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Interesting “company briefing by highway bus” held by a company in Fukushima (Kazuki Sakai)

A company headquartered in Fukushima Prefecture is making an interesting approach to “hold a company briefing in a high -speed bus of Fukushima, Tokyo”.

Highway bus boarding fee is of course free.

It is possible to participate in the company briefing in addition to moving to Tokyo or homecoming.

It is said that a company explanation of about one hour will be given out of the four -hour ride time.

It is held when traveling from Tokyo to Fukushima or when traveling from Fukushima to Tokyo.

Niraku Co., Ltd. ★ Free express bus between Tokyo and Koriyama (Fukushima Prefecture) ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━; If you use this bus, “I like Fukushima Prefecture! “I want to work in Fukushima Prefecture,” he wants to operate to Koriyama while having fun with everyone in the bus.

Reference: http: // |

The company seems to be a pachinko slot company in Fukushima Prefecture.

Although it is unpopular in terms of industry, it seems that such measures are the secret to creating contact with students.

Departing reconstruction / job hunting bus! Tokyo -Koriyama round trip, lit support (Fukushima 크레이지슬롯 Minyu Shimbun)

Speaking of the company briefing in the bus, it is remembered the “travel company briefing” that the kayak was previously held.

* This kayak briefing has not been held this year.

As a difference between lit and kayak initiatives, the kayak was the concept of “going to a place where there is a job hunting student and a briefing session”, and Nirak “gives a briefing while moving between Tokyo and Fukushima (headquarters).” It is the concept of that.

The kayak’s “Traveling Briefing” was quite a hot topic before the event, but there was no information that convey the results after the event.

One of the few interviews after the event is described as follows.

In the case of a kayak, it is an “fun corporation”, so it has been told in an interview with the company that the same thing as the previous year is not done.

On the other hand, the “Express Bus briefing between Tokyo / Headquarters (Fukushima)” held by Nirak is likely to appeal to students who are related to Fukushima.

It seems that it is already a third year initiative, and it seems that it has achieved certain results.

If it spreads to other areas and other industries, it will be a great effort for job hunting students who have transportation expenses.

“IPhone 7”, which is rumored to be released this fall, may have a dual SIM that can be used by switching two SIMs.

This information has been newly released on the Chinese smartphone repair shop “Rock Fix”, which has leaked parts such as dual lens cameras, which are considered to be iPhone 7 and 256GB NAND flash memory, on SNS “Weibo”. This is what I found from the photo.
• Does None “iPhone 7 Plus” have a 256GB model? NAND flash memory photo is leaked (Shuji Shinohara) -Person -Yahoo! News
• NONE (Browsing requires a Weibo account) iPhone7 General Society A twin version of the book, a fierce fee? @Power … Come to Self -His Imperial Measures -Weibo Account required for browsing)

Dual SIM demand in China is high

So what are the benefits of us users when iPhone 7 becomes a dual SIM?

If it is limited to Japan, MVNO (cheap SIM) can be used on the same terminal while maintaining a career contract, and you can use it such as “Telephone (Kake -hodai) is a carrier SIM, data communication is cheap MVNO”.

However, emerging countries such as China are more demanding.

In emerging countries, it is often 타이산게임 used in “2G + 3G” because of the ease of connection between contract areas and radio waves, and it is an option that dual SIM can be installed for Apple who wants to increase emerging countries.

Dual SIM functions that can receive various benefits in Japan, I would like you to install it as a user.

Mom’s story


Lucky people fall from high places and break their backs.

It is a story that makes the nose break and the nose is broken. If that happens, it will be weird as Picasso’s picture.

But in the world of Jews, there was a man named Bad Siremil no matter what he did. Cymill is wrong, like a man in Chaplin’s movie, no matter what he does.

For example, if he drops the bread on the floor, the jam or butter is attached to the floor. If the Siremil goes out of the umbrella, the sun is going down all day. When he sells candles, he does not do it from that day. If you think there are people who are not lucky, he can comfort himself.

‘I am lucky though

Anyway, this proverb means that when you’re lucky, humans are really lucky and nothing goes well. Jews have been living in poor and persecuted in Europe for a long time.

Jews were filled with numerous siremills on the streets.

So there are many stories of Siremille in the Jewish story.

Jews are indeed unlucky.

He has no medicine when he is swelling

If you have a medicine, it doesn’t make it swell.

Sirre Mills spills hot soups.

In the clothes of other Sirremills


Every time I travel, it’s a typhoon or rain

When he chooses something, he chooses something

If you have something you want to have, you can’t be mine

Go to middle school high school that goes randomly, or go to a different school than friends

Sitcoms like sitcoms and situations have often happened to me.

Such things led to a little less confidence, but fortunately it was not a negative and depressed personality.

I just did it and accepted it.

But once it is in Brisbane.

I went to the city alone to meet an acquaintance I know, but I arrived so early that I had a lot of time until the appointment.

I went to the bookstore and walked around and watched it, but I decided to go to the casino.

In the casino, if you sign up and get a card, you can drink two cups of coffee from the casino vending machine with the card. Coffee is different from Korean vending machine coffee? It was good to think of it with a similar taste and amount. So I often went to the casino to drink coffee. And in fun, I put a small amount of money in a machine several times.

On that day, I picked up a coffee and settled down and started the game with a small amount. But suddenly, while playing the game, the bird flew from the machine, and the song came out a while later.

what? The Australian grandmothers, who were sitting next to me, sitting next to me, raised their thumbs and celebrated with a smile. I felt embarrassing and sugar at all unexpected things, and I quickly went to exchange with a coin in a basket next to it.

