Catholic Theological Seminary Simple History

Catholic Theological Seminary Simple History

When I entered Daegu Theological Seminary, there were four Catholic seminarys nationwide. It was located in Seoul (Opening in 1855), Gwangju (Opening in 1962), Suwon (Opening in 1982), and Daegu (Opening in 1982).

All brides in Korea had to come out of one of these four seminary schools. As of 2021, there are seminaries in Incheon and Daejeon. These seminaries have a parish for admission students in each school. The situation in 2021 is as follows.

Seoul Catholic Theological Seminary – Seoul Archdiocese, Uijeongbu Diocese of Clergy Priests

Suwon Catholic Theological Seminary – Suwon Diocese, Wonju Diocese, Chuncheon Diocese of Chuncheon Diocese

Incheon Catholic Theological Seminary – Training the Incheon Diocese clergy

Daejeon Catholic Theological Seminary – Daejeon Diocese, Cheongju Diocese of Clergy Priests

Daegu Catholic Theological Seminary – Daegu Archdiocese, Busan Diocese, Andong Diocese

Gwangju Catholic Theological Seminary – Gwangju Archdiocese, Jeonju Diocese, Jeju Diocese, Masan Diocese

As I mentioned earlier, when I was in Daegu Seminary, Daegu Diocese, Masan Diocese, Cheongju Diocese, and Andong Diocese of theological students were educated together. There is a change now. Masan Diocese theological students are educated at Gwangju Seminary, and Cheongju Diocese theological students are being educated at Daejeon Seminary. Daegu Seminary is studying Daegu Diocese, Andong Diocese, and Busan Diocese. When I was a seminary student, Busan Diocese theological students studied at Gwangju Seminary.

The reason why the seminary, which educates each parish, changes because the bishop, who is responsible for the parish, decides which school to send his seminary students. Of course, it is not just the bishop’s decision. If possible, it is close to the parish, and it should be considered whether the seminary is a condition for students to accept students. All the seminary students live in the dormitory. For the seminary, which is responsible for guidance for living 24 hours a day, there is no choice but to capture a proper capacity.

History of Korean Catholic Priests

The history of Korean Catholic clergy goes back to Kim Dae -gun. Born in Dangjin, Chungnam in 1821 (Sunjo 21), Kim Dae -gun was selected as a seminary student along with Choi Yang -up and Choi Bang -je in 1836 (2 years).

Although he selected the seminary students, there was no seminary in Joseon to educate them. The closest place to provide theological education was the Far East of the Paris Foreign Church in Macau. Macau, who was then Portuguese, was the outpost of the Far East Trade (colonial exploitation) of the Western countries and the Far East Missionary City of European missionaries. There were many Catholics. Among them were brides who could educate seminary students.

Kim Dae -gun, Choi Yang -up, and Choi Bang -je arrived in Macau on June 7, 1837. At this point, the three begin to be educated to become a bride. Unfortunately, Choi dies as a climate a year after arriving in Macau. By Kim Dae -gun and Choi Yang -up, he studied philosophy and theology, including general education of secondary courses until 1842.

Kim Dae -gun returned to Korea for a while to help French missionaries enter Joseon in January 1845. At that time, Kim Dae -gun was not a bride. He was in full stages to become a bride. Kim Dae -gun, who entered Joseon as a subtitle, collected the Chosun Catholic Church, which was devastated by the persecution of Catholicism. And he went to Shanghai and received a priest’s order from Bishop Fere All on August 17 of the same year. It was the moment when the first Korean bride was born.

Father Kim Dae -gun, who entered Joseon again in October, is faithful to his role as a priest, but is unfortunately beheaded on September 15, 1846. He was only a year and one month after he became a bride.

Choi Yang -up, who studied with Father Kim Dae -gun, received the second priestly order from Bishop Marreska in Beijing in 1849 (15 years), four years later than Father Kim Dae -gun. Father Choi Yang -up, who returned to Joseon after becoming a bride, passionately worked. At that time, Joseon was an age of iron. It was a time when Catholicism was tolerated. Father Choi Yang -up spread the Catholicism for 11 years and 6 months from Mungyeong at the age of 40 in 1861 (12 years).

