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2021/10/2 No Time To Die

[Run distance] 28.60km

[Cumulative distance of this month] 28.60km

[Weather] Sunny

[Temperature] Up to 29 ° C, at least 17 ° C

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“007 / No Time To Die” is a 2021 British movie.

The 25th work of the “James Bond” series.

Director Carry George Fukunaga

Starring Daniel Craig

Rami Malek

Rare Sedu

Lashana Lynch

Ben Wishaw

Ana de Armas

Naomi Harris

Jeffrey Light

Christoph Walz

Rayf Fines

Daniel Craig’s fifth James Bond series.

The past four works have a DVD, so I watch them many times,

After watching and reviewing last week, I went to Abeno Apollo Seinema.

It was the first time in 40 years to go to Apollo Seinema, but it was much worse than in the past.

In the first work “007 Casino Royal” (2006), the 바카라 wounds are constant

It was Daniel Craig Bond, a naughty older brother,

There are few fighting scenes in the fourth “Specter” (2015) 10 years later

It was like a bond work from Roger Moore.

Five in this work 15 years later, there are even less fighting.

The enemy, Rami Malek, was the weakest villain among five works due to lack of power.

Javier Valdem plays a strong presence villain,

The third work, “Skyfall,” which was a revolutionary story development and settings, was the highest peak.

The good thing is that five works are continuous stories.

Miss Money Pennie of Ben Wish show and Naomi Harris, Miss Money Pennie

Rayf Fine’s M, Jeffrey Light’s Felix Writer, etc.

In addition to the regular members, the last Bond Girl Rare Sedu

It was good to play an active part from the beginning to the end.

Ana de Armas of “Blade Runner 2049” was also good.

Of course, if you say you don’t have the desire to increase your money, it will be a lie,

Rather, the part that I enjoy as a hobby is big.

You can check the stock prices on the securities account site, read the four seasons, and look at the charts for companies that have been seen at the destination, companies that handle the products you care about, companies that are rumored to be in the news, and read the four seasons. 퍼스트카지노 But it is no longer a life work.

I read economic news, but it feels closer and more interesting.

It sounds beautiful, but please say a little more with stocks and say it.

When a child becomes an elementary school student, he wants to save a little more, and in 10 years he may have retired early.

When that happens, of course, I think it would be safe if I had income such as dividends,

I’m more scared to be unable to connect with society.

I want to be in a situation where I can continue stocks as a hobby because I do not want to break the connection with society.

We mainly do Japanese stocks, but companies are connected to the world, so stocks around the world will connect events around the world.

I traveled crazy and traveled more than 40 countries around the world. (Although it is still a hiyokko)

Colona and children are now off.

Instead, I enjoy stock.

So am I FX or binary? There is no way to make a transaction that is highly gambling or multiplying numbers with techniques. I don’t know the virtual currency …

I will enjoy it at the casino

The casino went to several countries, but the casino in London was very nice.

I’m sorry that there is no photo.

The story was out, but I really like this position where I can afford it now.

Parenting is hard, but …

I went on a trip to Macau …

I went to Macau as a family trip during the Lunar New Year holidays.

Somehow, my sisters had five husbands and children with three dads’ daughters and three, but this was really 20 years, and it was the first time to travel abroad, and it would be the first time to travel. It was a chance!

It was close to two nights and three days, and it was narrowed down to Taiwan and Macau. There are ruins, and the casinos, colorful hotels, fountain shows, and alleys have a lot of fun alleys.

A few months ago, I was preparing for a ticket. I heard a little bit of pneumonia in Wuhan, China a few weeks before I left, and when we left, it was heard a little bit more. I decided to go.

Macau was gorgeous and simple, delicious and cool, and my parents followed our trip. It’s been a long time since I traveled five, so I was very good and good, and my mask was written and took off. When I came back safely after my trip, I saw the news, and the pneumonia named as Corona virus was spreading and it seemed more serious than I thought.

My sister’s company recommended people who have been to China, Hong Kong, and Macau to work from home, and I saw it and I also worked for home because I would like to avoid it. Finally, because of his trip to Thailand (Thailand 호게임 is not actually safe ..), he was alone in his house alone for a week alone. Of course, no one is forced to go out, and there is no symptom, but it may be asymptomatic/incubation. So, for the third day, I kept my house alone, worked, eats, eats, watched movies, and writes.