I don’t usually believe in luck, so I don’t buy a lottery.

Good luck to me?

But I was playing a small game, so it wasn’t a big money. I felt a little bit of a little bit of regret that I would have been a bigger money.

In this way, I thought I 코인카지노 would start with curiosity at first, and I would be gambling because of the idea of ​​finding the main exhibition, or because of the psychology that aims for one shot and a chance.

In fact, in Brisbane, there were Koreans who had committed suicide and committed suicide with gambling.

There is a good meaning in the world, addiction, and the bad meaning, but anything is moderately important. If you are so addicted to one thing too much, it will lead to ruin.

It was a day when I was grateful and laughed thanks to the luck that I came to me.

The House of Dancing Water

If the reader can only go to Macau because of a tight schedule, I will talk about this performance, The House of Dancing Water. If you travel around the world and watch the performances representing the city, you can see the cultural characteristics of each city. If the musical ‘Ryan King’, seen in New York, described the characteristics of different animals in detail and showed the American culture where the world and ethnic groups melted, the Opera in Vienna was proud to have been a musical city loved by Mozart and Beethoven. I showed it. And the performance ‘The House of Dancing Water’ shows the complex elements of Macau in this era.

The performance is gorgeous. Water and light, finesse and speed are brilliant and complicated. Along with underwater ballet, air acrobatics and motorcycles are colorful. The story begins when an old Macau beautiful woman arrives at the beach. It is an indispensable thing that is ‘Macau’, and it is probably the story of their absolute goddess.

The very romantic story of the male hero, who is trying to save the goddess and want to save the goddess, ends in the current Macau shining with neon signs. It is a historical city covered with a UNESCO cultural heritage, which is not China, but is not defined as one word for this unique city. Like this performance that covers the water and air performance in the water. The content is oriental, but the characters in the performance are western. There are also witches and clowns. And the performance is finished with ‘Love’, the theme of both East and West. Swimming, but the deep water is scary and there is a high phobia, so the actors seemed great for people like me who went high. I feel like I can show everything I can show a motorcycle stunt performance.

After the performance, I spent time watching the Venetian hotel. The Gondola of Venice is the same inside the hotel, but it’s too late. I took a picture to acquaintances in Korea

“Isn’t it in Psy music video there?”

And ask. I only knew that Macau was the background of the movie ‘Thieves’, but singer Psy also took a music video here. As a result, it is a great landscape to take pictures even in the Eiffel Tower in front of the Parisian Hotel or Gondol in the Venetian Hotel. Everyone may be an optimized destination in the world using SNS.

Before we returned to the hostel, we stopped at the Venetian Hotel’s casino. I was wondering what the casino was. In front of the casino, there were security personnel who were conquered, and they were asked to open the backpack that came in the back before entering. My backpack has only small notes, ballpoint pens, sunglasses and cell phones, so I only took about 3 seconds to check. There is no sense to see your ID or passport. At first glance, the foreigner tee is in the shape of “Hello?” He greets you in Korean. The casino is literally a festival. Under the beautiful chandelier lights, there are many machines that are seen only in the films among the crowded people. At the table, some people play card games and dice. On a table, there are a lot of chips piled up as you saw in the movie. On one side, there are dozens of machines that look like a game in the game room. When someone receives money, you can hear a huge cheer. People look at it by themselves in the cheers. Look at 파라오카지노 and cheer for the wind of the wind. The eyes were rounded and looked around, and a beautiful female employee approached and recommended a drink. She says that drinks such as coffee, cola, juice, and water are free. I had coffee and my friend drank a mango juice. Coffee is a very rich sugar coffee. Is it because of the excitement? The casino feels like a dream, not a reality. In the casino, no one has been there, but no one has been there once. I feel like I feel like I have a windfall, and I feel like I’m in a dream.

I’m sorry for the kind and kind casino staff, but we came out of the casino after drinking free drinks. In the late night, tourists enjoying hotel night views are crowded and the weather is still as warm as early spring. We came back to the hostel by taxi and talked about the last night in Macau.

I bought Kiyoshidai Sake (Maotai Sake). Daikichi Safa Fukuyama!

It is Kiyoshidai Sake (Otai Sake) that I purchased the other day. Even if you have a bad condition, you may get a surprising price inside. Baccarat bottles can be purchased at a high price even in empty bottles (*^^) v gold platinum, precious metals (rings, necklaces, broken ones are OK !!), diamonds, brands, clocks, stamps, telephone cards, old coins We are waiting for a rich purchase item that boasts the best in the industry, such as commemorative medals, vouchers, cameras, and mobile phones.

The assessment alone is welcome! Please bring it once, even if it is not expensive at other stores. The assessment is free! A national chain of peace of mind! Daikichi Safa Fukuyama store! Tap the image below for purchase items, consultation, business trip purchase questions, reservations, etc.! ! Click here for information on the map Mail:
• Purchase
• Fukuyama City
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Good morning, this is a Urushibara Raima.

Niigata Jump Stakes is the third most popular horse as the data, but when I was writing a blog, and the third most popular horse was different in the final odds, I was “there”. I became a guy and I vomit blood hed (-.-) y- ~ (explosion). After all, it should have been written as “◎ 3rd horses (explosion) in the final odds” (‘Д `) y- ~ (explosion). No, if Komaki-kun was the second place, it would be a laughing story, but it was third (-_-;) (explosion). Only bloody blood, (ж ○ ж) o -e (explosion).

