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“A certain store in Bando after a long absence”

I finally took one day during the GW, so Ibaraki went to Bando for the first time in a long time.

There are many new store rush shops in Bando’s popularity recently, but if you often look at managers, there are many goals from Tokyo, so all of those background stores are passes.

After all, it has existed for a long time, “A long -established store? ]

The previous lady had been transferred to another store for quite some time, so she entered the store with expectation of a new lady.

I want to leave the store name at this time.

Until now, it was in the front entrance, but this time there was a sign at the back door, and the door was also open, so I entered from the back door.

(I like it. It’s about going from the back door …)

After all there was a new lady.

She meets one thing to meet.

In the past, when I was in Bangkok, I got acquainted and got along well, and I had some kind of closeness at first glance.

I felt like I had met my old friend after a long time.

I heard that he was from Isan. Even though Isan is a word, it’s a deep, the background of Mukuda Haran prefecture, so her Thai has a strong accent, and is it somehow said that she was able to talk slowly in Lao? It was only a conversation.

It is said that his parents’ house is a farmer who draws a buffalo, but he disliked it and graduated from school and worked in Bangkok.

In Bangkok, I didn’t work well in Bangkok, and eventually I started working at night work, and I met Stisan when I worked at a local Thai bar for local Thai people, where foreigners almost never come. It is said that he began to work for casino customers in Macau at the invitation of a man.

She came to Ibaraki, where she came to Ibaraki because she came to the Japanese, “Inoue”.

I don’t know how true it is, but I heard a single digit of Showa and became nostalgic.

Her massage course asked usual.

She stood on her finger on the way, but she had a background, so she refused her offer without feeling like that.

She was sorry.

She told her that she only had a normal massage, but she still continued to massage her delicate parts.

Slowly, I was able to capture my delicate part.

She was so gentle that she was gently not a stroke that could be clearly understood. It was close to the so -called false explosion.

However, her pleasure at the climax was doubled in the climax.

If she is a girl in Tokyo, “Go early! Collar! It is even painful because she crushes with her grip strength.

However, it was good that this rustic girl who grew up in the country was not rubbed strangely.

I thought she was surprised when the magma gushed out, but surprisingly she was calm as if she had been convinced.

She used a towel to perform her idea after her idea.

She wanted to take a shower and go home, but she said she should sleep here and rest.

I had time because I was off, and I was resting for about 30 minutes.

She was sleeping next to me for a while.

There is a Thai.

After a while she said, “Did you get up? When she answered it, she left the place to wait a minute.

Apparently I heard the sound of taking a shower.

I was going to take a shower and return home.

Returning, she was all naked.

She wasn’t noticeable when she was 메가슬롯 dressed, and she didn’t even know her of her, so she wasn’t as good as her body.

But her naked. Her body was plump.

She came on a horse riding ahead of me, and entered the Thai women’s unique mode.

Needless to say, I can’t stop it from me as a man.

Bando, I’m sorry

Company name: Laura Ashley

Product name: Laura Ashley 3 Lanterns Chandelia

Country of origin; UK (GB)

Owner column

Laura Ashley is a British apparel manufacturer, mainly for clothing, daily life supplies, and interiors, and many Iron Sandeli and fashion chandeliers are made.

Even though there are many princess chandeliers, it is a simple and unique style of three lights.

In this blog introduction of the chandelier club, I wiped and cleaned Laura Ashley, a top batter, and attached a decorative medalion with a baccaratist.

It is a similar and stylish design, as the motif of the bend of the arm is the motif of the baccaras chandelier and Milinui. I was thinking about adding Swarovski Clearstal (Stras) to the arm part, but I couldn’t attach the installation member because it was out of stock.

Instead, there were baccarashandeli, plum crystal members, so I decorated them. Elegant design with wings as motifs. I think the size is also suitable for Laura Ashley.

I thought that it was just a good size in the three -light cosmetic room.

It is a chandelier that you want to be reflected behind the smile of the customer in the mirror.

I bought a medallion that was just right size and color, so I bought it. I wonder if the medallion is also British. Hook sealing. Glass. About 2kg.

Unfortunately, Laura Ashley broke down in 2020.

However, it seems 인터넷카지노 that it has resumed due to apparel.

Laura Ashley is good, and there are many Japanese fans, so I want you to do your best.

At the Chandelier Club, there are other British chandeliers with wedgewood jasper 9 light sage green.

If you are interested, please see.

The chandelier glass has become beautiful by wiping.

The color of the bisu -Usa peach -chan’s eyes is the same, the color of the bisu Usa’s Red Crystal. Is beautiful.

