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What kind of mechanism is

There is a site that distributes bitcoin etc., and you can see the site and click it.

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Catholic Theological Seminary Simple History

When I entered Daegu Theological Seminary, there were four Catholic seminarys nationwide. It was located in Seoul (Opening in 1855), Gwangju (Opening in 1962), Suwon (Opening in 1982), and Daegu (Opening in 1982).

All brides in Korea had to come out of one of these four seminary schools. As of 2021, there are seminaries in Incheon and Daejeon. These seminaries have a parish for admission students in each school. The situation in 2021 is as follows.

Seoul Catholic Theological Seminary – Seoul Archdiocese, Uijeongbu Diocese of Clergy Priests

Suwon Catholic Theological Seminary – Suwon Diocese, Wonju Diocese, Chuncheon Diocese of Chuncheon Diocese

Incheon Catholic Theological Seminary – Training the Incheon Diocese clergy

Daejeon Catholic Theological Seminary – Daejeon Diocese, Cheongju Diocese of Clergy Priests

Daegu Catholic Theological Seminary – Daegu Archdiocese, Busan Diocese, Andong Diocese

Gwangju Catholic Theological Seminary – Gwangju Archdiocese, Jeonju Diocese, Jeju Diocese, Masan Diocese

As I mentioned earlier, when I was in Daegu Seminary, Daegu Diocese, Masan Diocese, Cheongju Diocese, and Andong Diocese of theological students were educated together. There is a change now. Masan Diocese theological students are educated at Gwangju Seminary, and Cheongju Diocese theological students are being educated at Daejeon Seminary. Daegu Seminary is studying Daegu Diocese, Andong Diocese, and Busan Diocese. When I was a seminary student, Busan Diocese theological students studied at Gwangju Seminary.

The reason why the seminary, which educates each parish, changes because the bishop, who is responsible for the parish, decides which school to send his seminary students. Of course, it is not just the bishop’s decision. If possible, it is close to the parish, and it should be considered whether the seminary is a condition for students to accept students. All the seminary students live in the dormitory. For the seminary, which is responsible for guidance for living 24 hours a day, there is no choice but to capture a proper capacity.

History of Korean Catholic Priests

The history of Korean Catholic clergy goes back to Kim Dae -gun. Born in Dangjin, Chungnam in 1821 (Sunjo 21), Kim Dae -gun was selected as a seminary student along with Choi Yang -up and Choi Bang -je in 1836 (2 years).

Although he selected the seminary students, there was no seminary in Joseon to educate them. The closest place to provide theological education was the Far East of the Paris Foreign Church in Macau. Macau, who was then Portuguese, was the outpost of the Far East Trade (colonial exploitation) of the Western countries and the Far East Missionary City of European missionaries. There were many Catholics. Among them were brides who could educate seminary students.

Kim Dae -gun, Choi Yang -up, and Choi Bang -je arrived in Macau on June 7, 1837. At this point, the three begin to be educated to become a bride. Unfortunately, Choi dies as a climate a year after arriving in Macau. By Kim Dae -gun and Choi Yang -up, he studied philosophy and theology, including general education of secondary courses until 1842.

Kim Dae -gun returned to Korea for a while to help French missionaries enter Joseon in January 1845. At that time, Kim Dae -gun was not a bride. He was in full stages to become a bride. Kim Dae -gun, who entered Joseon as a subtitle, collected the Chosun Catholic Church, which was devastated by the persecution of Catholicism. And he went to Shanghai and received a priest’s order from Bishop Fere All on August 17 of the same year. It was the moment when the first Korean bride was born.

Father Kim Dae -gun, who entered Joseon again in October, is faithful to his role as a priest, but is unfortunately beheaded on September 15, 1846. He was only a year and one month after he became a bride.

Choi Yang -up, who studied with Father Kim Dae -gun, received the second priestly order from Bishop Marreska in Beijing in 1849 (15 years), four years later than Father Kim Dae -gun. Father Choi Yang -up, who returned to Joseon after becoming a bride, passionately worked. At that time, Joseon was an age of iron. It was a time when Catholicism was tolerated. Father Choi Yang -up spread the Catholicism for 11 years and 6 months from Mungyeong at the age of 40 in 1861 (12 years).

The first seminary in Joseon

Meanwhile, in 1855, French French French Foreign Church found St. Joseph Theological Seminary in Guhak -ri, Bongyang -eup, Jecheon -si, Chungbuk. It was a school that was established for the purpose of fostering Korean priests. This is the beginning of the Korea Catholic Theological Seminary today.

St. Joseph Theological Seminary was divided into theology and Latin. The courses focused on philosophy and theology, teaching Western studies and cultures. In addition to animals, plants, geography, medicine, and scientific knowledge, they also taught general common sense.

Classes were mainly in summer. During other periods of time, he worked. The number of seminary 코인카지노 students was around 10. This is because the place was narrow and the Catholic persecution was severe. St. Joseph Theological Seminary was the only modern school where elementary, middle, and higher education in Korea at the time. Unfortunately, in 1866 (Gojong 3 years), the Catholic Church was hit by the principal and priests. The seminary students were scattered and the school was closed.

