smartphones.

Built -in dishwasher.

The storage is not a door, but a drawer with a soft closet that can be put in and out without looking into it.

Easy cleaning IH stove, easy -to -clean range hood with rectified plate.

There are also underfloor storage and large pantry.

The outlet is also fully in the pantry.

The living room and the following Western -style rooms can be seen from the kitchen in 2WAY.

The unit tatami mats are laid in a Japanese -style room.

The living room, the kitchen, and the dining room are attached to the litning rail.

It can also be used as a picture rail according to your favorite lighting plan such as pendants and spotlights.

The western room, living room, wooden deck, dining, and pantry are spread around the kitchen.

Next to the living door with a mosaic design is a mosaic design, there is a storage under the stairs.

I also put an accent cloth on the stairs.

The lighting equipment on the second floor hole up the stairs is also operated by a human sensor.

There is also a toilet on the second floor. The color is not ordinary white but pink made to order.

Will it be a healing toilet time? The color of the floor is green.

There are three rooms on the second floor.

8.5 quires with two wits and verandas in the image of the master bedroom,

5.2 tatami x 2 with a closet inspired by a children’s room

The above 4LDK is.

Next is the performance information.

There are many “good built -in sales with cospa that can easily fulfill your home dream”.

However, in recent years, it is true that the cost is low at low levels and cost cuts, but that high performance and good cost performance due to technical progress and corporate efforts.

I also take care of a lot of construction properties and take care of me.

This property is not a priority on Cospa, but a project that consciously of “a condominium house house that does not get too expensive with the specifications of custom -built houses”.

The following is an example that you will not notice if you do not receive guidance.

In parentheses, it is a difference that tends to be cost -constructed.

・ The window frame is clean with a square frame (↔ wooden frame is easy to mold by cross winding only on the lower part of the wooden frame)

・ Complex sash that is resistant to condensation (↔ It is a composite main, but rarely aluminum sash)

・ The insulation material is insulated (↔ Glass wool does not fill the gap during construction)

・ The caulking of the outer wall is durable for 30 years (lower products may deteriorate in about 10 years)

・ The roofing material is a galvalium steel plate (↔ Slate lower products may deteriorate in about 10 years)

・ Siding construction is fastened (↔ Nailing from the outside is a loss due to missing water)

・ The siding is thick and the unevenness is cool (the functional aspect that the dirt is removed due to rain)

・ House shoes finish (↔ It is easy to deteriorate just by applying mortar)

There is no big difference in “performance as a residence in daily life”.

Will it be expensive to paint the outer wall in 10 years or 20 years?

Considering the relief that the savings in preparation for retirement and the unnecessary brokerage fee are unnecessary, it seems to be higher than other property prices, but in fact this is better for you, performance, and design? I would be grateful if you could consider that.

If you spend so much money, you can see that some customers are not built and custom -built.

In that case, please contact us if you like.

We would appreciate it if you could visit the real property instead of a model house.

As a matter of fact, custom -built houses are mainly active.

We will inform you of various construction 크레이지슬롯 examples such as one -story, stairwell, open stairs, hut, three stories, and two households.

[Summary of properties]

● Property sales price 35.9 million yen including tax (as of September 13, 2022) ● Limited 1 building

● Location: 147 Tenike Higashimachi, Inazawa City, Aichi Prefecture ● Transportation: 31 minutes on foot from Tamano Station on the Meitetsu Onishi Line (about 2.5 km), 42 minutes on foot from the Meitetsu Main Line “Kokumiya” station (about 3.3 km) ● Number of units sold: 1 house ● Land area (actual measurement): 162.05 square meters (about 49.02 tsubo), setback 18.36 square meters (including about 5.55 tsubo) ● Building area: 63.76 square meters on the first floor, 45.55㎡ on the second floor, 109.31 square meters. Confirmation service KS122-0410-52282 ● Land rights: ownership ● land: residential land ● Urban planning area (can be built in existing residential land) ● Treatment: Approximately 10.2m in contact on public roads with a northern width of about 2.6m, treats about 2.6m western width about 18.2m ● Facilities: Public water supply, agricultural settlement drainage, Chubu Electric Power Powlly roofing ● Current status: completed ● Completed: July 25, 4th year ● Remarks: All -electrified, judicial scrivener designated, there is a telephone pole on the premises.

