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“September 23 (Friday) [Breaking News] Metro Gracche 3rd store _ Devil Revolution X”

[Devil Revolution X]

Good evening!

Today’s coverage results bulletin on September 23 (Fri)

The P Champ’s editorial department will announce it ♪

The result of the interview result is here!


[Metro Gracche 3rd store]

■ 20 slots 16 out of 104 units

About 15 % of the total! !

■ All units heavyweight activities!

・ Pachislot Iron Castle Kabaneri (3 units)

・ Oki Doki! 2-30 (3)

・ Chivaiyo -30 (5 units)


Next Devil Revolution X

Let’s fight a heavyweight fight! !

Check out the details later! Good 바카라 Luck! !

I traveled to Tokyo for 2 nights and 3 days. Personally, I love a trip that comes back to work on a comfortable weekend and returns to work. It’s good 바카라사이트추천 to play when you play and play when you play. I like to play the most. The companion of this trip is Dedit’s former intern Jang Jae -eun who has the same mind as me. I went to Tokyo with her loving her camera.

In Tokyo, we met the kindness of new people without the reason. This is a story about a travel pride and a meeting with sweet people.

The first thing I was kind to me is the travel activity app Klook. Do you remember? Last summer, he was responsible for his trip to Hong Kong. This time I was responsible for my trip to Tokyo. It is an app that arranges everything you need at the destination. Editor M rode a helicopter in New York, and Editor H went to Osaka Hyodo tour. It’s like an advertisement from the start, but this is a very sincere review. In fact, I have been using this app for more than a year. If you look for the lowest price, the destination was always clim. I have been in charge of my favorite travel app since I found a water show lowest ticket in Macau last year.

The most comfortable thing about Klook is the ‘use’ function that can be booked and used immediately. 1 minute and 1 second do not stand long lines of the ticket office in overseas travel, such as gold, and make the schedule easy. On this trip, all of them were solved by Klook, from SIM chip to kimono experience, gokat and Disneyland. Honestly, people who are standing without this are sad. It’s really comfortable. Dog honey.

Secondly, the person who was kind was the companion Jang Jae -eun. He gave me a picture of Ligon’s life every moment. This is the first time I traveled with a person who took a good picture. Are you a life photo vending machine? I’m embarrassed because there are so many pictures, but I saved a lot of pretty pictures on this trip to Japan. Gem -like pictures continue to come out in the future.

Beginning with the beautiful kimono experience, I left my art as an art. I also tried hard in return for her, but I don’t know if she liked her. Oh, it’s in the picture.

There is a course that does not always fall on the editor’s tour. I must put a city tour bus that will take a break wherever I go.

It was one day in Tokyo when I bought a tour bus ticket and took a certified photo in front of the bus. “Take the Skybus logo to see!” I was bothering my companion, and I kept meeting with the knight.

Does it mean to board quickly? I was embarrassed, and I pressed the shutter and ran towards the door. what? The embarrassed used guide said. “It’s not that bus, your car is there.” The bus just waited for a while to protect our photo time. A man who knows the importance of the certification shot! Oh sweet, my third kind.

This is a picture taken on the Skybus that was actually boarded. It was good to be able to capture the beautiful scenery.

Gokat, which can be enjoyed while driving in downtown Tokyo, was enough to lead my interest. If you take this, you can wear your character clothes and leave my wheels on the Tokyo road. Jae -eun wore Elmo clothes and I wore superficial clothes. We both seemed very cute.

Gokat is actually a car that runs on the road in Tokyo. There are scary moments in which trucks are chased behind, but it’s okay. We’re a professional rider who’s been chopped with a cartrider for many years. It is also okay because I went with an international license. It is legal. For reference, Gokart is really fun. It’s a pity that I want to ride one more time after it’s over. The next time I go to Tokyo, I will run again. Burungbudaeung.

The fourth kindness was from the Gokat guide. He took video and photos for us from the beginning to the end. He even gave a kind of borrowing GoPro. Thanks to this, I can shoot a video of the cart rider class. If you are curious about the situation of the Tokyo road, don’t miss the video below. At the end, it started to rain, but when I went to go to the sense of handing a new umbrella! Are the people of Tokyo originally so kind?