By the way, as usual, let’s write the winning Family line of Hokkomevius (‘Д `) Y- ~ (explosion), Gero Gero (・ ω ・’) (explosion).

5 Hokkomevius (Father Daiwa Major, Mother Hokko Memory, Mother Father Dancing Brave, Mother Yakashi Your) (Niigata Disability 1-0-1-2) `) (explosion). It is an American-born mare imported in 1931 (Showa 6) (Showa 6). In the future, the minimum career emperor prize horse Cleopatrat Mass (a horse that won the race that corresponds to the current Emperor’s Award (Spring) in the third race from the debut. So it seems that this record was achieved. The breeding name after retirement is “Tsukijo (probably” Tsukishiro “)), Kumohata (the younger brother of Cleopatratomas and the sister who could not win (Nippon Derby) ) Birthed siblings, and the descendants of the Cleopatratomas, Tsukijo Castle, have active horses such as Hamakaze, Takakurayama, Hakutikara, Nihon Piro Motor, and Gold Ship, but in the example, they are distant relatives. There is no prize winner in the close relatives of Hokkomevius (‘Д `) (explosion). Half -brother Hokko Blave has a track record of Fenomeno, which has a track record of the Nikkei Prize and the 2014 Emperor’s Award (Spring). It is a horse, but the prize has not won)

The Hokkomevius was also two times three times, three times in three, three times in the disability prize, but finally became a prize winner. I mean, it was surprising that Kuroiwa jockey had 더나인카지노 not won a prize (‘Д `) y- ~ (explosion), gero gero (・ ω ・ ´) (explosion). Well, looking at the past grades, there were four years that had not been won a year, and it was a feeling that I couldn’t win the heavy prize (-.-) y- ~ (explosion). I’ve been doing it for 21 years, and I’m 64 wins in JRA (-.-) ZZZ … (explosion).

To be honest, there’s nothing else I want to write, I don’t want to write anything anymore because I wasn’t hit by the data, but I didn’t want to look back (No -_-). ┻ (explosion), (ж ○ ж) o ~ d (explosion). Ah, oh, if Komaki-kun was the second place, a 49-0x horse would have been hit (-_-;) (explosion), gero-gero (・ ω ・ ´) (explosion).

That’s why the story of today’s race from here as early as here. First of all, from the history of Queen Stakes as usual, this race is long history, and the transition is extremely intense (-_-;) (explosion). Well, you have to write it hard (´Д `) y- ~ (explosion), (ж ○ ж) o (explosion).

It was founded in 1953 (Showa 28). Really recently.

The first thing I need to write before writing the change in the enforcement and distance is that Queen Stakes has been a 4 -year -old mare (currently a 3 -year -old mare in the current notation) for a long time from 1953 to 1999. It was a prize. Meanwhile, from 1991 to 1995, Queen Elizabeth’s Cup (was a 4 -year -old mare (currently a 3 -year -old mare in the current notation) in 1995), and from 1996 to 1999, the Shuka Prize. It was a race where the first to third horses gave priority to running. Since it started to be held in Sapporo in 2000, old horses (only “5 years old or older” in 2000 “will be” 4 years old or older “and will be in Queen Stakes after 2000. Only the year, “4 years old or older” and more than “3 years old or older”) have been awarded a prize, and the race’s character has changed dramatically. Based on that, let’s look at the enforcement and distance, and it’s a bit surprising, so it’s annoying to write (-.-) y- ~ (explosion).

1953 to 1955 Tokyo Shiba 2000m, 1956 and 1957 Nakayama Shiba 2000m, 1958 to 1963 Tokyo Shiba 2000m, 1964 and 1965 Nakayama Shiba 2000m, 1966 Tokyo Shiba 2000m, 1967 Nakayama Shiba 2000m, 1968, 1968 Tokyo Shiba 2000m, 1969 to 1973 Nakayama Shiba 2000m, 1974 Tokyo Shiba 2000m, 1975 Nakayama Shiba, 1976 to 1979 Tokyo Shiba 2000m. There is no other high prize that goes back and forth between Tokyo and Nakayama (‘Д `) (explosion). However, since 1980, it was finally fixed at Nakayama Shiba 2000m (however, only in 1988, Niigata Shiba 2000m. In the year, the Satsuki Prize was also done in Tokyo (-.-) y- ~ (explosion)). However, from 1996 to 1999, when it was a trial of the Shuka Prize, it was reduced to 1800m Nakayama Shiba, and it has changed (‘Д `) y- ~ (explosion). From 2000, it was fixed at Sapporo Shiba 1800m, and there were no changes, but there were two alternatives in 2013 and 2021. In both cases, the alternative venue is Hakodate Shiba 1800m. In 2013, last year the Tokyo Olympics marathon took place in Sapporo to renovate the stand at the Sapporo Racecourse.

By the way, I still have something to write (‘Д `) (explosion). First of all, as usual, it was rated as “GⅢ” in 1984, and the race name was just “Queen Stakes” until 1994, but from 1995 to 1999 “Jiji Communication Cup Queen Stakes” after 2000. Is “Hokkaido Shimbun Cup Queen Stakes”. Although the “Jiji News Cup” moved to the flower cup, there was no Central Heavy Prize race with the crown of the “Jiji Communication Cup” immediately (-.-) Y- ~ (explosion). As usual, the “Hokkaido Newspaper Cup” is omitted in horse racing games, etc., but it is not omitted on the JRA website, but it is written “Hokkaido Newspaper Cup Queen Stakes”. No, only “Queen Stakes” is written in the “Race Result”, but if you click or tap and look at the details, it says “Hokkaido Newspaper Cup Queen Stakes” (‘Д `) (´Д `). LOL). Although the other JRA races are “Michi Shin-XX”, this race is not “Michishin Cup” but “Hokkaido Newspaper Cup” (´Д `) y- ~ (explosion), gerogero (・ ω ・ ´) (LOL).