Please feel free to call us for tours and various inquiries.

Governor of Gifu Prefecture (2) No. 4828

GB Corporation: Naruse 090-5457-5197

〒 501-0222

330 Beppu, Mizuho City, Gifu Prefecture (1 minute north exit of JR Hozumi Station)

TEL: 058-327-9071

Please leave the purchase and sale of real estate.

We are developing businesses that are easy to establish at high prices.

Thank you for reading to the end.

We look forward to your inquiry and visit.

[JPN I Kashiwa Memorial = May 5, 2022 (Thursday) 4 years old, Funabashi Racecourse, Dart 1600 meters]

The JPN I “34th Kashiwa Memorial” (1600 meters) held on the 5th at the Funabashi Racecourse is a straight line when JRA Shonan Nadesico (female 5, Sugai), which is the second most popular win, stands on a good start from a good start. One half of the JRA Solist Thunder (Tow 7, Takayanagi University) who 사설홀덤사이트 came with one half and a half gap is won. The JPN I first won the first victory was decorated with three consecutive prizes. Since this race became a grade race, the mare was the first V’s first V. The winning time is 1: 38: 9 (slightly heavy).

The most popular JRA Teem South Dan (Bo 5, Iida Iida) was the third place, and the local Funabashi Casino Fonten (Tow 6, Yamashita), who aimed for consecutive victories, was fourth.

Jun Yoshida on Kurakami said, “I think it was really strong. I think that this deep dirt has worked hard on a strong man horses. This is the second Funabashi night game. The horse was calm. The start is outstanding. So, I decided to go as it was. When I was lined up in Teem in 3 and 4 corners, I didn’t respond for a moment, but I got it well. ” I will do my best. “

Author: East Sport Horse Racing Editorial Department

“The details of the 2023 Takarazuka Calendar have been announced. ]

Next year’s calendar announced who would be in charge.

What I’m worried about is Soragumi.

First, Makaze’s month in charge.

Star Calendar → April

Stage calendar → January

The next Tokyo performance “Casino Royal -My Name is Bond-” will be performed in Tokyo next year.

Is it possible to graduate here?

I don’t really know until the troupe is announced

As far as the title of next year’s forum performance is seen, I think the flag has been set.

The moon that Serika is in charge of

Star Calendar → August

Stage calendar → October

It seems that there is no graduation in “Casino Royal -My Name is Bond-“.

When it was announced that a dinner show will be held in January next year

“Is it graduation or surviving?” To be honest, I didn’t know.

Do you say goodbye to the long second position?

The moon that Jun is in charge of

Star Calendar → March

Stage calendar → April

What is this …?

In “Fly with me”, there was a scene with Serika -san, so is there a combination of these two people? I 바카라 think

Looking at Jun’s love for Makaze -san, it seems that there is also a resignation with Makaze.

After Soragumi, Mizumi was worried.

Star Calendar → July

Stage calendar → May

It seems that there will be no graduation in “Utakata no Koi”.

But after the national tour and the bow performance are over, is there an announcement of the reconciliation?

I’m worried recently because Hanagumi has been targeted by Bunshun gun.

The place where Ueno is in charge of the moon is also anxious.

Star Calendar → February

Stage calendar → March

In recent years, those who have become top girls since becoming senior students have graduated in 3-4 large theaters.

Umino will be the third work next year’s big theater performance.

I like a combination with Tsukijo, so I want to see a lot of one work, but I’m prepared.

Speaking of the calendar alone

The snow group seems to be able to see it with confidence for a while.

Is it okay to have a star group until the second place is clear?

The most worrisome thing about next year’s calendar is Soragumi.

And next week, the 26th is Chiaki Raku at the Soragumi University Theater.

The next day is X Day.

For a while, I’m worried about the trends of Soragumi.

Hello everyone. It is Yoshizawa of the Librand Odawara Post Bureau.