The first seminary in Joseon

Meanwhile, in 1855, French French French Foreign Church found St. Joseph Theological Seminary in Guhak -ri, Bongyang -eup, Jecheon -si, Chungbuk. It was a school that was established for the purpose of fostering Korean priests. This is the beginning of the Korea Catholic Theological Seminary today.

St. Joseph Theological Seminary was divided into theology and Latin. The courses focused on philosophy and theology, teaching Western studies and cultures. In addition to animals, plants, geography, medicine, and scientific knowledge, they also taught general common sense.

Classes were mainly in summer. During other periods of time, he worked. The number of seminary 코인카지노 students was around 10. This is because the place was narrow and the Catholic persecution was severe. St. Joseph Theological Seminary was the only modern school where elementary, middle, and higher education in Korea at the time. Unfortunately, in 1866 (Gojong 3 years), the Catholic Church was hit by the principal and priests. The seminary students were scattered and the school was closed.

For 20 years, there have been no seminary without any Korean priests. Then, in 1885, the Chosun Catholic Church established a temporary seminary in the revival goal in Wonju -si, Gangwon -do. It was to inherit St. Joseph Theological Seminary. At that time, the Treaty of the French missionaries was legally guaranteed. St. Joseph Theological Seminary in Wonju was moved to Yongsan, Seoul in 1887. The name was also changed to Jesus Sacred Heart Seminary. This has developed into Seoul Catholic University of theology today.

Meanwhile, there was no seminary, but the Chosun Catholic Church selected the seminary students from 1882 to study in Penang Seminary in Malaysia. Then, when Yongsan’s Jesus Sacred Heart Theological Seminary began to operate normally, he returned to international students to receive the rest of education. Thus, on April 26, 1896, Kang Sung -sam, Kang Sung -young, and Jung -ha, who were the seminary students from the Penang Seminary, will receive a priest’s ordination in Joseon. As a result, a bride from Joseon, who led to Kim Dae -gun and Choi Yang -up, connects the Mac.

St. Ustino Theological Seminary

As the Chosun Catholic Church expanded, as more Koreans needed, the Chosun Catholic Church established the second seminary for the education of theological students from Gyeongsang -do and Jeolla -do. This seminary is a St. Ustino Theological Seminary established in Daegu in 1914. The seminary has produced 67 Korean priests for more than 30 years until it is forced to be closed by Japanese imperialism in 1945. Then he opened the door again in 1982. It is Daegu Catholic Theological Seminary.

In 1927, the seminary is also located in Deokwon, South Hamgyong Province. It was a seminary to educate theological students in the northern region. In this way, there were three seminary nationwide.

There is a reason why the seminary is divided into this detail. Catholic priesthood education was not simply required for academic achievement. If only academic achievement was important, it would have been much more effective to grow large -scale than subdivision of seminary. However, the Catholic bride training course was the subject of education as well as the life of the seminary students. If the size grew, education could not be systematic. That’s why it was constantly subdivided. Unfortunately, through the Japanese colonial period, all the seminary nationwide is forced to closed.

Fortunately, Yongsan Theological Seminary was renamed “Gyeongseong Catholic Church New School” in 1945 and was approved. After the liberation, he moved to Hyehwa -dong, Jongno -gu, and reopened for four years and two years. This school is now Seoul Catholic Theological University.

After liberation, the Korean Catholic Church showed explosive growth. Naturally, the number of students who wanted to be clergy increased. As the number of students entering Hyehwa -dong Seminary increases, the Korean Catholic Church establishes a second seminary for the education of the Southern Southern Seminary. This seminary was founded in Gwangju in 1962 (in the early days of its establishment).

As Gwangju Theological Seminary was established, Daegu Archdiocese, Gwangju Archdiocese, Busan Diocese, Masan Diocese, Jeju Diocese, and Wonju Diocese theological students began to study at Gwangju Seminary.

Twenty years later, the Korean Catholic Church set up another seminary in Daegu and Suwon. Thus, Daegu Archdiocese, Masan Diocese of theological students, and Andong Diocese, who were educated in Seoul, and Cheongju Diocese, began to be educated at Daegu Seminary. It was about this time I entered the seminary. Since then, the seminary has been established in Daejeon and Incheon, and six priests and training institutions are currently operating nationwide.

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