The burden weight is “separate” after moving to Sapporo, but from 1991 to 1999, when it was a trial, “quantitative” before 1990 (at least, in 1986, which came out and came out. (´Д `) (explosion). It is not written before that, but it is probably “separate” (´Д `) y- ~ (explosion), (ж ○ ○ ж) Oh ~ d (explosion))

The rest is the time of enforcement? In the early days, it was October, September, November, etc., but it was different, but from 1970 to mid -September 1986, from 1987 to 1999 at the end of September or in early November (due to the calendar, September. It was fixed in October. From 2000 to mid -August, when I moved to Sapporo, it was in the end of July or August (in July or August) since July 2012.

Now, I should have written everything to write (‘Д `) y- ~ (explosion). Of course, from my current taste, I only see the data after 2012, which was at the end of July or the beginning of August (´Д `) (explosion), (ж) o (explosion) ). The conversion of summer horse racing did not take place all at once in 2012, but seems to have been performed in step from 2011 to 2013 (‘Д `) (explosion). Speaking of which, in the summer horse racing until 2010, “Hakubo Horse Racing” is being performed, and the final race time in Hokkaido is around 17:00, but power saving is recommended by the Great East Japan Earthquake. Since 2011, “Hakubo Horse Racing” is no longer performed. Well, the details are written on Wikipedia, so look there (-.-) y- ~ (explosion), (ж ○ ж) o (explosion). According to Wikipedia, JRA’s race, which is now starting at 17 o’clock, is Meguro Memorial (´Д `) (explosion), gero -gero (・ ω ・ ´) (explosion).

Oh yeah, Sapporo and Hakodate are almost the same racetrack, so I will look at the data of 2013 and 2021 without omitting the data (´Д `) (explosion), (ж ○ ж) o (explosion). 。

Winning popularity and odds in this race of this race in the past 10 years

2021 (Hakodate)

1st place Terzet (3rd most popular (5.0 times))

2nd magic castle (most popular (2.4 times))

3rd Satono Sesil (8th popular (19.2 times))

Horse single 1340 yen

3rd single 16480 yen


1 Red Anemos (11th popular (43.7 times))

2nd beach samba (4th most popular (6.6 times))

3rd Scarlet Color (most popular (3.3 times))

Horse 35290 yen

3rd consecutive unit 153700 yen


1st place Mickey Charm (most popular (2.3 times))

2nd scarlet color (5th popular (8.8 times))

3rd Caribbean Gold (9th most popular (48.6 times))

Horse single 1780 yen

3rd single 39580 yen


1st Diadora (most popular (3.2 times))

2nd Frontea Queen (4th most popular (6.9 times))

3rd place Soul Sterling (2nd most popular (4.5 times))

Horse single 1510 yen

3rd single 6560 yen


1st Aerolit (2nd most popular (3.2 times))

2nd Tosen Victory (6th most popular (14.7 times))

3rd Quinz Mirror Guro (8th popular (18.7 times))

Horse 3160 yen

3rd single 29800 yen


1st place Makotoburijal (9th most popular (20.2 times))

2nd Charles (most popular (4.2 times))

3rd Dantz Cancer (11th most popular (46.9 times))

Horse single 11610 yen

397,7120 yen for 3 consecutive consecutive


1st place Meishosanna (7th most popular (32.5 times))

2nd Red River (most popular (2.0 times))

3rd Iruminance (4th most popular (7.0 times))

Horse single 9620 yen

3rd single 43820 yen


1st Cattle Feuille (2nd most popular (5.2 times))

2nd Aromatico (6th most popular (9.0 times))

3rd smart layer (most popular (4.0 times))

Horse 3770 yen

3rd single 17590 yen

2013 (Hakodate)

First place I’m Yours (most popular (2.7 times))

2nd speed ripper (8th popular (79.4 times))

3rd all -by -day jazz (3rd most popular (3.8 times))

Horse single 10370 yen

3rd single 43870 yen

year 2012

First place I’m Yours (most popular (2.9 times))

2nd Love Fools (10th popular (34.9 times))

3rd mid -summer fair (4th most popular (6.6 times))

Horse single 7900 yen

3rd single 77140 yen

Popular and odds of 30 horses in the past 10 years

The most popular → 9 (4-3-2-1)

2nd popular → 3 heads (2-0-1-7)

3rd popular → 2 heads (1-0-1-8)

4th popular → 4 horses (0-2-2-6)

5th popular → 1 head (0-1-0-9)

6th to 9th popular → 8 heads (2-3-3)

10th popular or less → 3 (1-1-1)

9.9 times or less → 20 heads (7-7-6)

10.0 times to 19.9 times → 3 (0-1-2)

20 times to 49.9 times → 6 heads (3-1-2)

50.0 times to 99.9 times → 1 (0-1-0)

More than 100 times → 0 heads (0-0-0)

The probability of winning horses with 10 times less than 10 times → 70.0%(7/10)