I accidentally found that there was an aqua park in the building next to the hostel. And I split my time and came to a cute idea to visit at night. It was about 20 minutes after entering the stairs inadvertently, but I came out of the exit. Is there such fools? I haven’t seen all the fish yet, but I came out of the exit. I tried to go back, but when the closing time approached, the position was closed. I looked at the clerk with a moist eye and I gave it to me. Again, I met a friendly person and got a chance to enter again. After all, people are cute and seeing. I appoint this person as the fifth sweet guy.

Disneyland wants to go to the end of the schedule. I have a romance for the amusement park. It’s not like a romance that takes a sweet picture with a lover in front of a spinning horse. Only one. See shiny parade and fireworks in Disneyland. I wanted to see the starlight that fell into Cinderella Castle, the scene that everyone knows the beginning and end of Disney film.

Did Disneyland, who visited with one romance, greeted me? The wind was so powerful that the fireworks were canceled and the parade was missed. It’s kind of kind of a stranger.

In the dark, there was a guide to us who were lost. We didn’t speak Japanese and he couldn’t speak English. In the end, he used his hand gesture to guide us to our destination. A person who doesn’t know the name, Arigato Goja Gomashita.

And Star Wars was the comfort of the fireworks. Thank you, Disney. I acquired Lucas Film.

Travel does not always go back to plan. The store you visited in anticipation may suddenly close the door, or Disneyland’s fireworks, which you do every day, can be canceled that day. What shouldn’t be forgotten at this time is that you don’t give up in any situation. If you enjoy your mind and enjoy it, all this will be fun.

When the fireworks were canceled, this trip was desperate, but when I came back, everything was good. If you look at our smiling video, you want to be happy and remember people who were kind to me. After all, it was a memory. The next trip to take off this memory should be Disneyland in a less windy country. Let’s go to a country of dreams and hopes.

I waited for a long time. If you are curious about the blockbuster reversal and thrilling kize, look at the video below.

Photo by _jaeeun

“Appearance supreme principle 403 episode Hostel captures (completed)”

(Shinji who shakes his hair and swells his fangs)

Shinji: Does the crazy guy know that hawk is a medicine?

Jin Young: Then you will be killed by this madman today, this fucking guy.

Jin Young: I was sorry for the homelessness living under the bridge, and Koda Ryu did it, but I returned the favor and betrayed! !

(Shinji blows off with Jin Young’s upper)

Shinji: Homeless? This bastard. If you let me say it, it’s a lot of grass! !

Jin Young: Beggar’s child … Keisaku Shinji … Ryu Sakoda … Park Jin Young … And … elite.

Jin Young: Elite.

Jin Young: Oh oh oh! ! ! you! !

Jin Young: You killed! ! ! Oh, I killed Koda Ryu! ! !

Shinji:! ! ! What are you talking about! ! I’m not doing that! ! Why do I kill Koshirryu! !

(I kick over the face many times)

Jin Young: At the red! ! At the red! ! At the red! ! At the red! !

Shinji: Jin Young.

Shinji: How did you get it! ! What are you talking about! Why do I kill Koda Ryu!

At the end of Koda Ryu, at that time, you, me, and elite …

Jin Young:! ! !

Jin Young: Elite! elite! My brother! ! My brother! ! I’ll kill you too! !

Yuki: Shinji! It’s not a good situation! Park Jin Young is dangerous! Please use what you just gave!

Yuki: Shishido! ! hurry up! !

Yuki: That’s it. When a specific word and the situation are aligned, it will cause a seizure. I hoped that Mr. Shinji might be different, but it is still not easy. What does it mean? What happened in the past?

Do you have anything to think of Shinji?

Shinji: I don’t know anything.

Yuki: Hoo. So what will you do from now on? This is the only place that can care for Park Jin Young. It may be dangerous to go outside.

Shinji: Ginger. I’ll wait until Jin Young heals.

Yuki: What do you mean?

Shinji: The human resources at the White Tiger Human Resources will continue to join hands with the Ichinokai.

Yuki: It feels like the contract has been extended unexpectedly.

Shinji: However, he must be laid down.

Yuki: Who is it?

