“Continue, the problem that the poison of Cheduro overwrite Benom Bomb [Iruna Senki]”

“Continue, the problem that the poison of Cheduro overwrite Benom Bomb [Iruna Senki]”

Continuation from the last time.

Cheduuro, which I used last time, forgot to strengthen it with production and strengthened it with a blacksmith, so I strengthened the new Cheduuro with production and strengthened it with a square.

◇ Verenorosa did not fall, so I bought it at a stall.

Spinner deficiency …

_ (: 3 “∠) _

Below, Iruna Senki Suksho image. personal information? The part is painted.

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By the way, I decided to put in the empty slot with ◇ Iniriba and erase auto skills.

The screen of the equipment of Cheduuro II.

Auto skills to poison effects and critical enhancements, abnormal resistance and performance!

Hidden corrections have increased poisoning and evasion rate during defense.


When you fight immediately …

The evasion rate has disappeared!

Poisoning does not disappear!

Poisoning does not disappear! !

What is it …

The poison that I wanted to erase was gone.

It’s not an auto skill.

In the end, we decided to turn off the system automatic attack and solve it.

Probably, the poisonous trigger is like a normal attack, so I thought it would be nice to have a normal attack.

At this time, I thought that physical chemi was a little difficult, so this is a solution! It was …

Alchemist’s new skill “Stimizer” was announced, and once the physical chemi came into view, it would be troublesome to turn off the automatic attack with the settings.

Stimizer, I don’t know if you don’t use it, but what do you do?



Do you overwrite not only Cheduuro, 슬롯머신 but also the equipment that comes with 〇〇?

A new question occurred.

_ (: 3 “∠) _

Hello Gamba Rider!

The work is over, I went home as usual and had a bath and ate curry.

This time, I would like to explain the performance of the icon cannage LR Kamen Rider Decade that was released today.

The shorter may be easier to read, so the strengths and weaknesses must be integrated (the contributor who lacks the vocabulary)

In the table ①, it is better to put the Heisei rider in your team as much as possible, so if you put it in, the AP+20 RP+2 opponent’s defense -200 and AP. It is specialized in hitting that seems to be a destroyer because it reduces the defense that is easy to remove firepower while accumulating RP. Although it is a very small AP absorption, it is easy to activate it because it is 3rd in less than the first issue.

It is good that the Heisei riders must be covered and the 3rd them must be covered, but unlike the same type of refusal, compatibility dependence and character dependence, the conditions are loose, and the table is strong without complaints.

The back is high at the slot’s AP+30, a brave -type burst correction, and the real slot AP+80 is high, so it seems that high firepower can be expected when considering the table, but it is a reset -ear and brave type, so you can get 온라인카지노 a high firepower. It is a little painful because it is not suitable for scoreta, it is not suitable for scoreta, and it is a little painful. If there is a Heisei rider in the opponent’s team, the opponent’s guts are sealed, but in the case of both sides, either sides. It was limited to the presence of the Heisei Rider, but it was when the opponent’s team had a Heisei rider, so it would not mesh, and if you could do this decade burst, it would be better to burst the Omaagiou. However, it can be said that the decade of the decade is completely upward compatible, but this decade has an icon in the icon, so it is a big point that it can be changed to the icon, so the back is weak because it can be clearly differentiated. Not just the table is too strong


You can work enough with the table alone, and the deadly production is a reusable GLR, so it is good that the scan production is new, but it is such a card game, but it is strong at all, so it is a valuable AP absorption. I thought that the market price would be higher unless the abilities were so many 👀

I want this for my ability !!