Probability of horses with more than 10 times won → 30.0%(3 out of 20 horses, 3 2 horses)

The first horse with the highest win odds → 2020 Red Anemos (43.7 times)

2nd place with the highest win odds → 2013 Speed ​​Ripper (79.4 times)

The year when a horse became a bill of a bill → 2013, 2016, 2020 (3/10)

The year when both horses and two horses were 10 times less than 10 times → 2014, 2018, 2019, 2021 (10/10)

The year when both horses and two horses were more than 10 times the win → There is no such year (´Д `) (explosion)

Last year my favorite horse → Terzetette (3rd (5.0 times), 1st place)

This is the same as yesterday’s Niigata Jump Stakes, and is an easy -to -understand race with a clear characteristic (‘Д `) (explosion). Niigata Jump Stakes was the third most popular, but this is “the most popular” (‘Д `) (explosion). After all, the most popular horses that lost four or less in the past 10 years are one Admire -Lead (2.4 times) in 2017, and the remaining nine are all involved in betting tickets. Since it is 4th, 2nd, 3rd times, and 2 times, it was a word of “If you get lost, please silently make the most popular and make your favorite” (´Д `) (explosion) (explosion). ). Also, like Niigata Jump Stakes, even if the first place is a popular horse, the second place is a horse with 10 times less than 10 times, so it would be better to choose a favorite from a horse with 10 times less than 10 times. It is a high probability race (‘Д `) y- ~ (explosion), gero gero (・ ω ・ ´) (explosion).

Last year’s favorite Terzetette was a grandchild of Love’s on League, so I decided to use it for two days in a row (´Д `) y- ~ (explosion), (ж ○ ж) o (explosion) ).

As usual, there seems to be no conference in Hokkaido races, so the usual “○” cannot be attached (´Д `) (explosion). (ж ○ ж) o -d (explosion).

1 Terzetette (Father Deep Impact, Mother Radle Chend, Mother Danehill Dancer (Dainhill Dancer), Mother Love’s On Leave) (Sapporo Shiba first run)

2 Rosano War (Father Manhattan Cafe, Mother Danonzlan, Mother’s Father Awesome Again, Mother Palmdor 2) (Sapporo Shiba first run)

3 Houo Piece Full (Father Orfevre, Mother Tsurumaru One Piece, Mother Father King Kamehameha, Mother Tsurumargrammer) (Sapporo Shiba 1-0-0-0)

4 Satono Sesyl (Father Frankel (Frankel), Mother Dupe (Duep), Mother ObservaTory, Mother Double Crossed (Double Cross)) (Sapporo Shiba 0-0-1)

5 Magic Castle (Father Deep Impact, Mother Somagic, Mother and Father Symbo Ricris S, Mother Suu) (Sapporo Shiba first run)

6 Meisho Mosa (Father Hearts Cry, Mother Meishou Beluga, Mother French Deputy, Mother Papago) (Sapporo Shiba 1-0-1-1)

7 First Folio (King Kamehameha, Mother Caesario, Mother Father Special Week, Mother Kilov Primiere) (Sapporo Shiba 3-0-0-0)

8 Love Yu Live (Father Deep Impact, Mother Lavs On League, Mother Father Storm Cat, Mother Monevassia (Monvasia) (Sapporo Shiba 2-0-0-0)

9 Fairy Polka (Father Rula Ship, Mother Fairy Dance, Mother Fair Agnestakion, Mother Fairy Doll) (Sapporo Shiba 0-0-0-1)

10 Water Navirella (Father Silver State, Mother Shining Sayaka, Mother Father King Halo, Mother Shinseikari) (Sapporo Shiba 1-0-0-0)

11 Slowlie (Father Orfevre, Mother Visionary, Mother and Father Deep Impact, Mother Turkey) (Sapporo Shiba 0-0-0-1)

12 Ruby Cabranka (Father Kinghamehaha, Mother’s Mood Indigo, Mother Father Dance Insa Dark, Mother Leap Forgei) (Sapporo Shiba 0-0-1-1)

13 Fi Reciari (Father Kizuna, Mother Clearly Confused, Mother’s Father Successful Appeal, Mother Nice of You (Nice of You)) (Sapporo Shiba first run)

14 Goldberg (Father King Kamehameha, Mother Gurvaig, Mother and Father Deep Impact, Mother Air Group) (Sapporo Shiba first run)

This race was recorded 16 to 14 full gates, but the top prize money was avoided by the upper prize -up Win -Glia and the first place for exclusion, so Satonosesl, which was the second largest exclusion, went up and ran. It was lucky (´Д `) (explosion). Wine Gria ran 17 in Niigata 11R Stakes on Saturday, and Win Ekrail won the Sapporo 11RSTV Award on Saturday and was second.

Yes, conclusion (´∀`) σ (explosion).

◎ 10 Water Navirella (Taketoyo)

Actually, I wanted to make Teltette a favorite (‘Д `) Y- ~ (explosion), and the horse that won the heavy prize held at another racetrack was held at the original racetrack the following year. If you run in the race to win the race consecutively, there is a high probability of winning for some reason (‘Д `) (explosion). In this Queen Stakes, I’m Years, who has won the Sapporo → Hakodate consecutive victory, and in addition, Simbo Richrises (Nakayama and Tokyo Japan Cup), Lady Albarosa (Hanshin and Nakayama Nakayama Mare Stakes), and Silport (Silports (Hanshin and Nakayama Mare Stakes). There are many examples such as Hanshin and Kyoto Myras Cup). I thought that Telzett would be the case, but last year I was a Lemaire jockey, but this year’s Lemer jockey is a vacation or a vacation, anyway, I’m not in Japan in Japan, anyway, now in France. (‘Д `) (explosion). Ikezoe jockey, Terzetette, is a fen riding. I don’t hate Ikezoe jockeys, but when I’m riding, I just lower my evaluation (-.-) y- ~ (explosion). It is “I have” (´Д `) y- ~ (explosion), but I still feel like going to data, so ◎ Water navigation Rera.

