07 Las Vegas Travel

07 Las Vegas Travel

LA Memorial Coliseum, Emotional Football Perspective

I didn’t know the checkout time at 11 o’clock and woke up around 10 o’clock and prepared for the morning. The plan was to bake beef, fill the beef, fill the stomach, and travel to Las Vegas. She rushed to the meat with a high fire, and the smoke ranged and the fire alarm rang.

I grilled the meat to feed the children and left the hostel around 10:30.

The three army searched for a nearby pet store on the Internet and asked to stop by.

In the hundreds of pyeong, there were really extraordinary items for pets. Of course, many of them were for people, not animals.

I bought some things for the gifts of the parrot soybeans and a friend who is raising cats at home.

I stopped by Wal -Mart and picked children’s pajamas and gifts. At the same time, the Halloween season was decorated with a Halloween corner. The people were really busy moving around, and even the three army who had minimized movements were diligent and looked at things.

He 크레이지슬롯 moved to the New York Hotel in New York, in the center of Las Vegas. The hotel lobby was crowded with excited travelers and the casino atmosphere. The atmosphere was different from the previous two hotels in Las Vegas.

The 28th floor room was assigned. Looking down at the city through a large glass, I watched the Egyptian Pyramid Concept Luxor Hotel, Mandalay Bay Hotel, and the symbol of the MGM Grand Hotel.

After resting at the hostel, I finally went out to see downtown in the 4th day of Las Vegas. In the room full of cool air conditioning winds, hot energy was pushed out.

I visited M & M’s chocolate store, which I visited in New York. Here, the 10 -minute short 3D movie (I Lost My M in Vegas) was quite worth seeing. It was like a traditional fairy tale from a new grandmother.

The next place I visited was the Coca -Cola store.

I went to the cola store and made a dull look, but when I went in, it would not be easy to come out empty -handed. There was a admiration of how to produce so many derivatives with a black sugar water.

I spent $ 9 and tasted sixteen cola produced from all over the world. Two of the trays were filled with a mysterious cola.

Not all cola was like the Inca cola drank in Peru. Some cola smelled like a smell, so I wanted to drink, and I slightly put my tongue and frowned and put down the cup. The table tourists next to them left without a peninsula, but we woke up after all sixteen cups were empty. In the cola store, more souvenirs could be bought at the chocolate store.

After looking around two stores, brilliant lights were poured out on the street where the darkness fell.

Las Vegas’s night was hotter than the day. The buildings with colorful lights were obviously different from the day they saw. I slowly looked around the city.

The hotel buildings, modeled after the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, and Statue of Liberty made me feel like traveling to a small world in the desert.

Thousands of fountains danced in line with beautiful melodies in the spacious artificial lake in front of the Bellagio Hotel. I listened to music with my eyes.

I watched the fountain show and hurriedly visited the Mirage Hotel. I arrived a little late, but I went in a good place to see, and I watched a hot volcanic show that would be hitting us soon.

On my way back to the hostel, I had dinner at the burger store.

I slept my children and went down to the hotel underground casino with Juni.

Rather than poker, I didn’t know what kind of game I should play. I wanted to play a roulette game, but when I watched the game, the rules seemed more complicated than I thought. So I played the simplest fruit picture game (?).

Whether it was the most popular game, I had a lot of vacancy, so I could sit comfortably. If you win the lottery, you don’t buy a lottery because of the useless worry of how to afford that much money. I decided to try $ 50 per person. In the middle, Juni won a few dollars at a time, but it’s not easy to do. However, Juni’s embarrassed expression, which took several dollars, was truly lovely and cute.

This is Koncha Rina (≧ ▽ ≦)

Casino Raid Festival is September 21, 2022

Start with

Actually, the casino is a tinge

In the third roulette ranking last year

Hey, it was 16th (* ̄ ▽  ̄)

Legendary fluffy bunny when you enter the 100th place

You can get Chan

The 100th place is quite tight

I plan to do my best 온라인바둑이 this time, but the top 10

It ’s very exciting because it’ s aimed at it

But I want to have fun

An overview of the event

I want 5 Preticke

As a precautionary point, the Fukubiki rate was last year

It means that it has become one -tenth

Last year it was 3500 pieces for 10 pieces

So this year without overdoing it

I think only the reward you want

Good luck with your friends

Then again ~

1 I’m so happy (≧ ▽ ≦)

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