For 20 years, there have been no seminary without any Korean priests. Then, in 1885, the Chosun Catholic Church established a temporary seminary in the revival goal in Wonju -si, Gangwon -do. It was to inherit St. Joseph Theological Seminary. At that time, the Treaty of the French missionaries was legally guaranteed. St. Joseph Theological Seminary in Wonju was moved to Yongsan, Seoul in 1887. The name was also changed to Jesus Sacred Heart Seminary. This has developed into Seoul Catholic University of theology today.

Meanwhile, there was no seminary, but the Chosun Catholic Church selected the seminary students from 1882 to study in Penang Seminary in Malaysia. Then, when Yongsan’s Jesus Sacred Heart Theological Seminary began to operate normally, he returned to international students to receive the rest of education. Thus, on April 26, 1896, Kang Sung -sam, Kang Sung -young, and Jung -ha, who were the seminary students from the Penang Seminary, will receive a priest’s ordination in Joseon. As a result, a bride from Joseon, who led to Kim Dae -gun and Choi Yang -up, connects the Mac.

St. Ustino Theological Seminary

As the Chosun Catholic Church expanded, as more Koreans needed, the Chosun Catholic Church established the second seminary for the education of theological students from Gyeongsang -do and Jeolla -do. This seminary is a St. Ustino Theological Seminary established in Daegu in 1914. The seminary has produced 67 Korean priests for more than 30 years until it is forced to be closed by Japanese imperialism in 1945. Then he opened the door again in 1982. It is Daegu Catholic Theological Seminary.

In 1927, the seminary is also located in Deokwon, South Hamgyong Province. It was a seminary to educate theological students in the northern region. In this way, there were three seminary nationwide.

There is a reason why the seminary is divided into this detail. Catholic priesthood education was not simply required for academic achievement. If only academic achievement was important, it would have been much more effective to grow large -scale than subdivision of seminary. However, the Catholic bride training course was the subject of education as well as the life of the seminary students. If the size grew, education could not be systematic. That’s why it was constantly subdivided. Unfortunately, through the Japanese colonial period, all the seminary nationwide is forced to closed.

Fortunately, Yongsan Theological Seminary was renamed “Gyeongseong Catholic Church New School” in 1945 and was approved. After the liberation, he moved to Hyehwa -dong, Jongno -gu, and reopened for four years and two years. This school is now Seoul Catholic Theological University.

After liberation, the Korean Catholic Church showed explosive growth. Naturally, the number of students who wanted to be clergy increased. As the number of students entering Hyehwa -dong Seminary increases, the Korean Catholic Church establishes a second seminary for the education of the Southern Southern Seminary. This seminary was founded in Gwangju in 1962 (in the early days of its establishment).

As Gwangju Theological Seminary was established, Daegu Archdiocese, Gwangju Archdiocese, Busan Diocese, Masan Diocese, Jeju Diocese, and Wonju Diocese theological students began to study at Gwangju Seminary.

Twenty years later, the Korean Catholic Church set up another seminary in Daegu and Suwon. Thus, Daegu Archdiocese, Masan Diocese of theological students, and Andong Diocese, who were educated in Seoul, and Cheongju Diocese, began to be educated at Daegu Seminary. It was about this time I entered the seminary. Since then, the seminary has been established in Daejeon and Incheon, and six priests and training institutions are currently operating nationwide.

Constitutional letter # 1618: Category: Nazi -related articles 45 list lists list (under link)

March 26, 2016 (Saturday) (Constitution Thousand episodes) Constitutional news # 1567: Do you know? Sugihara Chiune -related materials are on permanent exhibitions at the diplomatic historical hall. [2016-02-02 08:59] Constitutional letter # 1554: Anti-Nazi poetry, “When they first attacked communists” (here)

[2016-01-28 08:27] [2016-01-28 08:27]

Constitutional letter # 1552: Corrected edition 1933 Nazi 5th Party Tournament, Nuremberg Panorama Photos (Constitutional News # 1552: Corrected Edition 5th Nazi 5th Party Tournament, Panorama of Outdoor Great Gathering in Nuremberg Photo (here))

[2016-01-26 22:32] [2016-01-26 22:32]

Constitutional letter # 1551: Do you know? The word of Martin Neumerer who fought with the Nazi (Constitutional letter # 1551: Do you know?

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Constitutional letter # 1493: Category: List of articles listed in Nazi (40) List of constitution # 1493: List of articles published in Nazi (40)

[2015-12-23 11:01] [2015-12-23 11:01]

Constitutional letter # 781: Five days after the attack on Pearl Harbor, the Hitler spoken to Ambassador Oshima Crypto’s Cryptographic Denographs (Truth of War) Constitutional News # 781: Five days after Pearl Harbor attack, Hitler told Ambassador Oshima. Cryptography of the story (truth of war)

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Constitutional letter # 780: Everyone in Osaka! Did you know that the Nazi was an important financial resource? Constitutional letter # 780: Everyone in Osaka! Did you know that the Nazi was an important financial resource?

[2015-05-12 18:22] [2015-05-12 18:22]

Constitutional letter # 779 Do you know? “Nazi also used casinos as an important financial resource during World War II.” Constitutional news # 779 Did you know? “Nazi also used casinos as an important financial resource during World War II.”