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Fine -blooded pipe -screen light ultrasonic Canon jumping out

Column Startup Electronics Healthcare Science & New Technology

January 18, 2022 05:00

… In recent years, we connect small lymph vessels and blood vessels thanks to technologies such as microscopes and needle yarn for sutures, and imaging inspections using Indian singea (ICG), a contrast agent for lymph vessels. Surgical surgery to escape the lymph was born. …

Fine -blooded pipe -screen light ultrasonic Canon jumping out

Administrative Policy Speaking Press Overseas Media Correspondents

January 18, 2022 02:00

… The US -Japan Alliance, the US -Japan Australia, and the “Free Indian Pacific Ocean” have a basic diplomatic posture of pillars. On the other hand, I feel that there are fewer stories about neighboring diplomacy. The amount of relations with China has doubled more than the speech in December 2021. Japan’s perception has been transmitted after 50 years of normalization of diplomatic relations. …

Administrative Policy Speaking Press Overseas Media Correspondents

Japan -US leaders online talks on the 21st in preparation for Taiwan

January 18, 2022 02:00

… The White House in the United States wrote in a statement on Tuesday, “We will promote a common vision of the Indian Pacific Open.” The Japan and the United States have adjusted the co -produced results documents after the talks. In April 2021, the summit meeting between former Prime Minister Yoshiyoshi Suga and Biden specified the “importance of peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait.” …

Japan -US leaders online talks on the 21st in preparation for Taiwan

Asian economy, 3-4 % stable growth, his IHH Healthcare President

Economic Southeast Asia Southwest Aceania

January 18, 2022 02:00

… By country, India has achieved high growth after 21 years, and Southeast Asian countries are expected to continue. “” China is difficult to predict. , The economy will be heavy. The growth rate will vary depending on how quickly and strongly introducing the regulation of domestic companies and the strengthening of the regulations on domestic companies.

Asian economy, 3-4%stable growth President IHH Healthcare

PVC export price, 10%cheaper in January for 2 consecutive months

Product news product

January 18, 2022 02:00

… The price of a major domestic manufacturer in January is about 10 % cheaper for the world’s largest importing nation and China as a 10 % cheaper in December last year. In addition to the supply of PVC resin in the Asian market, in addition to the construction work in winter, demand for pipes has calmed down. PVC resin -piled prices are $ 1700 to 1750 per ton for India. …

PVC export price, 10%cheaper in January for 2 consecutive months

Full text of the Prime Minister’s Policy Policy


January 18, 2022 02:00

… The concept of the “free and open Indian Pacific” proposed and promoted by Japan has gained support from many countries. In the US -Japan Australian seal, practical cooperation, such as vaccines and high -quality infrastructure development, is embodied, and we will proceed with cooperation. We will strengthen cooperation with partners such as the 해외바카라사이트 Southeast Asian Alliance (ASEAN) and Europe. …

Full text of the Prime Minister’s Policy Policy

The government’s high -pressure corporate intervention is incorrect (The Economist)

The Economist

January 18, 2022 02:00

… The same is true for medium -sized countries such as the UK, India, and Mexico, as the world’s economic power is turning. What is fatal is that most democracy has penetrated politicians beyond the party. …

The government’s high -pressure corporate intervention is incorrect (The Economist)

Turkish steels, currencies depreciated and export amount doubled large investment one after another

Nikkei Sangyo Shimbun Column Environmental Energy / Material Middle East / Africa

January 18, 2022 02:00

… India, which is second in production, decreased by 11%, and Japan, ranked third, reduced 16%. Turkey, on the other hand, increased by 6%, overtaking Germany and ranked 7th in the world. The world share is 6%. The weak currency was also a tailwind. The government is promoting exports using currencies from monetary easing. The steelmaking was the first in September 2001, which was the first export for each industry. …

Turkish steels, currencies depreciated and export amount doubled large investment one after another

Mr. Yamada is the new president of Tsuda Koma in the fiscal year ending November 2001

New Corona Ishikawa Hokuriku Corporate Corporate Results / Finance

January 18, 2022 01:49

… I released a new product of a fiber machine, but since the new Coronavirus evil, orders in India and the Chinese market have fallen below the plan. The initial investment of jigs and molds to produce new models is also the Koka. Sales increase 33 % to 27.7 billion yen. “It is a miscalculation that the order was not completed in the Chinese market,” said President Nobuhiro Takano. …

Mr. Yamada is the new president of Tsuda Koma in the fiscal year ending November 2001

Nadeshiko Japan is the Asian Cup in India, the first match on the 21st


January 17, 2022 18:49

… Nadeshiko Japan National Team Nadeshiko Japan entered India on the 17th of the Women’s Asia Cup. Norio Sasaki, the chairman of the 2014 tournament during the representative director, and is the leader of the team this time, said online, “I practice on a very good pitch in Japan. I get used to the (local) pitch. Is important. ” …

