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“Iris Garden Tenkei Higashi –

This is a detailed page of a new detached house in Tenike Higashi -cho, Inazawa City.

The exterior construction was completed on September 11.

We will start accepting local tours on September 17.

Please make a reservation because it is not resident on the site.

↓ Click here for the guide video ↓

Iris Garden Amike Higashi -cho PV (3 minutes 45 seconds)

↓ Bonus

Iris Garden Tenike Higashimachi Long PV (before the outside)

* Please understand that it contains a little parody element.

* Sorry for 7 minutes 49 seconds longer.

Below, the details of the property will be provided.

I’m sorry for the long sentence because I want to guide you in various ways.

We will omit some honorifics with emphasis on readability.

(Still, it’s still long, sorry)

● Property sales price 35.9 million yen including tax (as of September 13, 2022)

★ Super important ★

No brokerage commission (3 % + 66,000 yen) is required for direct sales.

The place is 650m north of rice Ai.

Nitori, Muji, Daiso, Daiso, Starbucks, Moss, Saiz, Kura Sushi, Kocoichi, Cocoichi, Bowling, Bowling, Movies, Gym, Slot Specialty Stores, City Halls, Police Station, Fire Station, etc. We have everything from entertainment and public facilities It is a super convenient area.

Previously, pinpoints cannot be displayed in Google Navi in ​​vacant lots.

Please search for “191-7 Tenike Higashi -cho, Inazawa -shi” and “Tenike Higashi -cho.”

Turn left on the waterway next to Famima, turn left, pass in front of the torii, turn right (north) with a fire prevention aquarium on the left, and there is a real property on the right.

I think Google Street View is in the past.

It is a desperate landscape with a narrow road width member and a telephone pole on the corner, but the site has already been renovated and a minivan is OK.

↓ The past of the before

What is it!

The telephone pole was asked by Chubu Electric Power to sing Bashirura. I’m moving 2m.

The site has been renovated according to the height of the road.

↓ After -sales present

There is a width of about 6m in front of the fire tank.

From there, go on a 2.7m road without a crank.

In a familiar example, it feels like moving inside the parking lot of the store and entering the garage.

In the case of Alphard, the turning radius is required about 5.6m.

Depending on the combination of the vehicle, it may be necessary to turn back, but it is a parking lot with a frontage and depth where you can enter and leave two large cars.

[Plan and planned view]

The illustration of the car is the size of the minivan.

Depending on the model, if you pack the north in the east, you can park the third guest.

There is a smart delivery box in front of the entrance.

You can open and close and call video calls from the go on your smartphone.

It is a high -performance type that can handle the second receipt and pick -up request. (A separate peripheral device is required.)

There is an external faucet and an external waterproof outlet next to the entrance.

Convenient for hand washing, car wash, vacuum cleaner, and high -pressure cleaning.

There is an approach construction and a symbol tree instead of a crisp finish with a sale.

The porch and the lighting equipment at the entrance have a human sensor.

It lights up even if both hands are closed.

There is no worry about forgotten to erase it.

There is also a shoe cloakroom in addition to clog boxes at the entrance.

There is a large custom mirror with a height of 2.5m x 0.8m wide next to the clog box.

There is a dressing room in the entrance hall for Corona measures.

The vanity table is a touchless automatic faucet.

There is a closet in the washroom dressing room.

Not only the storage of clothing and detergent, but also the outlet is fully equipped, and it can be used for charging the dehumidifier, ironing, and vacuum cleaner.

The bathroom floor is soft and does not hurt even if your knees are painted.

It is a material that is kind to child care and nursing care.

LDK has many points.

It is not a traffic line of living room through the kitchen of a certain kitchen.

It is an open kitchen where you can travel.

The kitchen down and the ceiling and living room are increased by the slope ceiling.

The sweeping window of the living room and dining is an electric shutter.

There is an air conditioner. This is the X series of Fujitsu Nokuri.

In front of the living room is a 3.5 -tatami wooden deck.

Comfortable for washing, BBQ, sunbathing, etc.

Below the wooden deck is concrete pavement.

Unlike unpaved, it is easy to use as a storage space without weeding.

The kitchen has a 40cm big counter.

It is also possible to lay the dining table.

Reduces the burden of carrying food and the cooking space is wide and easy to use.

There is an outlet at the hand of the kitchen and the counter side.

It is convenient for using cooking appliances and charging smartphones.

Built -in dishwasher.

The storage is not a door, but a drawer with a soft closet that can be put in and out without looking into it.

Easy cleaning IH stove, easy -to -clean range hood with rectified plate.

There are also underfloor storage and large pantry.

The outlet is also fully in the pantry.

The living room and the following Western -style rooms can be seen from the kitchen in 2WAY.

The unit tatami mats are laid in a Japanese -style room.

The living room, the kitchen, and the dining room are attached to the litning rail.

It can also be used as a picture rail according to your favorite lighting plan such as pendants and spotlights.

The western room, living room, wooden deck, dining, and pantry are spread around the kitchen.

Next to the living door with a mosaic design is a mosaic design, there is a storage under the stairs.

I also put an accent cloth on the stairs.

The lighting equipment on the second floor hole up the stairs is also operated by a human sensor.