What I felt 1

It’s worse than I thought. I was frustrated when I was young, so I couldn’t have been at home for a day, but as I got older, I put it on static and productive activities (movies, pictures, writings, books, etc.). Of course, at 10 ~ 7 working hours, we have a conference colonial meeting, so that time is fine, but it’s also quite productive. It’s been a lot of pictures and it’s been a long time since I wrote like this. But it seems like it’s too low.

Feeling 2

When I work from home, I think it’s good to just go to work and work with people. Although slacks/mails are mainly used, it is more fatal than you think. Listening to several meetings through conference calls, it is not easy to follow the context and it is difficult to comment. Because of the bare face, there was no video conference, but even if it was burned, there seems to be a limit.

Today is Wednesday, so I will spend my time alone at home for four more days. 3 days was okay, but 4 days more different? It’s been a long time, maybe for the first time? I spent a long time alone and wanted to leave the feeling. Then …

April 3rd (Sun)

U-NEXT, directed by Leos Kalax, Holy Motors.

The other day, I saw Kalax’s new work, Annette, so I will review it.

I didn’t understand it when I saw it at the theater before, but I still don’t know how to review it.

That said, there was a feeling that it was not accepted at all before, but for some reason it was accepted this time.

I can’t explain the difference well, but I feel a little bit of my teeth, but I feel like that in my sense.

I don’t know if Kalax at that time was not interested in storytelling or remembered the opposition to the royal road of how to make a movie, but in any case, for a conventional film approach to the “story”. I think I was skeptical.

The protagonist, Doni Lavan, is disguised as various humans and has a format that appears in various places, but although it is a selfish interpretation, one side is one aspect of others. I wondered if it was a way of drawing what I expected.

The same composition is that the audience in the movie is seeking one “easy -to -understand character” for the actor while watching one actor playing one role. I thought.

I completely forgot that the song of “Godzilla” was used by Akira Ibube, so I was surprised to see that music suddenly.

U-NEXT, directed by Francis Ford Coppola “Dracula”.

The film is said to be a film that faithfully into the original of Bram Stalker.

In the past, I saw a musical that was also staged as the original in the same way (because Nachi = Natsumi Abe appeared), but it was still the same.

The “faithful to the original” was probably one sale, but if you think of it as a “movie”, I don’t think it was a bit connected to the part that was not grabbed.

The classic vampire in Mulnau’s vampire, “Vampire Nosfellatu”, also uses the same stalker’s work, but the “Noss Ferratu” extracted the original essence, and the impression that it was well configured as a movie (a movie. I haven’t seen it for decades, so I can’t say the details).

Also, the release was only 92 years, and the video was made in the 90s, and I wanted to focus on a little more gothic video and devise lighting.

There were scenes where a tribute to “Nosferratu” was felt due to the production of the shadow of Count Dracula, but there were many “bright” paintings that were lighted overall, and when I asked for gothic horror elements, I was a little “” I’m not scared.

If you put a tribute to “Nosferatu”, there is a part that you would like to give a tribute to the lighting in the form of drawing the contrast of expressionist “light and shadow” firmly.

Although it is a selfish impression, if it is based on Bram Stalker’s “Dracula”, it will produce horror “fear” on the entire surface, or the love of Dracula’s wife (affection for Mina). It seems to be a pure love movie that is pushed out in the two, but the balance was halfway in this movie, so the feeling that the movie ended with a slightly langing impression. May have been.

I saw the costume used in this movie at the Eiko Ishioka exhibition earlier at the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Art, but I wanted to see this movie before and after going to the exhibition. The impression when I saw it at the exhibition was already a vague thing …

Nevertheless, it is a mysterious feeling that Anthony Hopkins, who played a person who was eating human meat in “Silence of the Sheep”, plays Van Helsing, who defeats monsters in this movie … 。

Also, I don’t like Winona Rider at this time again.

April 4th (Monday)

LILII KAONA is told in July and Twitter.

In various ways, the difficulties of the operation have been talked about, and if it is not possible to operate stable in the “management” part, even if it creates a unique and highly complete one as a “work”, it will continue. I feel like I felt the ephemeral and harshness of the entertainment industry that I couldn’t do anything.

Watch the DC drama “Superman & Lois” which started broadcasting on NHK yesterday.