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Constitutional letter # 630 Hit Lia Awite, Murofushi Takashi “My Struggle” (Showa 16) Later kids and Okumaru Constitutional News # 630 Hit La Ajitsu Murofushi Translation “My Struggle” (Showa 16)

[2014-08-08 12:02] [2014-08-08 12:02]

Constitutional letter # 628 Hitla Author, Murofushi Takashi “My Struggle” (Showa 16) Declaration Constitution of the War War # 628 Hit La Author, Murofushi Takashi “My Struggle” (published in Showa 16) Declaration of

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Constitutional letter # 627 Hitla Author, Translated by Nobushi Murofushi “Our Struggle” (Showa 16) Introduction Constitutional News # 627 Hitla Author Translated Murofushi “My Struggle” (Showa 16) Translator.

[2014-08-06 21:56] [2014-08-06 21:56]

Constitutional letter # 626 Hit La Ai, Murofushi Takashi Murofushi translation of “My Struggle” (published in Showa 16) The preface to the inner constitution # 626 Hit La Au, Murofushi Takashi “My Struggle” (published in Showa 16)

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Constitutional News # 623 Respond to the performance of the first play “Hitler coming, Hitler leaving”, and the details of the three -part configuration. Constitutional letter # 623 Response to the play “Hitler Birth, Hitler leaving”, and the reaction to the performance of the three -part. Details

[2014-07-27 16:14] [2014-07-27 16:14]

Constitutional letter # 622 Performed the play “Hitler coming, Hitler leaving”. Constitutional letter # 622 Hitolal play “Hitler comes, Hitler Reminence”

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Constitutional letter # 346 History of History “Hitra Come”, Episode 4 “Deaf Deaf Slave State” Constitutional Testament # 346 Testimony “Hitra Red”, Episode 4 “Deaf Deaf Slave State”

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Constitutional News # 325 “Asahi Shimbun” serialized in September 1945 “Hitra coming and leaving” Constitutional letter # 325 “Asahi Shimbun” serialized in September 1945 leave”

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Constitutional letter # 243 Nazi -related article summary: Nazi tricks (1) to (21) and other (Constitutional News # 243 Nazi -related articles: Nazi tricks (1) to (21) (here))

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Constitutional letter # 237 Nazis (21) Integrated Presidential position in Hitler Prime Minister (Constitutional News # 237 Nazis (21) Integrated Presidential position into Hitler Prime Minister’s position (here))

[2013-08-26 07:30] [2013-08-26 07:30]

Constitutional letter # 234 Nazis (20) The Upper House was abolished by legislation, and the House of Councilors were abolished by the legislation of the constitutional (20) legislation (click here).

[2013-08-25 07:30] [2013-08-25 07:30]

Constitutional letter # 231 Nazis (19) The parliamentary parliamentary is abolished by legislative legislation, the base of the base of the state to the country # 231 Nazi (19) abolished the parliament in each state by legislation, and the state of the state to the country.

[2013-08-24 07:30] [2013-08-24 07:30] (Click here)

Constitutional letter # 228 Nazi (18) The legislation of the party and the state will be unified. (Constitutional letter # 228 Nazi tricks (18) The unification of the party and the nation is obtained by legislation. (Click here))

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Constitutional letter # 225 Nazis (17) New political party establishment Law (Constitutional News # 225 Nazi (17) New Party Prohibition Law (here))

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Constitutional News # 222 Nazis (16) In the enforcement of the “National Testament Law”, the Wimar Constitution’s referendum provisions were renovated (constitutional news # 222 Nazi (16) The Effective of the National Testament Law, the Wimar Constitution was enforced. Remodeled the referendum clause (here)

[2013-08-21 07:30] [2013-08-21 07:30]

Constitutional News # 219 Nazis (15) Communist, social democratic, non -Arylian officials (constitutional use # 219 Nazi (15) Communist, social democracy, non -Aryans Display species government officials (click here))

[2013-08-20 07:35] [2013-08-20 07:35]

Constitutional letter # 216 Nazis (14) The “Reehi Governor Law” is determined, and the governor’s direct control is established (Constitutional News # 216 Nazi (14) “Rich -Government Law is established, and the Governor’s 메리트카지노 Direct Direct Direct Directors ( This way) )

[2013-08-19 07:30] [2013-08-19 07:30]

Constitutional letter # 214 Nazis (13) Local autonomy destruction by law, deprived of the Communist Party’s seats (Constitutional News # 214 Nazi (13) Local autonomy destruction under the law, stripped of the Communist Party’s seats (here)

[2013-08-18 08:00] [2013-08-18 08:00]

Constitutional letter # 211 Nazis (12) Constitutional denial of constitutionalism, provisions that can violate legislation and constitution (constitutional use # 211 Nazis (12) Constitutional denial of constitutionalism (12), governments that can violate legislation and constitution Provisions (Click here))

[2013-08-17 08:00] [2013-08-17 08:00]

Constitutional letter # 207 The whole picture of “Nazi Constitution” has been summarized (Constitutional letter # 207 The whole picture of the Nazi Constitution “is summarized (here)

[2013-08-16 08:02] [2013-08-16 08:02]

Constitutional letter # 204 Nazi (11) Presidential Ordinance, Immediate Enforcement (Constitutional News # 204 Nazi (11) Presidential Ordinance, Immediate Enforcement (here))

[2013-08-15 08:00] [2013-08-15 08:00]