Nadeshiko Japan is the Asian Cup in India, the first match on the 21st

Asia 300 index, 16:00 continuous drop, US Dow average drop and China’s economic concerns

Asian share overview Overseas

January 17, 2022 16:19

… Tencent, a large market capitalization of China, is also sold, and HCL Technologies, a Korean pharmaceutical and Indian IT (information technology) service, is significantly lowered. On the other hand, the galaxy entertainment group of Macau Kasino is rapidly growing. …

Asia 300 index, 16:00 continuous drop, US Dow average drop and China’s economic concerns

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N. 1129 르네상스 식물 패턴 /모노그램 D /골동품 바카라

・ ———————

전화 : 03-5918-7021 ◆ Paju de maril ese ◆ 유럽 골동품 보석류와 파리의 물체를 5,000 엔에서 30 만 엔의 가격으로 제공하는 골동품 살롱. 나는 차례로 소개하겠습니다. 바카라사이트/a> 자세한 내용은 멋진 만남을 놓치지 마십시오. 자세한 내용은 정보 및 기타 정보를 읽으십시오. 3-6-8 Jingumae, Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo 150-0001 일반적으로 Nissu-Saturday 12H30-18H30을 개설하십시오. 자세한 내용은 정보 페이지를 방문하십시오. e- 여기에서 회신하면 종종 스팸 폴더가 들어갑니다. 2 일 이내에 답장을받지 못한 경우 스팸 메일 폴더 또는 ▶ 메일 양식 또는 전화 (03-5918-7021 수요일-토요일 12H30-18H30)를 확인하십시오. 다시 문의하십시오. 불편을 드려 죄송하지만 감사합니다. © PAGE DE Marie-Louise

◆ 나는 Nakanojo Gardens에 갔다 … 2 부 당신의 지원에 감사드립니다 ♪

하루에 한 번 클릭하면 격려가 될 것입니다. 나는 Nakanojo Gardens에갔습니다 … 다른 날 계속 ♪

5 : 흰색 정원

노란색과 파란색 … 흰색 정원을 결합한 독특하고 생생한 세상을 통과 할 때 백인 세상입니다!

놀랍습니다 … 나는 흰색과 녹색의 조용한 세상에서 약간 침착하다고 느낍니다 (웃음)

하늘과 흰 장미는 작은 연못의 수면과 깔끔한 ​​뺄셈의 아름다움에 반영됩니다!

내가 여름에 왔을 때, 연못 주변의 녹색 얼음은 약간 피었지 만 이제 새싹은 여전히 ​​가득 차 있습니다.

하얀 세계는 내가 많은 색을 보았던 눈에 반영되었습니다. 반대로, 그것은 신선했습니다. 방에서 방으로의 생산은 실제로 한숨을 쉬고 있습니다.

White Orlaya, Veronica, Pansies … White Roses는 White Christmas

순수한 백인 세계입니다.

그러나 순수한 흰색에서 상아에 이르기까지 다양한 장미가있었습니다.

와인 더 미아

Anna Pruna는 매우 귀여운 장미였습니다.

Schney Princess


많은 장미가 이름 판을 가지고 있기 때문에 흰색 정원은 이해하기 쉽지만이 장미의 이름을 이해하지 못했습니다.

아름다운 장미가 열립니다!

이것은 내가 다른 날에 보여준 로즈 가든의 새의 전망입니다.

흰색 정원은 오른쪽에서 세 번째 정원입니다 …이 다섯 객실의 입구는 직선에 있으며 각각 선 대칭으로 심어집니다.

매우 간단하고 쉬운 정원 디자인으로, 나는이 새의 -eye View (웃음)를 좋아합니다.

… 직선의 흰색 정원의 전망은 90도까지 열려 있습니다.

거기에서 Keiko Yoshitani가 디자인 한 나선형 정원을 직선으로 볼 수 있습니다. 이것은 또한 White World의 활기찬 정원의 주목이기도합니다 … 나는 그것이 훌륭한 작품이라고 생각합니다.

Juneberry는 출입구 양쪽에 심어집니다.

흰색 세계에서 유일한 빨간 점은 … 점은 귀엽다.

