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Defendant Sho Taguchi, a misunderstanding problem, was in a panic state before the conversation with Hikaru was 46.3 million yen (Abema Times) (Abema Times)

Sho Taguchi was bailed on the 1st in a fraud case over the miscollement in Abu -cho, Yamaguchi Prefecture. Hikaru of the popular YouTuber, who started to make a temporary replacement for repayment, published an interview video with Taguchi on his YouTube channel, entitled “Sho Taguchi, a 46.3 million yen misunderstanding problem.” [Video] Hikaru to Defendant Taguchi began in April this year, in April this year, Abu Town, Yamaguchi Prefecture accidentally transferred 46.3 million yen. Defendant Taguchi was arrested and prosecuted three times, knowing that 46.3 million yen was incorrectly deposited, and that some were transferred to a payment agent’s account. In addition, the remaining about 3.4 million yen has been sent documents on the suspicion of transferring to a debit payment account. Abu -cho has collected about 42.9 million yen from the payment agent. Hikaru provided funds to the remaining repayment of about 3.4 million yen. Hikaru was picking up the bail on the bail, paid 카지노 2.5 million yen on the bail on the 1st, on the 1st. Nevertheless, why did Hikaru support Taguchi? Hikaru explains as follows. “The background is, Taguchi wants to return 40 million, so in Abu -cho. At that time, I was contacted by me in the lawyer and said,” Would you please lend me 40 million yen? ” I started. I think that Taguchi -kun is a mess, but I think he wouldn’t have been crazy without misconceptions. “Taguchi decided to provide funds. Hikaru. On YouTube, an interview with Defendant Taguchi for about 30 minutes was also released. Defendant Taguchi talks about the feelings when 46.3 million yen is incorrectly transferred from Abu Town. Hikaru: Actually, what did you think when there was a mistake? This feeling. It is said that 46.3 million yen is transferred the moment you see your account. Taguchi: Are you being deceived? I thought. Hikaru: I see, I guess it’s fraud. Did you feel scared (after the incident was discovered)? I wonder what my life will be. Taguchi: Abu -cho, this is the case, but I honestly use it all. So, sometimes my head no longer turned than “what should I do” and “Oh?” Hikaru: I used everything. Really? Is it apt to use it at an online casino? Taguchi: That’s true. I used everything. It is hard to say the feeling at that time, but it was a bit panicked. Defendant Taguchi says he has panicked before the money and has spent the entire amount into an online casino. The current feelings are revealed as follows. Hikaru: So what do you think of what you did? Taguchi: I really reflect on what I did. Even if there is such a thing next, I will never do it twice. Hikaru: After all, do you feel like you want to be a student? Taguchi: Of course. Defendant Taguchi said his remorse. In the future, Defendant Taguchi will work for a broccoli and chicken breasted meat, which is related to Hikaru. (From “Abema Hills”)

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