Constitutional letter # 200 Nazis (10) Strict punishment, including the law and the maximum death penalty (Constitutional News # 200 Nazis (10) Strict punishment, including the Law and Maximum Penalty (here))

[2013-08-14 08:00] [2013-08-14 08:00]

Constitutional letter # 196 Nazis (9) Destruction of regional autonomy (Constitutional News # 196 Nazis (9) Destruction of regional autonomy (here))

[2013-08-13 08:00] [2013-08-13 08:00]

Constitutional letter # 192 Nazis (8) infringement of “ownership and public expisitsuit rules” (Constitutional News # 192 Nazi (8) infringement of ownership, public expenditure rules (here))

[2013-08-12 08:00] [2013-08-12 08:00]

Constitutional letter # 188 Nazi (7) Robberation of “Freedom of Association” (Constitutional News # 188 Nazi (7) Robberation of “Freedom of Association” (here))

[2013-08-11 08:00] [2013-08-11 08:00]

Constitutional letter # 186 Nazis (6) Control of “Rally Freedom” (Constitutional News # 186 Nazi (6) Suppression of “Rally” (here))

[2013-08-10 08:00] [2013-08-10 08:00]

Constitutional letter # 181 Nazis (5) burial of “freedom of opinion, prohibition of censorship” (Constitutional letter # 181 Nazis (5) “” Freedom of opinion, prohibition of censorship “(here )

[2013-08-09 08:00] [2013-08-09 08:00]

Constitutional letter # 178 Nazis (4) Interference with “Certificate, Post, Telegraph, Telephone Secret” (Constitutional News # 178 Nazi (4) Interference with “Certificates, Posts, Telegraph, Telephone Secrets” ( This way) )

[2013-08-08 08:00] [2013-08-08 08:00]

Constitutional letter # 175 Nazis (3) Invitation “invasion of housing” (Constitutional letter # 175 Nazi (3) Invasion of “invasion of housing” (here)

[2013-08-07 08:00] [2013-08-07 08:00]

Constitutional letter # 172 Nazi tricks (2) Review of “Human freedom” (Constitutional letter # 172 Nazi (2) Frequency of “Human Freedom” (here))

[2013-08-06 08:00] [2013-08-06 08:00]

Constitutional letter # 169 Must -see for the Japanese Communist Party! Nazi tricks (1) Suppression of the Communist Party (Constitutional Letter # 169 The Japanese Communist Party must -see!

[2013-08-05 08:00] [2013-08-05 08:00]

Outside of the Constitution (7) Nazis stopped the basic right of the constitution the morning after the arson case of the Diet! (Constitutional letter (7) Nazi stopped the basic right of the Constitution the morning after the arson case of the Diet! (Click here)

[2013-08-03 08:00] [2013-08-03 08:00]

Outside of the Constitution (6) Taro Aso decisively protest against the “Nazi” remarks of Deputy Prime Minister Taro Aso! (Constitutional letter Extra (6) Taro Aso decisively protest against “Nazi” remarks! (Click here)

“Burn of plugs and cab settings (comprehensive)” Redifying “”

This is the last part of the plug burn and the cab setting.

The first is the inspection and preparation of the carburetor.

In my case, there is also a meaning to prevent secondary air on the side of the cab, mani, and head

Use not only gaskets but also liquid gas if possible.

The cab setting starts from the big start of the MJ.

Needle is finally set and do not mess around on the way.

Set the AS to the predetermined position. (Depending on the manufacturer, 1-11/2 rotation)

Start the engine and set the idling high, warm enough before opening the AS.

Find the position where the idling is the highest.

The AS will be returned from 1/8 to 1/4 rotations from the highest position.

If the idling is stable, it is OK, but the engine stops when it is unstable or exposed.

If you do, adjust the AS or change the SJ.

After adjusting the idling to the appropriate position, see the axle from 1/2 to 2/3.

At this time, if the fire or rotation is slow, the SJ number is increased by one.

If the rotation is unstable, fine -tune the AS and adjust the response of the axle to a good position.

Yoshimura’s TM is quite severe, so it usually adjusts with about 1/4 rotations.

In the case of Yoshimura, it will be the adjustment adjustment of 1/8 to 1/16.

If the rotation returns poorly, there is a possibility of secondary air, so the idling is slightly higher.

Head, mani, cab, so that you do not enter the parts cleaner into the carburetor.

Let’s go to the joints.

If the engine stops or the rotation changes, it absorbs the secondary air.

Check the seams again and take measures with gasket replacement or liquid gas.

If the idling, Axle Aori up to 1/2 place is OK, it will enter actual driving.

At this time, we will set the MJ without playing with the needle yet.

Try running up to 1-4 speed.

Turn it to the red zone while covering with axle work for the mid -speed range.

If the situation is in a high -speed range, if you have a breathing, a stuff, or not to go up to the top, the plug

Look at the burnt color.

The burnt color of the plug is 2-3 times, and after the 3-4-speed 코인카지노 opening, a kill switch

Stop the engine and clutch and hit the plug by the edge.

In short, you don’t use idling or engine brakes because you see the burns at the time of fully open.

I’ll do it.

If the plug is a bit of a fluffy, make the MJ smaller.

At first it starts with a large MJ, so setting with a pattern that makes it almost small.

However, there are rare opposite, so please look closely at the plug.