6 : 초콜릿 가든

백인 세계에서 다음 방을 들여다 보면 … 멋진 현금바둑이게임 색상 … 큰 색상 … 구리 잎, 자주색과 붉은 세계! 초콜릿 정원입니다.

이 방에는 Tokiwa Mansaku의 왕관이 있으며 주변에는 중앙이 있습니다. 이 센터는 매듭 정원처럼 15로 나뉘며 그 중 Salvia Nemorosa Karadonna와 Orange Roses는 장미입니다.

이 오렌지 장미는 찰리 앰버 (Charlie Amber)이지만 컷 토키와 만사 쿠와 같은 높이라는 사실에 놀랐습니다.

당신이 장미를 가지면, 그것은 어느 높이에서나 피질 것입니다 … 나는 그것이 매년 섬세하고 다르다고 생각하지만, 나는 그것이 전문적인 것이라고 생각했습니다.

코쿠 루우는 토키와 만사쿠의 발에 있습니다

이것은 제가 가장 좋아하는 부르고뉴 빙산입니다. 뒤쪽의 침엽수 …? Touhi …? … 은색 잎은 악센트가있는 나무이지만, 당신이 돌아올 때,이 나무,이 장미, 그리고이 꽃은 반대편 방 구석에 심어집니다.

방은 안전하고 대칭으로 심어집니다.

이해하기 쉽고 흥미 롭습니다.

내가 흥분했을 때, 그것은 달콤한 향기가 있었는데 …이 장미로 정말 강한 향기였습니다.

마론이라는 오렌지 장미입니다. 발에 레드 베로니카

부드러운 색상의 장미도 있지만 발에는 검은 색 -Red Nadeshiko가 있으며 뒷면에는 이미 내 집 높이의 두 배 정도의 램버이저가 있습니다.

백그라운드에서 컷 컷 토키와만 사쿠에는 중간 상승 장미가 있습니다.

이 방에는 많은 매혹적인 검은 색과 빨간 장미가있었습니다. Munsted Wood


검은 바카라 … 나는 처음 으로이 검은 빨간 장미를 보았다.

부드러운 색상의 장미 … Ripulus

주위의 꽃과 일치하는 색상이 좋습니다!

벤치 퍼 골라 장미도 부드러운 분홍색입니다

7 : 나는 로즈 테라스의 마지막 방에 도착했다.

Central Circle 벤치 … 이것은 또한 First Garland Garden Circle 벤치와 직선입니다.

뒤에는 오른쪽 오른쪽에 화장실 건물이 있습니다.

붉은 램 블러는 각 지붕에 끌리며 새싹은 여전히 ​​더 많지만, 이것이 완성되면 어두운 건물에서 풍경이 크게 변합니다.

이 카페의 장미는 포도 나무에있는 크림슨 글로리 화장실의 지붕에있는 장미입니다.

얼마나 많은 식물이 심고 … 어디를 보더라도 어떻게 든 느낌이 듭니다. 색상과 모양이 신중하게 고려되기 때문입니까?

빨간 장미는 향기로운 미카모입니다

이 방에는 세련되고 매력적인 검은 색 빨간색과 자주색 빨간 장미가있었습니다.

Majenta Sky

내 집에있는 신비한 세포 … 나는 당신이 너무 많은 꽃을 추가하기를 바랍니다!

이 날, 카페는 벗겨졌고 파라솔 아래는 긴장을 풀었습니다.

7 개의 장미실 … 방이 바뀔 때마다 느낌표의 한숨입니다.

그것은 깔끔하게 설계되었고 극적이었습니다 … 정말 멋진 장미 정원이었습니다.

나는 다양한 종류의 꽃을 키우는 기후와 질병과 같은 다양한 문제가 있다고 생각합니다.

결국, 나는 전문가가 훌륭하다고 생각했습니다.

그러나 … 나는 그것이 일주일에 한 번 소독되었다고 생각했지만, 소독제는 숙주에 빠졌고 잎은 더럽었다. 호스트 애호가들에게는 약간의 힘든 느낌이 들지만 도움이되지 않습니다.

여기 다른 정원이 있습니다.

큰 부지의 빨간 양귀비는 만개했습니다.

■ 나선형 정원 Keiko Yoshitani 나선형 정원

봄의 한가운데서 여름까지 꽃은 거의 없었고, 나는 약간 외로웠지만 모두가 잘 자랐습니다.