A drama series depicting Superman -Clark Kent married his lover, Lois Lane, and became the father of two boys.

As far as I can see in the first episode, there was an atmosphere that seemed to be working well.

In addition, it was good that global companies have acquired local industries and have a depiction of labor exploitation and media bias, and various settings have been updated to the 21st century. 。

Also, the actor who plays Superman is the same as the actor of “Super Girl”, and if you look it up, this work seems to be in the “Arrow Bath”, so I would like to expect various future developments.

Director Demian Chazel “Session” at U-NEXT.

I’ve been interested in it for a long time, but I looked at it because the distribution was over.

In the story, a young man who dreamed of making a great success as a jazz drum entering the Conservatory and working hard to be recognized by the professor who instructed there, and the drummer of the professor’s guidance by the professor accidentally became his glasses. The protagonist is in charge of the drum as a role in a hurry. From there, he made an effort to bleed the protagonist’s pot in order to approach the sound of the professor’s ideal.

The professor’s scene reminds me of the troop school of Cubrick’s “Full Metal Jacket”.

Like making such a soldier, it seems that the psychotical part of this professor stands out, but after that, the teaching of the professor told me that there were students who had a mental illness. I guess that part is exactly the fat -kun of “Full Metal ~”.

Perhaps some of the directors had the image of that movie.

I thought on the way, but I might be a person who creates the professor’s “ideal sound”, but it’s another matter whether it’s a musician after that.

If you think so, this movie only depicts the form of pursuing the “professor’s ideal”, and after all he thought it would be a power harassment … the scene of that car accident.

Nevertheless, looking at the protagonist who is eating down to the professor, I guess this is just brainwashed if it is the right way to follow him in power harassment.

The hero who gave up the drums happened to find a professor’s name at a jazz club in the city, and when he entered the store, he found that he was fired at the Conservatory, and he is now conducting. I am invited to participate in the band as a drummer.

From here, I wondered if the story of reconciliation and success from the former dispute would develop, but the wholesaler did not wholesale.

After the end of the end, the development like a return is almost like a suspense movie.

Although it was not drawn directly from the beginning, there is a flow that sparks the sparks of the protagonist and professor that make you feel that it is flowing behind the scenes. A masterpiece in the sense.

If you simply look at this movie as a “movie that handles jazz”, will you be disappointed or discouraged by the development that is not a musical story or a success story related to music or a youth story?

From the beginning, I thought that it was a jazz -themed theme, but the late battle (I think it’s a battle) is exactly how to draw a climax of a spo -root manga, and the director is this power through this movie. There was a part that I thought I wanted to express the collision of the power.

In the early stages, the actress who appeared in the hero’s girlfriend, the super girl carla, was like a super girlfriend …

Tuesday, April 5th

At BS Premium, Don Siegel’s “Breakthrough”.

The men who attacked rural banks knew that when they lost their friends but succeeded in robbery, they had a huge amount of money that could not be considered a rural bank. In fact, the bank was used for cleaning the mafia, and the gold they stolen was from the mafia. At the same time as being chased by the police as a robbery, the men who are also targeted by the mafia killer can escape.

The beginning starts with a bank robbery, so I thought of it as a new cinema movie, thinking “We don’t have tomorrow,” but it didn’t have that side, but rather a film noir -like movie. Met.

Don Siegel’s skillful story handling as a vocational director is naturally drawn.

Although it is a very simple story as a story, it is excellent to make a video that pulls it with Guigui.

The protagonist was targeted by the mafia killer, but I also felt the elements of a hitchcock -like suspense, but combined with American movie -like violence in the 70’s, it is unique to the movie of this era. There is also an atmosphere.

The last, the end of the end, the end of the American cinema in the 70’s, and there were some parts that were taken away, but it was not bad for a movie.

Wednesday, April 6th

U-NEXT, directed by Louis Lutellier, “Battle of Titan”.

I saw it because it was a remake of a movie in 1981, but from the beginning it was a lot of modification, and it was honestly a “bad movie”.

In the early stages, humans are fighting against God and fighting to make the earth their own, and it is quite different from the 1981 edition in line with the original Greek mythology.

So it would have been nice if I felt some theme, but I couldn’t find any philosophical and social appealing elements, and I just felt sorry.

