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“Yume Shizuku Peach Shortcake and Casino”

It’s a while ago or long ago.

It is uploaded as a delicious record.

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Yume Shizuku Peach Shortcake and Casino.

The casino is a French classic confectionery with a 크레이지슬롯 casino roulette motif.

The swirl pattern is sliced ​​thinly and is spreading the roll cake.

The inside is mousse ♪

You will be drawn to the red and round form.

I enjoyed the cake while drinking Earl Gray tea.

A direct claim signature for a referendum for a referendum for the “Casino and the Society for Residents’ Friendships decided by the citizens” was submitted yesterday in the prefecture and submitted by Kadoma.

The “Association” announced is 208,552 brushes, greatly exceeding the statutory number of about 146,000 brushes.

At this time, the local government that exceeded the statutory 더나인카지노 number was 54 in 72 municipalities, and the start was slow at Kadoma, unfortunately could not exceed the statutory number, but it was a major movement.

In the future, it will be questionable whether or not a referendum will be implemented by the prefectural assembly.

In addition to watching, we will not allow casino promotion members in Osaka, which is a major issue in the Upper House election, but will work on the victory of former House of Councilors Tatsumi Kotaro!