Stiva는 좋은 일을하고 있습니다.

3 년 전, 나는 요시 니 씨를보고 이야기했다는 것을 기억합니다.

스티바는 여름 더위에 답답했기 때문에 삭감되었습니다.

나는 직원들에게 말해야한다! … 그리고 처리 방법은 그림에서 촬영되었습니다. 나는 많은 어려움이 있다고 생각했다.

3 년 전, 보리는 나선형 정원에 따라 원을 그리도록 심어졌습니다.

그것은 겨울에서 봄으로 밀을, 여름부터 가을까지 원형을 그리는 것 같습니다. 아 겔라 툼의 묘목은 밀 사이에 심었습니다.

나선형 정원은 점점 더 변화하고 있습니다.

■ 팔레트 정원

당신은 히로 미츠 요시탄이 디자인 한 레드 하우스를 볼 수 있습니다.

3 년 전, Yoshitani는 그 집이있는 계절 꽃이 달린 팔레트처럼 아름다운 정원을 만드는 것에 대해 이야기하고있었습니다.

그 당시 Ekinacea는 매우 아름다웠지만 이것은 많이 바뀌 었습니다.

이제 분홍색 플록에 묻혔습니다.

■ 마을 개인 화단

아이들이 광대 한 사이트에서 놀 수있는 놀이터 장비가 있으며, Oto 선반이 있으며 나무 그늘은 편안 할 수 있습니다.

그리고 …이 장미 소프트 서브! 작은 장미 냄새가 났고 맛있었습니다 ~ ♪

화창한 날을 선택한 후 방문한 6 월 4 일은 그때까지 가장 많은 방문객 인 것 같습니다.

5 월에 Nakanojo Gardens를 한 번 방문하고 싶습니다! … 3 년 동안 상상했던 꿈이었습니다.

나는 생각했던 것보다 훌륭하고 흥미 진진한 정원을 보게되어 정말 기뻤습니다.

조금 더 가까워지는 것이 좋을 줄 알았는데 …

항상 데이트하는 남편에게 감사합니다.

Nakanojo Gardens에서 돌아 오는 도중에, 나는 Gunma 현의 Shima Onsen에있는 “Sen and Chihiro ‘s Dehidu”의 모델이 된 Ryokan에 머물 렀습니다. 다시 업로드하겠습니다.

Harmek Web ↓에서 직렬화됩니다.

“좋아요”를 클릭하면 고무적입니다.

| 2022-06-08 23:29 | ★ 외출 | 댓글 () <<

“September 23 (Friday) [Breaking News] Metro Gracche 3rd store _ Devil Revolution X”

[Devil Revolution X]

Good evening!

Today’s coverage results bulletin on September 23 (Fri)

The P Champ’s editorial department will announce it ♪

The result of the interview result is here!


[Metro Gracche 3rd store]

■ 20 slots 16 out of 104 units

About 15 % of the total! !

■ All units heavyweight activities!

・ Pachislot Iron Castle Kabaneri (3 units)

・ Oki Doki! 2-30 (3)

・ Chivaiyo -30 (5 units)


Next Devil Revolution X

Let’s fight a heavyweight fight! !

Check out the details later! Good 바카라 Luck! !

I traveled to Tokyo for 2 nights and 3 days. Personally, I love a trip that comes back to work on a comfortable weekend and returns to work. It’s good 바카라사이트추천 to play when you play and play when you play. I like to play the most. The companion of this trip is Dedit’s former intern Jang Jae -eun who has the same mind as me. I went to Tokyo with her loving her camera.

In Tokyo, we met the kindness of new people without the reason. This is a story about a travel pride and a meeting with sweet people.

The first thing I was kind to me is the travel activity app Klook. Do you remember? Last summer, he was responsible for his trip to Hong Kong. This time I was responsible for my trip to Tokyo. It is an app that arranges everything you need at the destination. Editor M rode a helicopter in New York, and Editor H went to Osaka Hyodo tour. It’s like an advertisement from the start, but this is a very sincere review. In fact, I have been using this app for more than a year. If you look for the lowest price, the destination was always clim. I have been in charge of my favorite travel app since I found a water show lowest ticket in Macau last year.