The 1981 edition was depicted as a Perseus adventure born of Zeus and human women, and Queen Cassiopeia said that his daughter Andromeda was more beautiful than anyone in the world. He was told that he would destroy the country if he did not sacrifice Andromeda as a sacrifice, but he said that the work of Perseus would stop it.

The original Greek mythology and the 1981 editions are drawn a bit more human (although it’s strange to say), and even God is jealous, it’s not an absolute being. However, the unique greek mythology of God, a god who moves in a “whim”, and the part that was an interesting element that could be read is being cut off in this work.

In the 1981 edition, Hades, the god of the underworld, appeared, and he was drawn like a “evil parent ball”.

Originally, this story was rather than Hades, but the jealous spatula was important in a story, but there was almost no presence of the spatula.

The structure where friends joined on the way, which was not in the 1981 edition, was killed by the temple of Medusa, and was there a necessity that friends joined? The question is.

At last, it was compared to the 1981 edition, but using CG etc., the whole “outside” was updated to the 21st century, but the contents were a movie that retreated. Don’t worry about seeing the sequel …

Looking at Wikipedia, it seems that the critics are eating a total scan, so it seems like that.

After all, instead of simply using a Greek myth as a fantasy motif, if a person who has a strong feeling for “myths” does not make it, it will be such a thin movie …

Thursday, April 7th

Report that Fujiko Fujio A has died.

He was rather a fan of Professor F’s work, but of course he was reading the work of Dr. A, and the most favorite thing I liked was “Manga Road”.

When he was in elementary school, he read “Monster -kun” and “Ninja Hattori -kun”, and when he was a child, he was one of the indispensable manga artists.

At the channel NECO, Director Ida “Bombed 3 seconds ago”.

A movie starring Asahi Kobayashi, based on Haruhiko Oyabu’s “Destruction Command No. 1”. Hideki Takahashi also appears in Akira’s rival.

Asahi Kobayashi is an intelligence agent of the government’s internal office. Asahi Kobayashi is involved in the conflict between an organization that hides the jewelry and an organization that tries to find out the presence of a certain country during the war, over a lost jewelry, and the opposition between an organization that hides the jewelry and the organization trying to find out the presence. To go.

Because of the original work of Haruhiko Oyabu, there is a slightly hard -boiled story development, but the video making is made with the standard of Nikkatsu action at the time, so the impression is so hard in the video. Not.

If you think so, Kiyoshin Suzuki, who produced the “Youth of the Beast” in the original novel of Haruhiko Oyabu at that time, was a person who had a terrible personality as a video creator. I realized.

Considering that the original was published in 1966, and the movie was released in 1967, and the 007 series “007 dies twice” is before and after the release in Japan, so the protagonist is an intelligence member. It is possible that a spy boom with 007 starts.

However, when it comes to this movie, it doesn’t seem like the setting of the intelligence agent has been well utilized, and it simply seemed to be involved in a police organization in the yakuza conflict.

Well, if it is said to be the fate of a program picture, it may be.

It was fresh to see stunts at high buildings that were rarely seen in Nikkatsu’s action movies, but it was a movie that did not get out of the parts that were not good.

April 8th (Friday)

DOMMUNE will be distributed with former April Fool’s Day, former floral Hiro Yanagida, as a guest, as a guest, looking back on the subsequent career of Floral.

Regarding floral, I knew the existence and the sound source of a few songs, but I hadn’t heard much of the details, so I was glad I heard a lot.

Since the record company at that time was Columbia, I did the undercard of Chiyoko Shimakura at a large banquet hall in a hot spring town, or I worked back in a monkey performance in Japan (this was a sound source when I searched for YouTube! ), A story about the door of the door of the door and switched from the guitar to the organ player because he wanted to play that kind of organ.

Also, I know that the existence of Yoshihiko Sato has a strong influence on the opportunity to work as an arrangement, and that he could be said to be Hiro’s teacher.

The story of April Fool’s Day’s division was that Hiro and Tadashi directly participated in the musical “Hair”, but Hosono -Matsumoto says “I will do the song accompaniment.” There was a story that could tell that the direction was out of the direction if Hiro said that he liked the idols of the Improbination, as a type musician.

In the last 10 years, I can listen to many of these remarks because there are many people who are in GS.