This Laura Ashley has been re -up since last year, but it seems that the chandelier has been enjoyed and beautiful, and photos and columns have improved a little. We will upload it when you can wipe it cleanly.

Next month, we plan to make Arita -yaki chandeliers made by collaborating between Karan and Yamagiwa. It is 6 lights.

Unusually made in Japan.

If you like pottery, look forward to it.

Aim to the point of the point! [Points up to 42 times] [Shopping marathon], which also targets hometown tax payments, is from May 23 (Mon) 20:00 to May 27 (Fri) 1:59 in midnight! (Lettuce club)

The weather is not surprising, the rainy season already? I thought and suddenly became hot. I want to make a good feeling in shopping … It’s time for the “marathon” in the example! In recent years, those who have not updated their fashion at all because they have been at home all the time. [Meat capacity] Approximately 80 % are 5 stars … amazing high rating! [Hometown tax payment] I found a great return item that arrives with Dawn and meat! “Rakuten Ichiba” holds a “shopping marathon” from 20:00 on May 23, 2022 (Monday) to May 27 (Fri) 1:59 in midnight! ■ Points up to 42 times! ! Hometown tax payment is also eligible! Just by entering, you can buy it at Rakuten stores up to 10 times (including 1 times the normal point), buy a point -up product 19 times (excluding 1 times the normal point), SPU (Super Point Up Program). With a maximum of 13 times every day (this is also one of the most common points). By combining these three, you can get up to 42 times points. In addition, there are also shopping marathon slots that hit 5,000pts, and coupons limited to target stores (100 yen to 2,000 yen OFF coupon). I have to check this …! Of course, shopping using the points you have accumulated so far will also be eligible. And Rakuten hometown tax payment and Rakuten Books are also eligible. In the case of “Rakuten Hometown Tax Payment”, it is highly recommended because it will be counted as a buying area if you donate to multiple local governments! ■ Aiming is May 25 (Wed)! Also, if you pay with Rakuten Card, the day of “5” and “0” will be further increased, so this time the Rakuten Card user aims at 5/25 (Wednesday)! How about buying things you buy on a daily basis, such as stock of cosmetics and daily necessities, but also reviewing preserved foods, paying hometown tax, and purchasing 카지노 preparations for the rainy season? I think it’s a good idea to check the products you care about in advance so that you do not forget to buy it during the marathon! Even if you say, “I’ve never done a shopping marathon … it looks like it’s going to be difficult!” Don’t worry, there are quizzes and manga guide pages that explain the advantageous ways and point -up techniques in an easy -to -understand manga! It is very easy to understand, so you can participate in the shopping marathon with confidence. Finally, only one important thing! You need an “entry” to improve the point, so don’t forget it! ! ! [Letty Club Web Editorial Department]

The sinful shares are regarded as “defensive stocks” and tend to show high performance in the economic retreat and recession. Companies such as gambling, alcohol, tobacco, and weapons are traditionally called “sinful shares.” These stocks often have a good performance even in the economic retreat, and are considered a defensive stock. Despite the relatively stable performance, these brands have unique risks, such as being susceptible to regulation and tax changes. In the world of investment, the rise of social responsibilities and Ethical consumption has become more and more prominent. Along with that, if you want to build a portfolio that suits your moral view, you may want to avoid a specific stock, a sinful stock. Some investors may find guilty stocks uncomfortable, but these stocks often have a good performance in both bullish and bear prices. Also, regardless of the economic cycle, it is rather strong even in the economic retreat. What is a sinful stock? A sinful stock refers to the shares of a company that may be considered inaccrypt. When trying to derive universality about the performance of sinful shares in academic research, it usually targets three “SIN TRIUMVIRATE” sector, alcohol, tobacco, and gambling. Some researchers call the Big Four, which adds the weapons industry to this, a sinful stock. However, if you look individually, you may not be able to say that it is not a sinful stock because it does not belong to these specific industries. After all, the decision on whether it is a sinful stock is largely due to the moral view of each investor. Even if the energy company’s work is immoral, if you invest anyway, it will be an investment in a sinful stock. Sinful shares Incidental religions, politics, and ethics, and some shares and industries that may be considered immoral. If you are an environmental protectionist, petroleum and coal companies may be classified as sinful shares because they will be involved in environmental pollution. Proserors will accuse livestock breeding, sell livestock products, and conduct animal experiments as sinful shares. Although it is not stock, an investor with high environmental consciousness will not incorporate cryptocurrencies (encryption assets) using the proof of work (POW) mechanism. Pow consumes huge power in mining. Highly socially conscious investors may avoid investing in companies and industries that are engaged in unfair labor, such as chocolate and coffee industry, assuming that they are involved in child employment. In addition, some investors may exclude companies that are profitable from the prison industry. The same goes for companies such as meat processing industries that have historically treated employees unreasonably. Some companies exploit workers, while others eat customers. Many consumer lenders are listed companies, but they often provide pay -day loans that lends to consumers at an extraordinary interest rate with the salaries they get next time. Some investors may see such companies as immoral or exploitation. If alcohol is sinful, it will be guilty if marijuana is used to get pleasure, not medical purpose. Some investors will list the opioid analgesic manufacturers who are addicted to all of them. Needless to say, these drugs can 카지노게임사이트 make enormous profits. Conversely, as the social norm changes, some industries have diminished “immoral” labels. Alcohol is still traditionally considered a sinful stock, but its current position in society has changed from the 1920s. Also, several decades ago, cannabis manufacturing companies would have never thought that they would be listed.