There is also a toilet on the second floor. The color is not ordinary white but pink made to order.

Will it be a healing toilet time? The color of the floor is green.

There are three rooms on the second floor.

8.5 quires with two wits and verandas in the image of the master bedroom,

5.2 tatami x 2 with a closet inspired by a children’s room

The above 4LDK is.

Next is the performance information.

There are many “good built -in sales with cospa that can easily fulfill your home dream”.

However, in recent years, it is true that the cost is low at low levels and cost cuts, but that high performance and good cost performance due to technical progress and corporate efforts.

I also take care of a lot of construction properties and take care of me.

This property is not a priority on Cospa, but a project that consciously of “a condominium house house that does not get too expensive with the specifications of custom -built houses”.

The following is an example that you will not notice if you do not receive guidance.

In parentheses, it is a difference that tends to be cost -constructed.

・ The window frame is clean with a square frame (↔ wooden frame is easy to mold by cross winding only on the lower part of the wooden frame)

・ Complex sash that is resistant to condensation (↔ It is a composite main, but rarely aluminum sash)

・ The insulation material is insulated (↔ Glass wool does not fill the gap during construction)

・ The caulking of the outer wall is durable for 30 years (lower products may deteriorate in about 10 years)

・ The roofing material is a galvalium steel plate (↔ Slate lower products may deteriorate in about 10 years)

・ Siding construction is fastened (↔ Nailing from the outside is a loss due to missing water)

・ The siding is thick and the unevenness is cool (the functional aspect that the dirt is removed due to rain)

・ House shoes finish (↔ It is easy to deteriorate just by applying mortar)

There is no big difference in “performance as a residence in daily life”.

Will it be expensive to paint the outer wall in 10 years or 20 years?

Considering the relief that the savings in preparation for retirement and the unnecessary brokerage fee are unnecessary, it seems to be higher than other property prices, but in fact this is better for you, performance, and design? I would be grateful if you could consider that.

If you spend so much money, you can see that some customers are not built and custom -built.

In that case, please contact us if you like.

We would appreciate it if you could visit the real property instead of a model house.

As a matter of fact, custom -built houses are mainly active.

We will inform you of various construction 크레이지슬롯 examples such as one -story, stairwell, open stairs, hut, three stories, and two households.

[Summary of properties]

● Property sales price 35.9 million yen including tax (as of September 13, 2022) ● Limited 1 building

● Location: 147 Tenike Higashimachi, Inazawa City, Aichi Prefecture ● Transportation: 31 minutes on foot from Tamano Station on the Meitetsu Onishi Line (about 2.5 km), 42 minutes on foot from the Meitetsu Main Line “Kokumiya” station (about 3.3 km) ● Number of units sold: 1 house ● Land area (actual measurement): 162.05 square meters (about 49.02 tsubo), setback 18.36 square meters (including about 5.55 tsubo) ● Building area: 63.76 square meters on the first floor, 45.55㎡ on the second floor, 109.31 square meters. Confirmation service KS122-0410-52282 ● Land rights: ownership ● land: residential land ● Urban planning area (can be built in existing residential land) ● Treatment: Approximately 10.2m in contact on public roads with a northern width of about 2.6m, treats about 2.6m western width about 18.2m ● Facilities: Public water supply, agricultural settlement drainage, Chubu Electric Power Powlly roofing ● Current status: completed ● Completed: July 25, 4th year ● Remarks: All -electrified, judicial scrivener designated, there is a telephone pole on the premises.

Please feel free to call us for tours and various inquiries.

Governor of Gifu Prefecture (2) No. 4828

GB Corporation: Naruse 090-5457-5197

〒 501-0222

330 Beppu, Mizuho City, Gifu Prefecture (1 minute north exit of JR Hozumi Station)

TEL: 058-327-9071

Please leave the purchase and sale of real estate.

We are developing businesses that are easy to establish at high prices.

Thank you for reading to the end.

We look forward to your inquiry and visit.

[JPN I Kashiwa Memorial = May 5, 2022 (Thursday) 4 years old, Funabashi Racecourse, Dart 1600 meters]

The JPN I “34th Kashiwa Memorial” (1600 meters) held on the 5th at the Funabashi Racecourse is a straight line when JRA Shonan Nadesico (female 5, Sugai), which is the second most popular win, stands on a good start from a good start. One half of the JRA Solist Thunder (Tow 7, Takayanagi University) who 사설홀덤사이트 came with one half and a half gap is won. The JPN I first won the first victory was decorated with three consecutive prizes. Since this race became a grade race, the mare was the first V’s first V. The winning time is 1: 38: 9 (slightly heavy).

The most popular JRA Teem South Dan (Bo 5, Iida Iida) was the third place, and the local Funabashi Casino Fonten (Tow 6, Yamashita), who aimed for consecutive victories, was fourth.

Jun Yoshida on Kurakami said, “I think it was really strong. I think that this deep dirt has worked hard on a strong man horses. This is the second Funabashi night game. The horse was calm. The start is outstanding. So, I decided to go as it was. When I was lined up in Teem in 3 and 4 corners, I didn’t respond for a moment, but I got it well. ” I will do my best. “

Author: East Sport Horse Racing Editorial Department