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“Side job solicitation”

There are many solicitations of side jobs in the matching app

A ○ Way, net casinos, affiliates, etc.

It’s around here I met

There will be many other things

I don’t think all the side jobs are bad, but they seem to be ducks and are being called out.

I 바카라 don’t want to do a side job, but I’m looking for an encounter, so I think it’s only a time of time.

A ○ Way that I experienced was a party after sporting

If you were interested in hearing a person who seemed to be conscious, he told me a mechanism that would make a profit in another room.

I wanted to make friends and participated with a sense, but it seems that the other party thought it was a duck.

Good evening! J & U is a collaboration

☆ 彡 .。.:*・ ☆*.。.:*・ ☆*.。.:*・ ☆*.。.:*・ ☆ 彡

At the beginning of the month at Marine

Let’s have fun (^○^)

☆ 彡 .。.:*・ ☆*.。.:*・ ☆*.。.:*・ ☆*.。.:*・ ☆ 彡

Tomorrow August 1st (Monday)

8:30 entrance lottery

Open at 9:00!

Today, 9 Open Marine Group Kanagawa 3 stores!

And the beginning of tomorrow’s month is 8:30 in a row for 2 consecutive days

Open at 9 o’clock, we will open all slots and each on each!

The next 8.8 large posters scheduled to be replaced are also in the store and 실시간바카라 HP

Don’t forget to check before and after so

Please enjoy it with your favorite one, taking into account the flow in the near future ♪

・ Flow from the day before (considering it even if it was sick or too good)

・ Relationship with new platform (manufacturer, character, etc.)

・ The most recent trend (weekends and late 8:30 draws in the near future)

・ This platform is calling me (believing in myself and taking care of my intuition)

★ ☆ Pachinko ☆ ★

As it is tomorrow (Sun) as it is tomorrow

By all means pursuing! ! Please enjoy

Today, three stores are jointly driven by three stores.

The result is a solid 3 store.

As shown in the image, our shop is as shown in the image, so there is also P & S.

Well, it’s natural because it’s a flagship store

Click here for data check ↓

Papimo & Site Seven

Speaking of a new stand, Marine!

Click the model name below to link to the model explanation.

Please use it for tomorrow’s preparation! And the new stand is natural

Please enjoy the Marine with the power ♪

*☆* -*☆* -*☆* -*☆* -*☆**☆*☆*

☆☆ The latest new acclaim is in operation ☆☆

*☆* -*☆* -*☆* -*☆* -*☆**☆*☆*

Pachislot Iron Castle Kabaneri (Sammy)

Pachislot iron fist 5 (Yamasa)

P Super Sea Story in Okinawa 5 Night Sakura Super Blind Wind (Sanyo)

P Space Battleship Yamato 2202-ONLY ONE- (Bisti)

PA Vividred Operation Sweet Momo 99VER. (New Gin)

P -Fever Idol Master Million Live! Light ver.

Introduced in P -Fever Gorgo 13LIGHT Ver. (1 yen)! !

If you don’t want to hit a pachinko, if you are in trouble

I was late, but I was heeing when the early staff returned. Thank you for many other platforms from the morning. Story Magical Halloween ~ Trick or Trust! ~ Re: Different world living from zero APEX Vacation S more! Claire’s Hidden Goddess’s singing voice and the children of the sun and the Magical Girl Madoka Magica [Part 2] Eternal Story Magical Halloween ~ Trick or Treat! ~ P Sengoku Otome LEGEND BATTLE (Amttex) Pachislot Aquelion ALL Stars (SANKYO)