I started after MJ was decided because the repetition of this work became better.

Touch the needle.

If there is breathing or mottled in the medium speed range, most are often thin, so needle

Let’s lower the clip position.

Once the total setting is decided, open up to 4th speed with zero start acceleration

Do the final inspection of the plug.

If it’s OK, the setting is over.

If the plug is burnt, give MJ reset or plug it.

Take measures such as watching.

Please refer to this table. (It’s a pakuri …)

When the throttle is open, breathe, knocking, and overheat.

Major MJ because the fuel is thin.

When the throttle opens is fully opened, the peak, bokotsu, and lack of power.

Because the fuel is dark, make the MJ smaller.

Throttle opening 1/2 to fully open, breathing, knocking, and stalling.

Major MJ because the fuel is thin.

Throttle opening 1/2 to fully open, paddy, blurry, poor acceleration.

Because the fuel is dark, make the MJ smaller.

Throttle opening 1/8 to 1/2:00, breathing, knocking, stalling.

Because the fuel is thin, the PJ is large or the AS is tightened.

Throttle opening 1/8-12: 00, paste, blurry, poor acceleration.

Because the fuel is dark, the PJ is small or the AS is loosened.

Idling rotation is unstable (hunting).

Because the fuel is thin, the PJ is large or the AS is tightened.

When idling, black smoke comes out, sound is dull, and after a while, stall.

Because the fuel is dark, the PJ is small or the AS is loosened.

When it closes rapidly, the after -fire engine rotation is not returned.

Because the fuel is thin, the PJ is large or the AS is tightened.

There are people who often listen to the appropriate MJ or SJ on a bulletin board or blog, etc.

Engine specifications, mufflers, types of jerks, size, funnel or power

The contents of the set differ completely depending on the filter.

It is good to start from the basic large MJ.

Conversely, if you change the set such as a muffler, the setting will change again.

In my case, the valve timing is also changed, so the setting is

It changes.

In particular, things that are called lace kiyabu such as FCR are quite severe settings.

When the temperature difference between day and night is severe, even if you set it in the daytime, it will change at night.

It is often the more severe setting.

It can’t be helped because it’s the basic lace kiyabu (laughs)

The setting of the carburetor naturally changes depending on the changes in the season, weather, temperature, etc.

It is something to go.

It’s a little annoying, but frequent setting and maintenance for the engine

It is recommended.

When setting, make a detailed note of the notebook etc. on the spot.

It is recommended.

This is useful as later data, so it is highly recommended.

For those who are coming to see my blog, please refer to it.

I think it will be.

I’m an amateur, so I think there are wrong expressions and words, but with generous eyes

Please have a look at this.

When setting, please do it at your own risk.

Thank you for reading to the end.

I hope it will be helpful.

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Why Bitcoin rises (Feat: China Hengda)

Why Bitcoin rises (Feat: China Hengda)

Concerns over the surge in oil prices and inflation… Stock price ↓ · Dollar ↑ Oil price soaring and inflation Stock Price ↓ · Dollar ↑ -In Infomax (New York = Yonhap Infomax) International Economic Affairs = 11th (US time) New York stock market has fallen due to a significant increase in inflation as oil prices have risen significantly. It fell 0.72%, and Standard &

At the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), the Dow Jones 30 Industrial Average closed at 34,496.06, down 250.19 points (0.72%) from the battlefield.

The Standard & Poor’s (S & P) 500 index closed 4,361.19, 30.15 points (0.69%) from the battlefield, and the NASDAQ index, which was focused on technology stocks, fell 93.34 points (0.64%) from 14,486.20.

Yesterday, Nasdaq fell 0.64%, the S & P 500 index 0.69%, and the Dow Jones Index fell 0.72%.

All three major indexes fell.

Main Issue: Why Bitcoin is rising (Feat: China Hungda)

Nowadays, cryptocurrencies are scary and rising.

The reason for this is, of course, let’s match the puzzles of what’s going on.

Cryptocurrency ‘脫 China’ rush… Withdrawal 21 in 2 weeks Cryptocurrency ‘脫 China’ rush… 21 withdrawal cryptocurrencies in two weeks Withdrawal of 21 in 2 weeks, cryptocurrency a to z

Hong Kong South China Morning Post (SCMP) reported on September 9 that at least 21 related companies left the Chinese market after the Chinese authorities announced a full crackdown on cryptocurrency at the end of last month.

China’s cryptocurrency company is leaving China.

In a notice released on the 24th of last month, the People’s Bank of China stipulated that “cryptocurrency -related work activities belong to illegal financial activities.” He said that he would prohibit Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Tether, and strictly prohibit the exchange of legal currency and cryptocurrency, and exchange business between cryptocurrencies according to the law and pursue criminal liability.

Bitcoin began to fall when China said it would crack down on cryptocurrency on September 24.

However, on September 28, he started to rebound on $ 42,000, nearly $ 58,000.

The important content of this article comes next.

The People’s Bank also illegally nailed the act of overseas cryptocurrency exchanges providing services to Chinese residents.

Why did you talk about overseas cryptocurrency exchanges that provide services to Chinese residents?