It seems that it would be more valuable to put together the GS special features of Kento Handa and Sammy Maeda in DOMMUNE in books, as a later document. Come …?

I know that Isato Nakagawa, who was also a member of the five red balloons, died.

He wasn’t an enthusiastic listener, but when he was listening to a lot of Japanese folks for a while, he liked his solo album “Tea Time” a lot.

April 9th ​​(Sat)

Robert Bresson’s “Lanco of Lake” in Cinema Jack & Betty in Yokohama.

I went to see without prior knowledge, but on the way, I gradually turned out to be the hero of the movie the Knight Lancelot of the Legendary Arthur.

That said, my knowledge about King Arthur is not so familiar because I saw it in the movie “Excalibur”.

Although it is a story about the legendary and myth, King Arthur, it is a story that Blesson cannot make such a fantasy movie, Lancrot and the Queen are secretly loving, and skirmish in the knight. It is a work depicting a rebellion.

The production is called realism, or there is a part that tried to draw a medieval knight realistically.

The movie proceeds quietly and quietly, excluding music, with as much as possible, with the blesson -like production of the past.

Because of such a production, there are many parts that are difficult to understand, and what did you want to draw in the end? And he appeared in a movie that he had no idea.

There were many scenes that seem to be attractive as a scene, such as a deep forest.

She thinks that the actress who played the queen was beautiful, and when she examined her, she knew she was the daughter of Niki de San Fal, a contemporary artist.

Furthermore, about 20 years before the film was filmed, Blesson was trying to film a movie with the same project, and he was casting Niki de San Fal as the queen, but he failed at the planning stage. When I tried to shoot, I was surprised to find that Blesson was selected as the queen in a photo she saw without knowing that she was San Fal’s daughter.

Also in Cinema Jack & Betty, Robert Bresson, probably the devil.

The hero’s young man participates in political rally and environmental movements, but cannot be passionate about it. A story that said that the grooves gradually spread to the people around them, and the feeling of emptiness in him would spread further.

The style of the production was a movie that I thought, but I didn’t understand the story.

The fact that various news footage was used in a scene that accused environmental issues was not found in Blesson so far.

I thought it was unusual for Blesson, who had drawn on the theme of life -life, but when he tried to make a movie in the era of 1977, it was something he couldn’t avoid. I wonder?

Director Yoshimitsu Morita “Family Game” is a Japanese movie channel.

Starring Yusaku Matsuda, he comes to his family who lives in an apartment as a tutor of a boy who is about to take high school exams. Until then, a story that said that the family relationship that was considered to be a general and ordinary family will change.

The release is 83 years. I can imagine that it was a movie that was cynically incorporated into home problems such as nuclear families and test wars.

There are almost no cynical touch productions and explanatory 카지노 lines, so can this movie be left to each audience? The part I think.

In this movie, there was no play accompaniment that seemed to be accompanied by a play, and there were situations where music was played as an environmental sound, but in that part, it deviated from general movies and it was quite different.

Already from the scene where Yusaku Matsuda appeared? Is it better to laugh or be terrifying?

In the pattern of the 4K remastered version of the 4K remastered version broadcast after the movie, Ichiro Miyagawa leaked that Yusaku Matsuda was scared (but on the other hand, the rehearsals of acting were carefully done by two people. Ta, well).

Most of the performers of this movie talked about the intonation lines and are mostly filmed in the video, did you conscious of Yasujiro Ozu as a “home drama”?

Of course, this movie is not an orthodox inheritance of Ozu’s method, but as a home drama made in the 1980s, and conversely, to imitate the shooting method to present Ozu’s antithesis. It may be a manifestation.

Yasujiro Ozu’s movie shows a person from the front and switched it to make a conversation with people, but in this movie, the family is facing one direction (the scene of that dining table), conversation. There is almost no conversation, and even the director feels that “if you bring Ozu’s method in the present age, it looks like this.”

Looking at it now, the cynicalness of the movie is not so brandy, but in 1983, when the movie was released, it may have been quite sharp.

It seems that Yusaku Matsuda plays, who does not know if there is emotion, and in a sense, the role of eerie tutor is playing a role in emphasizing the sharp part.

Looking again, it seemed that all of the things that Yoshimitsu Morita felt, saying that when creating a “home drama” in the 1980s, it seemed to be integrated in this movie.

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