“About night shifts and pachinko, slots and boyfriends”

“About night shifts and pachinko, slots and boyfriends”

There are a lot of things to do

I usually sleep at grandmothers at 19:00

Get up at 20:00 ~

One is a toilet ~

One is a diaper ~

I don’t want to eat rice by then

I don’t want to drink tea

“Drink you ( *▿ *) 🍵”

Why (laughs)

Even though I’m in my late 80s

Say something like a 2 -year -old child

: ( # ´ ° ω ° `): Iran

Akanne ~

I can’t afford it at all

Get angry


I think it’s a konoyalo www

I should have slept slowly

I’m spending a lot of fun every day ~~~

What is it?

Even if you say you’re off

I don’t plan to be a friend

I can’t sleep all the time

After all, I went to 카지노 a pachiya (laughs)

At first ~

I’m going to kill time with one crack

I was not good at it before, but www

The day I lost to the bump …

Walk a little from the cracker

I was doing it

Just when I started living with him

Yakiniku restaurant that opened

We have been dating for 22 years

Are you dating recently or a boyfriend?

It’s already a love love feeling (^-^)

Please make rice already

Hanahana and jugglers will give you a hitting (¯ 灬 ゜) Recognition of uncle (laughs)

I really liked it

Even if I parted with my boyfriend who was dating at that time …

I wanted to be with this person


I can’t make you happy

I was told a lot

I was told a lot

I agreed that it is still okay

Shaku (laughs)

≪ Korean drama NOW≫ “Insider” episode 15, Kang Hanul & Lee Young hunts down Ho Sonte = 2.9%audience rating, synopsis / spoiler

≪ Korean drama NOW≫ “Insider” Episode 15, Kang Hanul & Lee Young hunts down Ho Sonte = 2.9%audience rating, synopsis / spoilers (image provided: Wowkorea)

* Synopsis and spoilers are included.

In the 15th episode (2.9%of the audience rating) broadcasted on the 27th, Johan (Kang Hanul) and Soo -Young (Lee Yoo -young), who finished preparing to swing the judge in Byung Wook (Ho Sonte). The state was drawn.

The world was noisy in the Goldman Casino case. Johan was the suspect who killed Seung -hwan (Choi Defun) and Jeson (Kang Shin -Hyo), who were killed in the turmoil the night before. In addition, he was a compliment to Sooyoung in Byung Wook’s work. It seemed that the revenge we wanted and that justice ended worse than the beginning. Soo -young, who was prepared for the end, headed for the Great Prosecutor’s Office, where Byung Wook. Instead of being surprised by the appearance of the revenge, he asked, “I’m not scared.” Soo -yeon, the victim of the sword that was shaken by Byung Wook, had no reason to fear him. But Byung Wook just laughed with his nose, saying, “It’s not the law, it’s not the law, it’s the world.” Soyon’s patience was at the limit. When So -Young asked, “Are you afraid of revenge?”, As if he was confused, he replied, “Do I have to be afraid of you? The victim must be careful.” The words of Byung Wook, which had no remorse or hesitation, lost Soo -young’s reason, and Sooyoung took out the prepared gun.

But the gun could not be fired. Johan, who appeared in the meantime, stopped Soo -young. The two were arrested by the prosecutor, Lee Hayuru, who appeared in a row. Soo -young revealed that he had killed Wonbon (Mun Songnun) when he was alone in the interrogation room. But Johan replied, “No matter what choice you make, the representative was near me. He told me that he knew the location of “Lee Tegwang’s video”. After hearing Jun (Ho Don Won) that there was a figure in the video, Johan went to search for it. All answers were in the USB that Sunfan issued. His and some books also included the breakdown of those who borrowed a Songju prison house. Johan and Soo -yeon, who revealed the bank presence in it, reached his bank’s personal safe. As expected, “Lee Tegwang’s video” was sleeping there in USB.

Johann aimed with Byeong Wook with Uje, who helped me. Uje, who prosecuted Byung Wook under a series 인터넷카지노검증사이트 of names related to murder, hospitality, and criminal organizations, called him to the Goldman Casino manager. It came to Johan and Soo -young, as well as Jin -Hyun (Kim Sangho). Johann declared that he had finally grabbed the sword pattern of the law, in Byung Wook, who still showed an attitude that was nothing.