After Hengda, these companies are these companies? Concerns about the “bankruptcy domino” in the Chinese real estate industry Concerns about the “bankruptcy domino” of the real estate industry in the Chinese real estate industry, then the companies in the real estate industry’s bankruptcy dominoes

The three criteria proposed by the Chinese authorities in August last year are that the debt ratio of the assets should not exceed 70%, the debt ratio 바카라 to the market capitalization should be less than 100%, and the cash holding of the short -term borrowings should be more than 1 times.

Hengda is in crisis because he did not meet the above three criteria.

Thus, Chinese authorities are making Hengda as a demonstration case.

However, in addition to Hengda, it is exploding as a domino.

According to the credit rating agency Peach, the debt that Guangzhoupuri should repay within one year is 52 billion yuan (about 9.9 trillion won), but only 29 billion yuan (about 5.35 trillion won) is only 29 billion yuan.

Chinese real estate company ‘Modern Land’ also requested a postponement of 297 billion won in debt repayment. Chinese real estate company ‘Modern Land’ also requested 297 billion won [Seoul = News] Investors are asking investors to postpone debt repayment of $ 250 million (about 297 billion won) on the 25th.

In addition to the Hengda Group, a Chinese real estate company called ‘Modern Land’ is asking investors to postpone debt repayment of $ 250 million (about 29.7 billion won) on the 25th. Time) It was reported as Hong Kong.

In addition to Guangzhou Puri, Modern Land also asked for a debt repayment postponement.

In other words, the Chinese government began to restructure the real estate in August 2020, which led to the recent situation.

However, when Hengda’s restructuring begins, other real estate companies are likely to burst as a domino, so they blocked the retreat of cryptocurrency.

Because real estate restructuring is the future.

However, if you restructure the real estate, the real estate price will fall in the future, and the bonds will be a piece of trash.

However, there is no company to invest in China.

This is because Chinese orders, Alibaba and Tencent, are also under the name of common floating.

So the rich people of China do not know when their assets will fly.

But you can’t change to dollars and go abroad.

Therefore, the yuan would be changed to Bitcoin, remitted overseas, and found abroad.

However, this attempt has been blocked by illegalizing Bitcoin in the Chinese government.

Macau landing in China Casino maker 22 trillion flew The Bloomberg Intelligence Macau Gambling Index, which flew 22 trillion in casino makers and followed the stock price of six Macau casino companies, plunged 23% on the 15th. Foreign Exchange Broker, O’Anda’s Edward Moya Market Analyst, said, “China’s supervision of Macau

According to Bloomberg News, the Macau Special Zone government announced on the 14th that it would unveil the revision of the Casino Industry Act and gather opinions for 45 days.

It also includes expanding its stake in stock owners of locals in China. The Macau government said it will look at the conditions for issuing a casino business license. The license of six casino companies operating in Macau will end in June next year.

The US Sands Group, which is investing in Macau, plunged 33 percent a day alone.

The high -ranking high -ranking Chinese laundered money at a gambling field in Macau.

When Chinese companies bribe high -level Chinese, they went to Macau to make a VIP table separately and lose money here.

If you just give a bribe, this will later become a bite of ejaculation, so it’s like gambling.

Of course, it is the key to regulations from September 16 for overseas remittances through Macau.

US SEC Chairman, re -mention of the possibility of approval of BTC ETF, etc. US SEC Chairman, BTC ETF Chairman, etc. Gensler reiterated the possibility of approval of Bitcoin ETF on Monday (29). He CME Gift Agreement

According to KODESK, Gary Gensler, chairman of the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) reiterated the possibility of approval of Bitcoin ETF on Monday.

Let’s find out by time zone.

Gary Gensler SEC chairman mentioned the possibility of approval of Bitcoin ETF on the 29th and set fire to Bitcoin’s rice cake.

Powell “I don’t want to prohibit cryptocurrency” Bitcoin soaring 10% Powell “I don’t want to prohibit cryptocurrency” Bitcoin 10% booming bitcoin soaring more than 10% in October Cryptocurrencies (virtual currency) are soaring. This means that the Fed Chairman of Jerome Powell said, “I have no intention of banning cryptocurrencies.”

This means that the Fed Chairman of Jerome Powell said, “I have no intention of banning cryptocurrencies.”

However, on October 2, the Fed Chairman Powell is flying to the sky when the Fed Chairman Powell has no intention of banning cryptocurrency.

‘Wall Street Big Hand’ Soros Fund In addition to owning money (virtual assets), Bitcoin could function beyond inflation hedge (risk avoidance) means. 5th (

Wall Street Investor George Soros said that with some cryptocurrency (virtual assets), Bitcoin could function as an inflation hedge (risk avoidance) means.

And George Soros said he is investing Bitcoin.

The Chinese version of the Reman crisis fear… World stock market shaking Hong Kong, Europe, US and Japan, and the US -European, US and Japan are also restricting the price of the world stock market, and the real estate shrinkage is shrinking.

George Soros, a US big investor, criticized the expansion of China’s investment in China’s investment in the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) on the 6th. “You must know a huge crisis.”

George Soros is an investor who recently revealed that Black Rock’s real estate investment in China was a tragic mistake.

From this point on, the United States is talking to the rich in China:

All assets, including real estate in China, are confiscated, bankruptcy or hair cut by the Chinese Communist Party.

So even if you have a poem quickly, turn your money into Bitcoin and escape to the dollar.

Whatever the reason or reason, it is.