LG is a one -hit relay / Masayo Hayashi, 6 months in prison in the habitual gambling, 2 years of suspension of execution (Masaya Muroi)

The KBO League on the 26th was played in a night game with five games in 18:30.

SSG Landers -LG Twins (Incheon) is a run without LG’s starting 91 balls by LG’s starting 91 balls and holding one double -shot hit four times. After the eight times, the two pitchers, who were pitching, also reduced SSG with perfect relay.

The LG hitting line scored 9-0 with four arches, including the 6th -Ji -Jifan’s two consecutive bullets. The leader SSG streak was stopped at 8. LG’s starting plutco is the 10th win (4 losses).

◇ Tuesday, July 26 (Tuesday)

・ Tusan 6-1 Lotte (Chamsil)

Katsu: Chojun

Leverage: Kim Jin Wook

・ SSG 0-9 LG (Incheon)

Katsu: Putco

Defeat: Oh Won Suk

・ KT 7-8 kium (swon)

Katsu: I Sunho

Lean: Chu is Gwon

・ Samsung 2-4 Hanfa (Pohan)

Katsu: Chan Mining

Leverage: Peku Chung -hyun

・ KIA 1-9 NC (Kwangju)

Katsu: Shin Min Hyuk

Defeat: Im Gyeon

⇒ KBO League Official Battle Schedule and Results (Strike Zone)

⇒ KBO League ranking table (strike zone)

◆ “Lim Chang Young, a sentence with a suspended gambling”

Former pitcher Lim Chang Young (46), who once played in Yakult, was charged with an addictive gambling, six months in prison, two years of suspension, a fine of 3 million won (about 310,000 yen), 40. The judgment of the social service activities of time was ruled.

In March last year, he played a Baccarat gambling for 15 hours at a game bar in Sejong City (Sejong) for 15 hours. He has been punished as addictive because he has made a huge transaction of 150 million won (about 15.6 million yen) 230 times. Lim has been fined in 2016 by gambling abroad.

(Related article: “We have organized the issue of 더존카지노 gambling for Korean players.” Masaya Muroi LINE official blog December 9, 2015)

(Related article: Former Yakult Hayashi Shojing Shrine, Retirement Division, which could not be fulfilled in South Korea)

In the 8th round of the Lotte Giants, he entered the left defense instead of Kim Jeffan.

⇒ The elite “Waseda’s push -up prince” has made a detour and grabbed in Korea.

* This article is posted with permission to use photos from each Korean KBO League team.

I can’t find a page corresponding to the URL.

If you click the link and display this page, there will be a mistake in the link.

If you like, please report to 현금바둑이게임 the Excite from this form.

The start of two men’s valley two races. How to fight from now on (Shinobu Ichikawa) -Appose

The “World Grand Champions Cup 2017” men’s tournament has begun.

Although it is an international tournament once every four years, it is lower in its position compared to the World Championships, World Cups, and Olympics. Of course, it is a valuable opportunity to compete with the world’s powerful teams, but since each country is the year after the Olympics, many teams try young players and the first players who are represented by “How long will this player work?” I think. The United States and Brazil have some main members in Japan, and it will be a good opportunity for Japan to identify issues from the battle with the two countries and lead to future strengthening.

I was paying attention to Fujii and Deda, but the starting members …

The focus of this year is that I have been a middle blocker at Naobu Fujii, a setter of Toray Arrows, which was first selected as a representative, and Sakai Brazers, but this year’s World Championship Asian final qualifying and the Asian championship. I thought it was Takahito Deida who was participating. Fujii is a good player who is good at using quick, and I’m really looking forward to seeing how much the view of the assembly and seeing the opponent’s blocks will be used to the United States that supports the lead block system. was.

Even if it is a Deda, you will see participating in the game as an option since the replacement game when you were participating in Tsukuba University during the Tsukuba era. I was very much looking forward to how the highest point is for organized blocks around the world.