In the first place, as a POG nominated horse Silver State production piece, I was the favorite of Yushun Mare (Oaks) with Water Navirella (‘Д `) (explosion). So it may have been my favorite even if it was the most popular, but I will believe in the data because it is a race of “Make the most popularity the most popular”, so I will believe it honestly. It may be (´Д `) y- ~ (explosion), (ж ○ ж) o (explosion). As expected, if it is so popular, it will be the most popular in the final odds (-.-) y- ~ (explosion). Gerogero (・ ω ・ ´) (explosion).

Generally, the Water Navirella may have become popular because Namura Claire, who was third in the Sakuraka Prize, won in Hakodate, but it is not uneasy at all (-.-) y- ~ (explosion). The fact that the cause of the previous run was “long distance” may be a focus, but for some reason everyone is convinced that “1800 can be handled”, but I wonder if it is really (? _?) (Explosion). This is the first time to run at least 1800. Perhaps it is not the possibility that “up to 1600 is the best, 1800 is long” horse (-.-) y- ~ (explosion). But well, if you care about such details, you can’t live (‘Д `) (explosion). I’m not going to get a superstar Yutaka, my brother’s horse winning 350 wins (‘Д `) y- ~ (explosion) Д `) (explosion), (ж ○ ж) o ~ d (explosion).

The opponent, of course, the usual “all” (‘Д `) (explosion). Because it is a race where a horse with a won 79 times has been second (´Д `) y- ~ (explosion), gero gero (・ ω ・ ´) (explosion).