The United States has opened the retreat of Chinese codes.

In addition, as oil prices soared, concerns over inflation increased, and the dollar buying, a safe asset, also emerged.

Oil prices continued to march at $ 80 due to concerns over global energy shortages.

Oil prices exceeded $ 80.

But the dollar value is high as the dollar index exceeds 94.

In other words, the dollar is high.

If the price of the original energy is high, the value of the dollar is lowered, the value of the dollar is also normal.

If oil prices jump, the shale gas in the United States will resume production again and the supply will be lowered again.

However, oil prices are rising even more news that the US government is not considering the release of strategic reserve oil.

No. 1 crude oil production, pure departure… Trump ‘Middle East Love’ has cooled down Trump ‘Middle East Love’ has cooled down as a global variable as the US has more exports than oil imports. According to the US Energy Intelligence Agency (EIA) on the 29th of last month, the US monthly oil export in September was

The reason the United States does this is because the United States is a oil producer.

It is also the world’s largest oil export country as well as oil producers.

In other words, high oil prices are not necessarily bad for the United States.

And the deep meaning of the United States is further encouraging China’s energy difficulties.

Winter is coming now.

In the future, China needs to heat up, so more oil, coal and gas are needed.

So nowadays, China has also turned off traffic lights and suspension of operation of steel companies.

However, Xi Jinping should reduce coal power generation that causes fine dust due to the Beijing Olympics.

Xi Jinping has successfully completed the Beijing Olympics and is trying to pay for Xi Jinping’s permanent rights next year.

At that time, however, China’s real estate restructuring and energy crisis were interlocked.

Thus, China has not been able to lower the value of the yuan.

It is moving 6.4 yuan per dollar.

Lowering the yuan per dollar increases import prices for raw materials and oil.

Inflation occurs due to the rise in import prices.

So you can’t easily lower the value of the yuan.

The price of raw materials is rising, and a bad game is called stagflation.

Perhaps the United States is waiting for stagflation?

The solution to the stagflation is interest rate hike.

In other words, the United States is trying to destroy China by inflation, rising dollars, outbreaks of stagflation, and raising US interest rates?

“I don’t want to sell cheap homes.” “I don’t want to sell cheap homes.” ‘Out of stock’ Seoul apartment report march 84㎡ 4.5 billion… If it is sold on the trading wall, the report is up to the demand for ‘clever’ in all regions of Seoul

In the Acro River Park on the Han River in Banpo -dong, Seocho -gu, Seoul, the 84m2 dedicated area, called a national housing type, changed to 4.5 billion won. After a month of contracting to 4.2 billion won earlier last month, the report was renewed again.

It is not good for these news often.

As the government pours out various regulations such as loan restrictions and taxes, the price is intensified and the price increase is continuing.

Due to regulations, house prices go up, but even if they are sold, there are stimulating articles in the newspaper.

Then, even now, you have to buy a house and buy a house.

However, the debt system of capitalism is a problem with the ants brushed once.

Conclusion: It is related to the current real estate crisis and Bitcoin, and the United States is intended to tighten stagflation.

The US tightening is aimed at real estate in China, but it can also be shaken by real estate from the world, including Korea.

1) Manual:

1. The world’s number one stock sells 10%each time it falls -2.5%compared to the previous highs.

For more information, see the JD Rich Research Institute Daum Cafe.

2) premise: The world’s number one stock is upward.

The above situation is only a manual.

If you follow and refer to those who will follow, you only need to refer to it.

All responsibility and benefits of buying and selling stocks are to yourself.

If you are afraid of formo (fear of going up a stock price) while keeping the manual, don’t keep the manual.

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“Good evening,

It’s a news time.

November 2020

Naka -ku, Gunyan

In the third area of ​​Tesa Cave

An arson incident occurred,

The 3rd area of ​​the merchant association

Park Jong Bomb

It is a follow -up report of the death case.

The police were investigating,

Today, April 2, 2021

Lee Minsuk (30s)

To the police for arson

It appeared.

to date,

The police are Lee Minsuk

Arson and

Park Jong Bom’s death

I have not disclosed the approval,

After Park Jong Bomb’s death

Mayor Kwon during his term

Because he declared the start of redevelopment in the third area,

To make redevelopment easier

The criminal

Planned Park Jong Bom

The suspicion of killing was emerging.

Tesa Cave is an area where redevelopment is progressing,

There are many residents in the third area,

Park Jong Bomb


I was competing with the city.

Lee Minsuk

Residents in the third area,

I feel guilty about such rumors

He is expected to appear. “

“Breaking news.

I just told you

The arson case in the third area of ​​Tesa Cave

Lee Minsuk

I had an accident during the transfer,

He 샌즈카지노 died. “

YO who has returned for the first time in two years!

Bad Clue YO! !

This time,

A person correlation chart

Easy -to -understand

There is nothing to worry about

(Probably because of my concern)

Mayor Gunyan Kwon Deho

Redevelopment of Tesa Cave

It is listed on the manifest

I can’t get an agreement from the residents

For the third area

He is showing a hard attitude

Mayor Choi Songchol (43 years old)

Gunyan City Mayor election against horses

Representative Johnhan

He is an enemy of his eyes

Uji, Vernon is a friend of old knowledge

The Up Construction President Seo Myung -ho (50 years old)

Desa Cave Redevelopment Construction staff

Born in China,

In China

He is conducting a wide range of businesses

The Up Construction employee Lee Chan (42 years old)

A younger brother who yearns Seo Myung -ho with his brother

“Now Nippo” editor -in -chief Mun Juni (64 years old)

Mayor Kwon,

What is the maggot?