The most comfortable thing about Klook is the ‘use’ function that can be booked and used immediately. 1 minute and 1 second do not stand long lines of the ticket office in overseas travel, such as gold, and make the schedule easy. On this trip, all of them were solved by Klook, from SIM chip to kimono experience, gokat and Disneyland. Honestly, people who are standing without this are sad. It’s really comfortable. Dog honey.

Secondly, the person who was kind was the companion Jang Jae -eun. He gave me a picture of Ligon’s life every moment. This is the first time I traveled with a person who took a good picture. Are you a life photo vending machine? I’m embarrassed because there are so many pictures, but I saved a lot of pretty pictures on this trip to Japan. Gem -like pictures continue to come out in the future.

Beginning with the beautiful kimono experience, I left my art as an art. I also tried hard in return for her, but I don’t know if she liked her. Oh, it’s in the picture.

There is a course that does not always fall on the editor’s tour. I must put a city tour bus that will take a break wherever I go.

It was one day in Tokyo when I bought a tour bus ticket and took a certified photo in front of the bus. “Take the Skybus logo to see!” I was bothering my companion, and I kept meeting with the knight.

Does it mean to board quickly? I was embarrassed, and I pressed the shutter and ran towards the door. what? The embarrassed used guide said. “It’s not that bus, your car is there.” The bus just waited for a while to protect our photo time. A man who knows the importance of the certification shot! Oh sweet, my third kind.

This is a picture taken on the Skybus that was actually boarded. It was good to be able to capture the beautiful scenery.

Gokat, which can be enjoyed while driving in downtown Tokyo, was enough to lead my interest. If you take this, you can wear your character clothes and leave my wheels on the Tokyo road. Jae -eun wore Elmo clothes and I wore superficial clothes. We both seemed very cute.

Gokat is actually a car that runs on the road in Tokyo. There are scary moments in which trucks are chased behind, but it’s okay. We’re a professional rider who’s been chopped with a cartrider for many years. It is also okay because I went with an international license. It is legal. For reference, Gokart is really fun. It’s a pity that I want to ride one more time after it’s over. The next time I go to Tokyo, I will run again. Burungbudaeung.

The fourth kindness was from the Gokat guide. He took video and photos for us from the beginning to the end. He even gave a kind of borrowing GoPro. Thanks to this, I can shoot a video of the cart rider class. If you are curious about the situation of the Tokyo road, don’t miss the video below. At the end, it started to rain, but when I went to go to the sense of handing a new umbrella! Are the people of Tokyo originally so kind?

I accidentally found that there was an aqua park in the building next to the hostel. And I split my time and came to a cute idea to visit at night. It was about 20 minutes after entering the stairs inadvertently, but I came out of the exit. Is there such fools? I haven’t seen all the fish yet, but I came out of the exit. I tried to go back, but when the closing time approached, the position was closed. I looked at the clerk with a moist eye and I gave it to me. Again, I met a friendly person and got a chance to enter again. After all, people are cute and seeing. I appoint this person as the fifth sweet guy.

Disneyland wants to go to the end of the schedule. I have a romance for the amusement park. It’s not like a romance that takes a sweet picture with a lover in front of a spinning horse. Only one. See shiny parade and fireworks in Disneyland. I wanted to see the starlight that fell into Cinderella Castle, the scene that everyone knows the beginning and end of Disney film.

Did Disneyland, who visited with one romance, greeted me? The wind was so powerful that the fireworks were canceled and the parade was missed. It’s kind of kind of a stranger.

In the dark, there was a guide to us who were lost. We didn’t speak Japanese and he couldn’t speak English. In the end, he used his hand gesture to guide us to our destination. A person who doesn’t know the name, Arigato Goja Gomashita.

And Star Wars was the comfort of the fireworks. Thank you, Disney. I acquired Lucas Film.

Travel does not always go back to plan. The store you visited in anticipation may suddenly close the door, or Disneyland’s fireworks, which you do every day, can be canceled that day. What shouldn’t be forgotten at this time is that you don’t give up in any situation. If you enjoy your mind and enjoy it, all this will be fun.

When the fireworks were canceled, this trip was desperate, but when I came back, everything was good. If you look at our smiling video, you want to be happy and remember people who were kind to me. After all, it was a memory. The next trip to take off this memory should be Disneyland in a less windy country. Let’s go to a country of dreams and hopes.

I waited for a long time. If you are curious about the blockbuster reversal and thrilling kize, look at the video below.

Photo by _jaeeun