By the way, it is an Ibis Summer Dash, but this is a special race, so it has a short history and there should be almost no change, so it should be easy to write (´Д `) (explosion), (ж ○ ж). Oh ~ d (explosion). It was founded in 2001 (Heisei 13), when the Niigata Racecourse was renovated. So, the race was founded. That’s why it’s 3 years old or older since the first time (it was founded in 2001, which was a full age notation (´Д `) (explosion)) It is “GⅢ” of Niigata Shiba 1000m. The “separate” race name is “Ibis Summer Dash” since the first time. “Ibisu” is the English language that represents “Toki (time)”, a symbolic presence of Niigata Prefecture, is what a high -fire horse racing nerd knows (´Д `) (explosion), (ж ○ ○). ж) Oh ~ d (explosion). Of course, since it is a race that can not be done at other racetracks, there is no alternative (‘Д `) y- ~ (explosion). Although the conditions of the race have not changed significantly, only the time of the enforcement has changed. Until 2005, it was in the middle of Niigata, but since 2006, it has been held in the opening week, but the outer frame is still more advantageous (‘Д `) y- ~ (explosion. ), It’s strange, (ж ○ ж) o -d (explosion). By the way, in this race, the fact that the mare won seven consecutive victories from 2005 to 2011 seems to be “Japanese record of the mares in the mixed female mixed prize” (‘Д `) (explosion), and Wikipedia. (-.-) y- ~ (explosion), gero gero (・ ω ・ ´) (explosion). Another thing written on Wikipedia is that “overseas, there is so many straight-line prizes” (‘Д `) y- ~ (explosion). Certainly, European racetracks are all stupid, so at least 1000m and 1200m of turf and 1200m in the UK and France are often straightforward. There is a course called a straight line even at 1600m of turf like a New Market Racecourse and Dowville Racecourse (‘Д `) (explosion). How narrow is the Japanese racetrack that can only be held in a straight line (-.-) (explosion). In addition, although the United States boasts a vast land, the racetrack is the same size as Japan, so racing is probably not a straight line (-_-;) (explosion). By the way, there is still no significant change, so I thought I would look at the data after 2010 where the data remains on this blog … However, it was the last week of 2013 to the last week of July (depending on the year), in fact (‘Д `) y- ~ (explosion). At this time, JRA was suffering from sluggish sales, so he came up with the idea of ​​”increasing the number of days in Kanto Kanto, which has a relatively large number of sales, and reducing the number of sales in the third place with relatively small sales.” That’s why the Niigata Kokura event, which had been 8 weeks, was reduced to six weeks (‘Д `) (explosion, but if you look closely, Ogura is the Great East Japan Earthquake Due to the influence of, it was shortened from 2011 to 6 weeks. It was 8 weeks until 2010). In other words, the Evis Summer Dash has been held two weeks later since 2013, which was held at the end of July (the year of August 1st), which was held at the end of July. Looking at the data, I have no choice but to predict Al (´Д `) Y- ~ (Explosion. If you look closely, the summer Niigata 8 weeks will be held until 2012, and the 2012 Ibis Summer. The dash was held in the second week, not the opening week. The summer Niigata was held for 6 weeks from 2013, and all the Ibis Summer Dashes after this year are being held in the opening week). (ж ○ ж) o -d (explosion). Like Unicorn Stakes, there are some races where the race tendency changes drastically just after two weeks (-.-) (explosion), Gero Gero (・ ω ・ ´) (explosion). Oh, yeah, this is this course, so I have to look at the data of the frame number, that’s (‘Д `) y- ~ (explosion). In the past nine years of this race, the first and third horses of this race, winning popularity in this race and the odds 1st all -hour (4.1x) 2nd lion boss (2nd most popular) (4.7 times). 6th frame 12) 3rd Baccara Queen (14th popular (130, 0 times). 1 frame No. 1) 1st Jokana Chan (2nd popular (7.8 times). 5 frames 9 2) 2nd lion bosses (most popular (2.4 times). 7 frames 13th) 3rd Billy Bar (9th most popular (19.6 times). 6th frame 12th) 1st Lion Bosch (1st popular (1) 1.9 times). 6 frames 11th) 2nd Kappa hatch (3rd popular (10.6 times). 2 frames 3rd) 3rd (9th popular (26.2 times). 8 frames 16th 1st Dai Ma Princess (1st most popular (2.7 times). 8 frames 15th) 2nd Love Campou (2nd popular (5.4 times). 4 frames 8th) 3rd Nine Tales (8th most popular (8th) 18.6 times). 6th frame 12) 1st line meeting (8th popular (38.7 times). 8 frames 15th) 2nd place Fidusia (most popular (2.8 times). 5 frames 10th) 3rd place Regina Forte (4th most popular (6.7 times). 7 frames 14th) 3rd Princess Moon (3rd most popular (4.8 times). 7 times). 8 frames 13th) 2nd symbolidisco (9th popular (22.0 times). 6th frame 9) 3rd Earth Sonic (4th popular (7.7 times). 7 frames 12th) 1 Wear Seiko Rikou (the most popular (3.5 times). 2nd frame 2) 2nd, Fung Dream (5th popular (8.0 times). 7 frames 11th) 3rd Earth Sonic (3rd (5)・ 8 times). 7 frames 10) 1st place Hakusan Moon (most popular (2.1x). 7 frames 13th) 2nd Forever mark (3rd popular (8.6 times). 2 frames 4th) 3rd Little Gelda (6th most popular (11.3 times). 