A college classmate and a long friend

“All money is capital” President of the investment company Lee Ji Hoon (64 years old)

With Jun

My mayor has been a friend for 30 years,

Ignor the residents’ rebound

The mayor trying to promote redevelopment

I’ve tried to stop

(Mr. Jihun of Busan dialect Gorigori)

Deso National Police Agency A criminal Choi Hansol (37 years old)

Through an assistant officer

Being received individually


I was in charge of the transfer of Lee Minsok (?)

Prosecutor B Sungwan (39 years old) belonging to Seoul Central District Public Prosecutor

Unfair prosecutor in a adhesion with the mayor

Mayor’s secretary Chung Wonwoo (56 years old)

A secretary of the mayor of the mayor

He has been working for 30 years

In spite of the,

You can be asked for coffee

Only simple documents work (personal story)

Kwon Sny Young secretary Jung Joshua (28 years old)

Jung Wonwoo’s son

Panini doesn’t buy his father

Member of the 3rd Area Merchant Association Kim Mingyu (34 years old)

A friend with Lee Minsuk in the arson case

Lee Minsok wanted money

With Songchol Assistant

If you have helped the mayor’s job

He is speaking

(The content of the work is silent)

Kana Party member Yoon Jong Han (57 years old)


Riding 3 times in the mayoral election

He has lost three times to Mayor Kwon Daho

The mayor and the old knowledge

Uji and Jun

The fact that I played my hoax

If it was the cause of the loss


Detective Sherlock O (37 years old)

To search for the culprit in the mayor of the mayor of Kwon

Hired private detective

Originally led by Sontyol,

With the suspect of the intimidation of the mayor of Kwon

A suspected person


The mayor also appears

Focusing on Sherlock Detective

Searching for the criminal

I was about to start

At that time,

The mayor who disappeared,


Something that gets a clue

In search

Suspects who are scattered

What I understand there is …

① The arson criminal is Lee Chang

Find 2020 materials on your computer


Park Jong Bomb died

There is an article related to the arson case,

For it,

“Kim Mingyu’s friend

He was arrested instead of you. “

Said clearly

The arson instructions

Did you do it?

② Materials related to the case

Synchol Assistant

Give it to Wonwoo’s secretary

He orders to dispose

(The hint connected to ⑦)

③ Threatening the mayor of Kwon

The sender is

He is looking forward to redevelopment

From the residents


“What is the mayor doing behind the scenes?

He knows everything “

“If you want to force redevelopment

Don’t think it will be enough. “

“I’m watching anytime, anywhere.”


③ Bernon detective martyrdom

④ Adviction of Director Jun

Despite being nervous

In May 2022

Kwon Sny Young Powerhara suspicion

Post the article

On the other hand, Jun Director

“I am a friend with Kwon Deho

My son doesn’t matter

Evil things should be firmly used. “


⑤ Fake News

According to an article posted on the Internet in 2015

From the candidate for the party of the mayoral election

Deleted Representative John Han

In the article,

The killing of Mayor Kwon Daho

It was stated that he had requested it,

As a result, the Kana Party

Representative Yoon Jong -Han

I decided to remove it from his recommendation candidate

at that time,

I posted an article and spread it

With Uji and Jun

Both themselves

“To win many years of friends

I went there. “

Representative John Han

If the redevelopment of the third area starts to formally start

You can win the mayor

I think there will be no chance,

He partnered with the merchant association (Park Jong Bomb)

Confess that he was in the way

⑥ Letter from Jun Director to the mayor

In the redevelopment plan listed by the mayor, initially

Focusing on the housing complex

The surrounding maintenance of schools was included


When you open the lid,

Airports, casinos, etc.

In the facility that smells gold

Construction plan is discovered one after another

On the contrary,

Jun who supported the mayor

I was sending a complaint letter

Reply to Jun from the mayor

⑦ Second intimidation letter

“The wrongdoing that the mayor is doing behind


To the assistant officer and a secretary

What you leave

I know “

Wonwoo’s secretary

He doesn’t do dirt work

I thought he couldn’t help,

To his son Joshua

The mayor who makes dirt work

Did you resent?

I found a contract between the suspect of the arson and the secretary of Wonwoo

Before Joshua is ordered to dispose

I try to dispose of it

Hidden in another place (?)

⑧ The person who agreed with redevelopment in the third area

Kim Mingyu is through the assistant officer

Connect with the mayor,

He supported redevelopment

Residents in the third area


The assistant is a detective

“I think I sent a threatening sentence to the mayor.”

I was saying


I tried to put it together,

“I am worried about the reputation of the redevelopment recently. Let’s send a map of the housing complex that I plan.”

John Han and Jun

The connection

Next, the hint collection?

Who is the culprit?

I don’t know (probably)

I watched it three times to understand the contents (it is a report)

I’m just looking forward to next week (in many ways)

So far

I read it

for you

From the screenshol entertainer



Receive ~

Jung Wonnon, who fixes glasses, do you like all the women like this?