However, the first match setter was Hidetsu Fukatsu, and the other was Ichio Otake.

Of course, I understand that Otake is a young person. I want to try it in this tournament. However, with regard to the setter, I wanted to start in Fujii, not Fukatsu, who has experience on the international stage to some extent. After the match, Yuichi Nakagakiuchi said, “When the reception is disturbed, I buy physical abilities that can be put under the ball quickly when the reception is disturbed,” Wasn’t Fujii, which can use Bick, effective? It was a remaining question.

Ironically, the battle in Japan has regained calm in the match against France, where Fujii and De -Deda participated together. Fujii’s Toswork, who used BICK from the beginning using a slot that had a chance to block the opponent’s block, was calm, and Deda never defeated the attack, and decided to aim for the near coat end. Indeed, it was a play of Dekida I saw in college.

When all Japan was just convened this year, when I talked to Deda, I talked about this because I was registered as a middle blocker at the time.

“There are a lot of high middle blockers in Japan, but there are few setters that can raise the toss that takes advantage of that height. In that sense, I’m really looking forward to hitting Fujii’s B -Quick toss. “

His wishes did not come true due to his turning to his options, but at the training camp before the opening of Grachan, he said he was also trying speed attacks as an option. Fujii’s light in Toray is fast. Nikola Jorjef was quick to run, and many scenes were determined from lights. At the end of the V Premier League, he talked to Toray’s coach Atsushi Kobayashi and said, “Because the toss to Nico (Jorjef) is fast, the middle blocker of the opponent cannot catch up.” Of course, the toss to the lights lives because there is a step that collects the consciousness of the opponent’s blocker from the center of the coat to the left side with A Quick and B Quick.

“I can’t say it’s up to Nico, but I think I can make my toss faster. It’s like hitting a D -quick,” said Deda during the training camp. 。

There is no point in killing the height

Speaking of fast toss, it is a linear, and it is easy to think that the height will not come out, but Deda says.

“No matter how fast it is, there is no point in the speed of killing the height. It is a common understanding of the team below the bran coach.”

Looking at Fujii’s toss in the first match and the second round, I think that the speed 메가슬롯 of not killing the height was sufficient and effective. The rest is to increase the rate of haste that Fujii is good at. (I think this seems to be very responsible for the attacker), so it will be the key to returning a reception at least as long as the quick can be used. In three games after moving to Osaka, I would like to pay attention to all Japan’s “speed that does not kill height”.

It seems that 5 players over 2 meters and the bench are on the bench, but if that is the case, the conversion group (Kentaro Takahashi, Taishi Onodera) will be used in the game, but will be used in the game. You should. In the match against France, there were some scenes where the team rides the waves by switching from one touch of Takahashi blocks.

Yuki Ishikawa and Masahiro Yanagida have already decided to go to Italy and Germany after the tournament. In that case, it would be a great harvest for Takahashi, Onodera, and Shuzo Yamada, who will play in the domestic league, to experience the international stage at this competition.

How are you positioning the tournament this time?

Perhaps few volleyball fans want to win medals at this tournament. Rather, I would like to find hope of what kind of concept and what players will grow for the Tokyo Olympics. I want you to show how to fight all Japan and philosophy. I don’t want more overworking players who are injured.

All Japanese boys who have 0 wins and have 0 wins so far. I hope that somehow will be harvested after the third round of moving to Osaka.

Good morning everyone. (hello)

My name is Ikezaki, a manager.

It has been quite a while since the last update (sweat)

I wasn’t skipped. 。 。

Customers who looked at the blog and asked “Do you like cats?”

“I like it!” (Cat)

I am in trouble with the number of Youtube channels I see recently. 。 。

If there is a nearby pachinko parlor who is hitting a slot while watching a cat YouTube,

My possibility is quite high (laughs)

Speaking of which, if you think about the old thing about cats,

When I was in elementary school, I took my kitten in my neighborhood to my parents’ house,

I remembered the memory of telling her mother to keep it.

Her mother 더나인카지노 said, “The risk of keeping animals ~” “Who is taking care of me?”

I persuaded me with that kind of hand and eventually couldn’t keep it.

I have learned since I became an adult.

My mother,

It was “cat allergy”. 。 。

Despite being allergic, I couldn’t do it in a word

The one who persuaded me to face me

I think I’m grateful now.

Please take care of your family.

It ended with a good story,

Finally, please introduce a little installation model.

Established 85 juggler series

More than half of the slot is a juggler series

The latest model is also introduced. If you like here

We look forward to your visit today.

The lottery time is 9:30, so please be careful.