7 frames 14th) probability that horses with 10 times or less wins → 88.8%(8th) probability that horses with 10 times or more are connected → 16.6%(1 horses out of 18, 2 horses 2 horses) 1st place with the highest win odds → 2017 line meetingia (38.7 times) The highest win odds 2nd horses → 2015 Symbolidisco (22.0 times) A ​​year when both horses and two horses were 10 times less than 10 times → 2013, 2014, 2016, 2018, 2020, 2021 (6th) 1st place The year when both horses were over 10 times → There is no such year (´Д `) (explosion) Last year my favorite horse → Almuten (12th popular (63.6 times), 10th) What is it? (゚ д ゚) (explosion). Since 2013, this race was held at the end of July or in the first week of Niigata 6 weeks, the most popular continuity rate was 100%(‘Д `) (explosion). Moreover, 7 wins and 2 times once. Was this race a raging race (-.-) y- ~ (explosion)? That’s one of the words, “Unless you have a good thing this year, keep the most popular and make your favorite.” In terms of frame number, it is clearly dominant than 5 frames, and the most popular this year will be horses outside 5 frames. It is a race that should not be against the horse (‘Д `) (explosion), (ж ○ ж) o (explosion). No, if you look closely, Seiko Rikou is 2 frames and Belcanto is over 4 frames, so if it is the most popular, the frame is not related (‘Д `) y- ~ (explosion), gerogero (・Ω ・ ´) (explosion). Last year I didn’t know that (I was hooked on the family line forecast last year, so I wasn’t examining the data (‘Д `) y- ~ (explosion)) , I lost a big defeat (-.-) y- ~ (explosion). It seems that the all -hour one was secretly bought just before the race (‘Д `) (explosion). (ж ○ ж) o -d (explosion). In any case, it was meaningless even if I aimed for a hole in a race where there is no hole (-.-) ZZZ … By the way, Biwitch Ass (3.6 times), which was the most popular in this race in 2012, has been defeated in 10 (-.-) y- ~ (explosion). (ж ○ ж) o -d (explosion). The most popular Rench of Ibis Summer Dash has been nine consecutive years. Oh, I always write the results of “Niigata Shiba”, but in this special course, I think it is better to write only the results of “Niigata Chita”, so this is the only race (‘Д ` ` ` `. ) Y- ~ (explosion). Actually, I hate the abbreviation of “Senna” (-.-) y- ~ (explosion), everyone wrote so, and it would not be transmitted when other words were created, so I have to use it reluctantly (-. .-) ZZZ … (explosion). “○” is a horse that was reported to be an interview or an interview. 1 Lion Bosch (Father Battle Plan, Mother Woman In Red, Mother Stay Gold, Mother Miscuswell) (Niigata Chira 4-3-0-2) 2 Tosho Pist (Father Johannesburg, Mother Seyed Touho, Mother Sacrabaxin O, Mother Jendo Show) (Senna Niigata 0-0-0-4) 3 All Acting One (Father McFi, Mother’s Supreme Gift, Mother’s Defact, Mother Souvenia Gift)) (Niigata Sen 1-0-0-0- 1) 4 Sticks (Father Road Kanaroa, Mother Pentessileaia, Mother’s Father Neo Univers, Mother Acoustics) (Niigata Chira 0-0-1) 5 Road Bay Leaf (Father Vansenne, Mother Shonan Aoba, Mother Father King Kamehameha, Mother Mother Shonan Time) (Chisu Niigata 0-1-0-0) 6 ○ Maria’s Heart (Father Shanghai Bobby (Shanghai Bobby), Mother’s MARIA’s Dance, Mother and Father MARIA’s Mon, mother Ransom Dance (Ransum Dance)) (Niigata Senna 2-0-0-0) 7 Kitai (Father Dankak, Mother Kouyo Ruby, Mother’s Bubble Cam Fellow, Mother Asahi Mercury) (Niigata Senpai Run) 8 Mountain Musume (父アドマイヤムーン、母ヤマガール、母父ストーミングホーム、母母スガノグラスワン)(新潟千直1-0-0-1) 9パーティナシティ(父Invincible Spirit(インヴィンシブルスピリット)、母Kerry’s Dream(ケリーズドリーム)、母父Tobougg(トブーグ)、母母Jetbeeah(ジェットビーアー))(新潟千直初出走) 10ジュニパーベリー(父ゴールドシップ、母エキナシア、母父スニッツェル、母母ニシノマリア)(新潟千直2 -0-1-2) 11アヌラーダプラ(父キングカメハメハ、母ポロンナルワ、母父Rahy(ラーイ)、母母シンハリーズ)(新潟千直0-0-0-1) 12○トキメキ(父アドマイヤムーン、母リーベストラウム、母父ゼンノエルシド、母母マウントモガミ)(新潟千直1-0-0-1) 13ヴェントヴォーチェ(父タートルボウル、母ランウェイスナップ、母父Distant View(ディスタントヴュー)、母母クリアーパス) (新潟千直1-0-0-0) 14○オヌシナニモノ(父カレンブラックヒル、母グラントリノ、母父グランデラ、母母インフレッタ)(新潟千直0-0-0- 1) 15クリスティ(父キズナ、母ホワイトアルバム、母父クロフネ、母母マッキーロイヤル)(新潟千直初出走) 16ビリーバー(父モンテロッソ、母デイドリーマー、母父ネオユニヴァース、母母ドリームスキーム)(新潟千直0-0-1-5) 17○シンシティ(父サウスヴィグラス、母ジェネロシティー、母父フジキセキ、母母バグワイザー)(新潟千直0-0-1-0) 18レジェーロ(父キズナ、母ロックフェアレディ、母父ロックオブジブラルタル、母母タイムフェアレディ)(新潟千直0-0-0-1) このレースはフルゲート18頭に対して、大挙26頭も登録していて、賞金上位17頭に回避馬はおらず、出走馬の残り1頭を決める抽選に当たったのはビリーバー、落ちたのはルッジェーロ(が当たっていれば、アナウンサーはただでさえ実況するのが大変なレースなのに、レジェーロとルッジェーロのせいで、さらに大変になるところだったのである(´Д`)y-~(爆)、(ж○ж)オ~エ(爆))。それ以外の7頭のうち「非抽選馬」のところに名前があったのは、ジャスパージャック、テイエムトッキュウ、トミケンルーア、ヒロノトウリョウ、ムスコローソの5頭。登録取り下げたらしい、残り2頭はリンゴアメとルドラクシャである。ここに名前の出た馬のうち、今週出走したのはルドラクシャ(土曜日の新潟12Rで3着)のみである。なぜ、この馬が1番人気なのかはわからんが(-.-)y-~(爆)、とにかく1番人気を本命にしなければいけないレースなので、渋々ヴェントヴォーチェ本命である(´Д`)y-~(爆)。たしかに新潟芝1000mで勝ってはいるが2年前の話で、乗っていたのは今や調教師の蛯名騎手である(´Д`)(爆)。まあ、2走前にオープン特別を勝っているのが評価されているのかもしれないし、よく見たら、前走7着以外のすべてのレースで掲示板に載っているし、僕が思うよりも強い馬なのかもしれないね(?_?)(爆)。なんにせよ、今週の僕はデータにすがって生きるのだ、まあ昨日の新潟ジャンプステークスでデータが適用されたことにより、今日のクイーンステークスとアイビスサマーダッシュでは、まったくデータが適用されない結果になるのかもしれないが、もうどうでもいいよヽ(´ー`)ノ(爆)、もう暑いから、どうでもいい(-.-)Zzz・・・・(爆)。データを知らなきゃマウンテンムスメを本命にしていたんじゃねぇの(?_?)(爆)、母ヤマガールで、マウンテンムスメとか、センスの塊じゃねぇかよ(-.-)y-~(爆)、(ж○ж)オ~エ(爆)。あ、相手は書かなくてもわかるだろ(´Д`)y-~(爆)、(ж○ж)オ~エ(爆)。ま、データ的にはヒモ穴は来ないレースなので、人気ないところは100円しか買わんがな(-.-)y-~(爆)、ゲロゲロ(・ω・´)(爆)。あ、もう、先に書いとくけど、万が一、レース直前で1番人気が別の馬になった場合、その馬に本命を変更します(´Д`)y-~(爆)。後悔したくないので(-_-;)(爆)。こう書いておけば、直前で本命馬変更しても認められるだろ(-.-)Zzz・・・・(爆)。 (ж○ж)オ~エ(爆)。はい、終わり。来週は日曜日のエルムステークスとレパードステークスを予想すればいいんだっけ(?_?)(爆)。 2場ともにダート重賞が行われる、JRAでは唯一の週が来週だゾ(´Д`)y-~(爆)、(ж○ж)オ~エ(爆)。また来週(・ω・)ノ(爆)。