Shinji: You know too. One of the human resources at our white tiger human resources is a friend who dislikes Ichikai.

(Johann sitting on a reception chair at the white tiger human resources)

Shinji: Gohon. Did you understand? The contract with the Ichinokai is over. White tiger human resources will not be involved in the future.

[If you get involved with the Ichi -kai, he will escape. I don’t want to let my treasure escape]

Shinji: Give you another mission. Will you take any mission? Kamiya Yohan.

Johan: I understand.

Shinji: Huh?

Johann: Then I can be in the white tiger human resources with confidence.

(Johann smiling with a smile)

[Hmm, it’s strange. Johan Kamiya, the situation is strange at this time]

(Johann who comes out of the white tiger human resources looks at the roadside)

Johan: It’s troublesome. How long have you been attached?

Lua: Ah, it’s nice weather ~

(Im lure was hidden in the telephone pole)

Johann: I know what’s a lie at first glance, but for what purpose do you have me?

Lua: Hey!

Johann: Young lady …

Lua: Hit me! ?

Johann: No, why you …

Lua: But maybe! Then promise first!

Johann: What a little …

(Take Johan’s hand and entangle your little finger)

Lua: I’m sure I promised! Then I say honestly!

I’m a big deal! I didn’t intend to deceive from the beginning! I wonder if there was! ? Anyway, there was no particular malice!

Do you hate you? I don’t think white tiger human resources will be involved with the one -sided party anymore, right? !

(Lure to give the palm of the hand)

Lua: Please enter the big deal! Honestly, there is no reason to oppose Big Deal, right?

Then let’s compete with the Ichikai!

This is decided! I don’t do bad!

(Casino Hotel of Ichikai -kai. Noh mask / Dharma / Shirakubo sitting on the club ViVi sofa)

Noh mask: Hey, look at that ~ I wonder if my body is a drawing paper, I should have studied the picture.

(Shirakubo is calling someone)

Noh mask: … Don’t say you, your tattoo is more cool.

Dharma: … It is Shirakubo of the 3rd and 4th series company. You know too.

Noh mask: I’m the guy?

Dharma: You just don’t remember. Sometimes I came to the second affiliated company. To be a fight, refrain from your mouth from Mazui.

Noh mask: Heyki, I don’t understand Japanese. I don’t know.

Shirakubo: No, I’m listening. What you say there.

(Remove your smartphone from your ears and laugh)

Shirakubo: In the first meeting, we are …

Noh mask: Hey, what about it because I heard it?

(Noh mask rides on the desk. Shirakubo looks back at the smartphone’s microphone by hand.)

Shirakubo: Why do you have a courtesy or not?

(Yuki appears with a hat man and Japanese people)

Yuki: Yeah, are you fighting as soon as you meet? What happened to everyone? The future of the Ichinokai is dark.

The 3rd and 4th affiliated company President Shirakubo, Ryuhei Kuroda. The president of the first affiliated company is absent. He was just a president, so he told him to concentrate on his business for the time being.

Noh mask: As usual, the story is. So what’s the reason we called us here?

Yuki: That’s not a big deal. A new affiliated company was created at our Ichinokai.

Noh mask, Shirakubo:! ! !

Yuki: Now, please enter. Those who are in charge of the new affiliated company along with our one -sided meeting, the 5th series company of the Ichikai -kai.

(Satoshi and Motoya appearing in black suits appear)

[Ichikai Kai 5th Organization Company]

(Reminiscence: After talking to Yuki at the high school of the Ichi -cho, Sit in a chair and get 슬롯머신 rid of it. Motoya talks to his back)

Motoya: Don’t like it. I will follow what kind of choice you make. That’s the way the hostel is used. Because it is the way to make use of Koto.

If we make our families happy by being unhappy, that’s the path of the patriarch.

(Current: Noh and Dharma, Satoshi and Motoya standing in front of Shirakubo)

Yuki: Then, here are some of the new affiliated officers. At one time, he was an enemy in the hostel, but now he is a member of the one -sided party.

Director of the 5th series company, Yoshiya Sawatari. Satoshi Isono, president of the 5th series company.

The hostel catch for the four major crew integration is complete. Next, I will catch a big deal.

Episode 403, end.

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